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Jan 4, 2017

Police Regroup After Another Murder; Bert Abraham Targeted at Front Gate

Bert Abraham

The top brass of the police met in emergency and closed door session today, in light of a murder spree since the start of the year. They were not providing details on the recent string of murders and that’s perhaps because they said too much on Tuesday night to incense the criminal elements. By seven-thirty, shots rang out again; this time on the Holy Emmanuel Street in the gang-infested Gungulung area of the city. Bert Abraham was executed at his gate after selling a small amount of weed. Police have a suspect is in custody. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports.



Isani Cayetano, Reporting

Forty-seven-year-old Bert Abraham is the latest casualty in a ripple of gun violence that has spread rapidly across Belize City since the beginning of the new year.  Known in the Gungulung community as a small-time peddler, Bert had reportedly just sold a little quantity of marijuana to a neighbor when death would come knocking at his gate.  The succession of gunshots came quickly and by the time relatives took notice he was already on the ground bleeding profusely from multiple injuries.  His sister’s recollection begins with a customer stopping by for a catch of weed.


Voice of: Sister of Deceased

“Somebody come buy and my bredda gaan sell dehn and afta when my bredda gaan sell dehn he gaan outside.  He sell di bwai and di bwai gaan and he gaan outside gaan put down ih thing and when he gaan put down ih thing, same time eena dat wahn vehicle di come and then di vehicle bump wah dog.  When di vehicle bump di dog di dog staat to bawl and di vehicle stop, den afta dat when I look di vehicle sped off and when di vehicle sped off I yer shots staat to let go.”


Those rounds would find their mark in Abraham’s chest and back.  In the ensuing commotion, the buyer has since been detained as a suspect.  His mother, a close friend of Abraham’s sister, vehemently denies her son’s involvement in the execution.


Minerva Belisle

Minerva Belisle, Mother of Murder Suspect

“Dehn seh my son mi cohn buy, I noh know.  My son seh he mi done gaan bout ih business and now di police dehn gaan with my son, right, and my son innocent.  My son noh know nothing bout dat because di difference ah thing weh I di yer, my son noh know.”


Abraham’s sibling who was inside the yard at the time of the deadly spray recalls seeing someone fleeing on foot when the shooting subsided.


Voice of: Sister of Deceased

“When I look I sih somebody di run round di lane, that’s all.  And when I di holla fi my bredda he noh respond and when I gaan, I hurry jump ova ahn and gaan gaan hail and di try ketch taxi mek dehn ker ahn, nobody.  Then one ah my friend cohn same time and I tell ahn da he.  So I di tell ahn mek we ker ahn and same time when we mi di ker ahn di police come and dehn noh wahn we move ahn.  My bredda still mi di breathe down deh.  I tell dehn mek we ker ahn and dehn noh wahn mek we touch ahn.  Then when time afta dat dehn pronounce ahn seh ih dead.”


Despite the incident unfolding in plain sight, Abraham’s sister is clueless as to who may have pulled the trigger.  She isn’t pointing any finger at her neighbor’s son.


Voice of: Sister of Deceased

“I cyant seh da who kill my bredda cause I noh sih nothing.  I noh sih nothing.  I noh wahn tell lie.  I just seh weh I seh and I leff it eena di Lord’s hand and he speaks for everything and dehn know dehn cut my bredda outta ih life and he neva deserve it because he noh gang bang.”


Minerva Belisle, the mother of the person of interest presently in police custody, openly provides an alibi for her son.  According to the elderly woman, she had just met her son on Holy Emmanuel Street prior to the armed assault.


Minerva Belisle

“All weh I woulda wahn di law do dah please let go my son cause my son noh know nothing.  My son pass me pan di street when I mih dehn pan di street.  At dat time no shooting neva gaan on.  We get inside and then afta dat di shooting, yoh undastand.  I woulda just wahn dehn let go my son because my son tell me he noh know nothing bout dat.”


This afternoon, a team of officers from Eastern Division South, led by Deputy Commander Alden Dawson, descended on Holy Emmanuel Street.  Their presence in the area is not to crackdown on the criminal elements but to allay any fears that residents may have of an imminent reprisal.


Alden Dawson

Isani Cayetano

“There is this belief that there is an ongoing war on the streets of Belize City.  How do you allay the fears of these residents in light of what has taken place, particularly here on Holy Emmanuel Street for instance?”


Sr. Supt. Alden Dawson, Deputy OC, Eastern Division South

“Well, like I said, we go out and we hear there concerns and these people are the people who live in the different areas and they know what is going on with them and how the police can assist them and that is what we do in this Meet and Greet initiative to hear their concerns and then we try our best to put in place what they request.”


No arrests in the murder of Bert Abraham have been made so far, despite the apprehension of one person. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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