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Jan 9, 2019

Shot in the Face for Inquiring About a Locked Up Sibling

While the police department welcomes a new commissioner who vows a no-nonsense approach to brutality and abuse, there are still officers within the ranks of law enforcement that are prone to the use of excessive force.  On Monday night, forty-one-year-old Darrell Ramclam, a resident of Fern Lane in Belize City, was shot in the face with a rubber bullet.  According to Ramclam, he visited the Mahogany Street Police Station shortly after his younger brother was approached by an officer who asked to see him at the precinct.  When Ramclam got there, a team of officers who had just arrived on the scene told him that he could not enter the compound.  When he protested, Ramclam was shot in the face with a rubber bullet which became lodged in his left cheek.  To make matters worse, the officers then reportedly left the precinct while he bled from the face.  He stopped by our studios this evening to explain his ordeal and his experience at the hands of police officers.


Darrell Ramclam

Darrell Ramclam, Victim of Police Brutality

“My story is, me and my bredda mi di heng out da wahn barbecue man.  We mi deh right da wahn barbecue man pan Mahogany Street di try get wahn lee meal.  Dis barbecue man deh right beside the police station.  Anyway, we di wait fi di meal, di wait fi di bally done with di barbecue.  I sih wahn police officer walk come up from di police station, cohn to we and di man cohn and look pan me and my bredda and ih cohn pick out my bredda and ih tell ahn, “Ah need fi sih yo da di station.”  I da like, “Okay, weh gaan on officer.  Me and my bredda di heng.  Yoh could tell me da weh di happen.”  Di man noh tell me nothing, he and my bredda gaan and I follow behind dehn because yo, from ya da home we gwein, my people dehn wahn wahn know weh di go ahn with my bro, I need fi tell dehn weh di go ahn.  Anyway, di police dehn walk gwein een, I di walk gwein eena di yard.  Same time while we di walk gwein, wahn next police vehicle haul up with some more police, all ah dehn exit di vehicle and dehn gaan eena di yard.  So I di walk now, as I approach gwein eena di yard, one ah di police dehn seh, “Come affa dis compound.”  He look pan me and tell me come affa di compound.  He noh even know weh di go ahn.  Anyway, I tell di man I wahn go sih weh di go ahn wid my bredda, I wahn know weh gaan ahn wid my bredda.  Ih look like he neva into no talking and just cause I noh come off, bally bust wahn shot pan di ground close to my foot.  I noh know, ih appear da wahn rubber bullet.  So when he bust da shot I seh bwai dis bally serious.  I come outta di yard, I step outta di yard, I come pan di sidewalk now because I still di wait, I wahn know weh di go ahn wid my bredda case.  So I tell di police, “Officer, I know I have wahn right fi go een deh and find out weh di happen to my bredda.”  And watch ya, as I tell he that, dis police just raise di gun up and he deh way eena di yaad yo know, raise di gun up soh, and I coulda neva believe ‘til I hyah da thing bust and I feel blood staat come from my face and my face staat bun me.  And I gaan ahn, what I cyant believe I get shot.  I di ask di police weh gaan ahn, weh yo shot me fa, weh you shot me fa.  Dis man stand up right deh and watch me.  Bwai ih kinda hard, first time I get shot and basically I noh even know… I just di bleed and I get shot eena my face.  You know weh dehn bally do, all dehn bally load up back eena dehn vehicle and di vehicle, everybody drive off and leff me right out deh so di bleed.”


According to Ramclam, when he asked for the policeman’s identity, he was simply told by the officer who shot him that his name was Lopez.  Ramclam also said that his brother was released from police custody shortly thereafter, as it was simply a case of mistaken identity.  He says that he wants justice after being shot in the face for simply inquiring about his sibling’s whereabouts at the police station.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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