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Jan 26, 2010

Galvez’ aunt vows to find killer despite death threats

Yolanda Schakron

Yolanda Schakron

Yolanda Schakron says that any cover up she unravels on the police will not bring back her nephew, but says she doing it for other Belizeans who don’t have the resources to do it themselves.  And she is now calling on them to join her fight.

Yolanda Schakron, Aunt of Christopher Galvez

“I di ask people fi come forward and fi try and mek wi mek wah petition, wah rally or something fi stop police corruption.  We appeal to Mr. Barrow, our Prime Minister, to do something because we are living in fear.  Right now my family lives in fear and we are giving the police a lot of information and they don’t act upon anything.  And I want to see that diary when they release Mr. Aguilar, the one that ran to the States.  They don’t want to show it to me – why?  I want to know why they don’t want to show me that.  That’s public records.  I am the aunt, I have a right to see that.  Why are they hiding it?”

Yolanda says that her family members are still receiving death threats and that they have had to enhance their security features at their houses.  Schakron also spoke of an incident last Friday when she was returning from Belmopan with a nephew and a brother. Yolanda said they never gave her their reason for wanting her particulars, but her brother later told her that the officers took him to the Queen Street Police Station and wanted to find out what the Shackron’s knew about the murder of her nephew.

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7 Responses for “Galvez’ aunt vows to find killer despite death threats”

  1. kamz says:

    Cases like this are becoming increasingly common. Every year there are thousands of reports of excessive use of force by police officers, and it is difficult to tell exactly how many cases go unreported. Internal Affairs Investigations have been accused of bias and a tendency to sweep these types of incidents under the rug. For the most part, disciplinary action is rare in police brutality cases, and when punishments are given out, they are usually quite lenient. In reality, the number of officers who use excessive force is presumed to be relatively small. It’s basically a classic case of “a few rotten apples spoiling the bunch”. However, those who do have a history or a tendency towards abuse of power, are a serious threat to the whole of society. Thus it is imperative to monitor the situation from a critical perspective. I’m a student of SJCJC SPS and i’m studing in the field of Criminal Justice and of what i’m observing and reading BELIZE DOES NOT HAVE ANY TYPE OF CRIMINOLOGY our country need to get help in these cases. we as belizean should have already come to understand that police involvement in criminal behavior is not FALSE they are the most prior ones in our country.

  2. james says:

    It’s really sad! to hear that cops are still corrupted in Belize.
    One day this American woman asks me; why does good educated people that are belizean don’t live in Belize and build belize? well thats one of the many reasons why!
    the Only people that can change this is the government.
    it’s sad…i still love my country and my people and will always do.

  3. Track-Star says:

    I agree with her. why, because in today’s society, there may be a judicial system but that system is only for the elites in society, not for the lower or middle class. i say this because, the lower class is the majority in every nation, but yet, they are never eligible enough to get justice. why? because the system used to bring governance to the nation Belize is corrupt. Since we are the majority, and the elites the minority, we need to stand up and do things for ourselves now if they don’t want to do it for us. as one group of people we can verse a major concern for safety and justice within our society. that may be the only way to bring justice for ourselves her in Belize. However, not through violence. there’s always more than one solutions to one problem;but here in Belize, filing complaints to the police is not one. Good luck Miss Schakron!

  4. Track-Star says:

    Usually, it’s only in marriage you here the words “till death do us part” but guess what??? it’s said here in Belize for justice as well

  5. Ashley says:

    All Belizean’s need to come together and fight for our rights. My brother was killed 2 years ago && nobody has done nothing yet to find the person! We shouldn’t have to protect our kids from all the violence && danger they are in! They should be able to run free && be happy, not have to constantly look back to see if there life is going to end. Innocent kids walking around with fear in there eyes, feeling that they are not safe, they are kids who want to be someone in life but are affraid to even walk thier own streets! && we can not even trust our own police, that are suppose to help us find justice. && i really hope that the government will step up && do something about it.

  6. Al says:

    The educated people who go home to Belize to try to make a difference are quickly dismissed from jobs, becasue they try to show how to do things better. Belize is like the land that time forgot, because no one wants change they just want the same old way. I know people who got terminated from their job because they wanted to help do things better. There are offices where ex-wives report to exhusbands on jobs, daughters who is supervised by their mother, how can you run a fair office that way. Belize is in a sad state

  7. sussana says:

    well thats really sad that we have police that are killing our brother and sister but not also killing but letting them set free or they get money under the table.what kind of security is that to us the are not protecting us but are ruining us.when we call for their assistance they are not there but if its money then they will come.but we have to open our mouth cz we cnt as for help from them but instead will kill us too!especially when we are at school people are scare too of the police!!got to do wah change in this country for a better 2maro!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD BLESS BELIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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