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Oct 1, 2020

George Murphy is Executed near Pier in Placencia

George Murphy

There has not been a murder in Placencia since January of this year; but that record was broken on Wednesday night with the execution of George Murphy. The young man was socializing near the main pier with three friends when he was targeted by a man that emerged from under a tree. Multiple shots hit Murphy on the head and the body leaving him lifeless. Murphy had served time behind bars, but the motive for his murder is under investigation.  Here is News Five’s Duane Moody with a report.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Just before eight o’clock on Wednesday night, shots rang out near the main pier of Placencia. As the sound of the blasts subsided, a youth—originally from Belize City, but who has been working in the village as a fisherman—had been gunned down, shot to the leg and to the head.  Orie Burgess hopped on a bike and rushed to the area to find his brother George Murphy lifeless.


Orie Burgess, Brother of Murder Victim

“After a good day, I di look fi take a bath to eat up and then I get a call and dehn tell me that my lee bredda just get shot by di pier. So I jump on my gial bike and I ride down dah di bridge and just meet my breda lifeless and thing.  I see the man lay down on ih back.  Di pan deh pan ih back; ih two foot fold up. So I touch ahn pan ih chest and say George. I flip ih foot, I lift di man and then I see a bullet hole ina ih temple. Then when I move ih leg, I see the man get like couple more shots ina ih leg too. I try talk to ahn and thing but no reply. The man just deh deh and ih mouth wide open. (shakes head)”


Murphy was along with three friends socialising near this table of the Shak Beach Café when an unknown tall, slim person with afro hair and wearing a mask emerged from under a tree in a dark area and fired multiple shots at him. While his friends scattered and escaped unscathed, Murphy died on the spot.


Hilberto Romero

Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero, Deputy Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch

“The information is that he was along with three other persons, Trevaughan Humes, Roselia Teul and Francine Zelaya when a male person came from an area where a tree was and fired several shots, fatally injuring George Murphy. The other persons were not injured and are being interviewed concerning this investigation.”


Orie Burgess

“Dehn chance my lee bredda too mien. He neva deh deh by himself; he mi deh deh with other people and only he one get shot. And he neva get shot ina ih head first; he get shot ina ih leg so whoever do that, dehn mi have it in fi my lee breda. Dehn mi want chance my lee breda. I noh understand that.”


The gunman purportedly fled towards the beach and there are reports that the gun was disposed of in the sea. Today, investigators were combing the area for additional clues. But was this murder a robbery gone bad? Burgess says that his brother had just returned from a fishing trip and had cashed in, but his cell phone and money could not be found.


Orie Burgess

Orie Burgess

“That dah weh part he always chill. He dah wah fisherman, he clean fish out dah di pier. He go out with dehn older man go fishing and thing; he fillet fish so dah down there he go burn ih lee cigarette and chill. And at the moment, the man mi just come in after three days fishing so he had a lee money and ih di free up ihself. Ih gone buy a lee cigarette and mi di chill with who ih think dah mi ih friends or yo know and then that dah mi di last of it.”


Duane Moody

“Was he robbed of his money or anything like that?”


Orie Burgess

“Well as far as my knowledge I see the man post on his Facebook story that yeah di man make wah lee paper—di man just gone fishing for three days. Then when I reach deh, I say make I get my breda phone and thing because I want see if anything wrong, if anybody mi di call my breda or anything funny, but dehn say only three dollars mi deh ina di man pocket. So dehn look like dehn take weh whatever he had too and ih phone. No phone neva deh; only three dollars and he lifeless.”


Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero

“We do not know at this time what motivated this shooting. They were at the pier and this person came and fired shots towards them.”



“Supposedly, before he was killed, he told the shooter he has the wrong man. Are you all aware of this? Might it have been a case of mistaken identity?”


Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero

“We are following up leads and again we have no motive and no suspect at this time.”


Murphy had only recently been released from prison and there are reports of gang rivalry on the peninsula. Senior Superintendent Hilberto Romero was asked if this is an angle that the police is looking into.


Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero

“I can confirm that he had been charged in the past for various crimes and he had been to prison before.”



“Are you all aware of any gang rivalry in the village?”


Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero

“Not at this time, no.”


Orie Burgess

“I feel like dah wrong person. I feel like dehn take my breda fi somebody else cause my breda, everybody down yah done know my lee breda. My breda dah noh wah good soul meaning my breda neva kill nobody or neva hurt nobody. Maybe my breda did something wrong ina di days as in touch something weh dah neva fi he, but he neva kill nobody. He da mi neva that type of person; innocent, always had a big smile and di work around.”


Duane Moody for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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