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Dec 28, 2016

Alfonso Noble Knocks Down and Kills a Cyclist on Christmas Eve

Gilbert Myers

The Christmas weekend was an exceptionally violent four days, where road traffic accidents and shooting incidents claimed multiple lives across the country.  There were as many as five RTAs beginning on Christmas Eve in Belize City and spanning the weekend, leaving at least four people dead.  A shooting incident in the Old Capital on Friday night has also claimed the life of a young man.  We begin tonight with coverage of a fatal collision involving well-known media personality Alfonso Noble.  He was released from custody earlier today after being held in detention since Friday night.  He is accused of knocking down and killing a cyclist who was riding home to Hattieville on Christmas Eve.  News Five’s intern Maria Reneau has that story.


Maria Reneau, Reporting

Well-known radio and television talk show host Alfonso Noble, a stalwart of the United Democratic Party, was arraigned earlier today on a slew of charges stemming from an incident on Christmas Eve which resulted in the death of a Hattieville resident.  The fatal mishap occurred in the vicinity of the police checkpoint near mile four on the George Price Highway.  The media personality was presumably under the influence of alcohol whilst driving this red Nissan pickup when he collided into Gilbert Myers.


Andrea Myers

Andrea Myers, Wife of Deceased

“Wahn young man come to me, call me and tell me seh, “Babe ah have wahn message fi yoh.”  And I seh like what?  Ah seh I noh wahn nobody deal with me right now because I got lotta work fi do.  Ih she, “Babe yoh man deh pan di road dead.”  Ah seh weh you say?  Ih seh yes.  Ah tell ahn no mein my husband cyant dead because ih deh pan ih way di come.  Ih seh no babe yo husband deh pan di road knock down dead.”


True indeed, Myers had perished at the scene of the accident.  According to his wife, they were together in Belize City earlier in the day and had made arrangements to meet at home later that evening.  The former City Council employee never made it to Hattieville.


Andrea Myers

“He mi deh with di Christmas Eve morning.  He gaan hail me by my work and then he tell me, “Babe, I gwein by my pa and ah di come back.  When yoh done work mek yo SOS me or come meet me.”  Ah tell ahn okay and that was it.  I neva sih ahn again.  I deh by di bus terminal afta I done by my groceries di wait fi he.  He neva show up so I seh probably he gaan home and I just decide fi ketch di five-thirty bus, me and my two daughter and my son.  I seh I wahn surprise dis man when I reach home.  Instead, I get wahn surprise weh I neva expect.”


The impact of the collision extensively damaged the hood, as well as the windshield of the vehicle.  The injuries Myers sustained to the head and body were equally massive.  Following the crash, Noble was asked to provide a blood sample to investigators.  He failed to comply with the request.


Herbert Panton

Isani Cayetano

“Was this under legal advice that Mr. Noble refused to provide a blood sample or was this of his own decision?”


Herbert Panton, Attorney for Alfonso Noble

“As far as I’m aware, Mr. Noble chose not to provide samples for religious reasons.”



“What religion is he sir?”


Alfonso Noble

Herbert Panton

“Man which religion you know, we noh have to get into semantics here man. Me personally, I have an aversion to needles.  So it is only when I go to a doctor for medical reasons and in those instances a good fifteen to twenty minutes before they could get a needle eena me.  There are people who refuse to give blood specimens for religious reasons, but we will get to that at trial.”


Notwithstanding Noble’s political connections, the grieving wife of Gilbert Myers wants to see justice take its course.  Her Christmas, unlike many of those who spent time with their loved ones this weekend, was shattered by news of the tragedy.


Andrea Myers

“I live with this young man fi twenty-two years and we married nineteen years and now every year this wahn be wah sadness fi me pan wah Christmas Eve so I noh entitled fi have noh moh Christmas afta dis.  So if my kids dehn wahn enjoy dehn self ih up to dehn but me, I noh deh pan dat no moh cause I dead and gaan, money cyant bring ahn back.  Weh happen happen and I neva expect it dah way, but I wahn justice.”


Isani Cayetano

“I’m glad that you mentioned that.  The individual who knocked down your husband, Mr. Noble is well-known and well-connected politically.  Do you believe that this particular matter going forward will see any form of influence in terms of its outcome or do you believe that the justice system will be fair and just in terms of getting down to the bottom of what happened?”


Andrea Myers

“Well I wahn deh get down to the bottom ah it because Alfonso know my husband good, dehn always di hail each other and thing because Mr. Noble always di drink.  Every day he drunk.  So why my husband haftu ride dis highway and lotta vehicle pass ahn noh hit ahn.  He da di only vehicle weh hit my husband and dat da weh I wahn know because if I haftu deal with it pan my own sir, I wahn deal with it pan my own.”


Noble’s attorney, Herbert Panton, maintains that his client was inconvenienced over the holiday weekend because he was held in custody until this morning, when a notice of intended prosecution could have been served instead.


Herbert Panton

“My problem here is that in the normal course, in any vehicle accident a notice of intended prosecution is given.  The police conclude their investigation and this matter is an indictable matter.  This matter has to go to the Supreme Court so that information is then forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution who gives an opinion on whether or not to lay charges.  The police in their infinite wisdom chose to charge my client immediately, suggesting that they are pandering to the media. Could you imagine holding this man all over the Christmas holidays and I can almost guarantee you come the twenty-eighth of February that they won’t have the disclosure that the magistrate ordered.”


Noble was released on five thousand dollars bail plus two sureties.  He returns to court on February twenty-eighth, 2017. Maria Reneau reporting for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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  1. Bowen says:

    In my opinion, I think he is guilty because why would Noble refuse a blood sample?
    How convenient to claim religious grounds… Shaking my head in disbelief. I hope he is held accountable!
    And what about a breathalyzer test?? That’s something that police should be equipped with…SMH.
    THEN I watched him coming out of court laughing… LIKE THERE WAS/IS NO REMORSE. A family lost a husband a brother a father- all Noble lost was couple hours of freedom. He’s going home to his family, Mr. Myers is going couple feet into the ground. Mr. Noble is known for always drinking so he knows exactly why he refused to produce specimen for testing… Yeah right… I hope Mr. Myer’s wife will get the justice her family deserves… Mr. Noble should be charged accordingly… Trust me he was DRUNK. HAVE U SEEN HOW THE WINSHEILED WAS gushed in? It looks like he was hit from- on coming… I’m no forensic expert but they should pay keen attention of how the windshield was crushed in…

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