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May 3, 2016

Gambis Williams is Murdered in the City

Glen “Gambis” Williams

A fifth person was murdered over the Labor Day weekend. It happened on Iguana Street where Glen “Gambis” Williams was gunned down after he had purchased barbecue. Williams is a known affiliate of the Supal Street Gang and police do not know if his demise is related to the murder of the George Street leader Gerald “Shiny” Tillett, two weeks ago in Dangriga.  Williams, however had made complains to the police that his life had been threatened then on Saturday, he was taken down by a man who followed him in a vehicle. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports.


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

Glen ‘Gambis’ Williams was taken out in a hail of bullets sometime after five o’clock on Saturday evening, in what can only be described as yet another gangland execution.  The thirty-eight-year-old, reportedly a member of the Supal Street Gang, was riding a motorcycle along Central American Boulevard shortly after leaving a food stall.


Voice of: Enid Williams, Mother of Deceased

“Sohn people seh ih gaan ih buy wahn food right ya soh pan by Boulevard deh through by Belizean Drug Store weh deh pan Boulevard, through di lee alley deh wahn lady mih di sell barbecue.  Ih buy di food and everything and ih mih di ride up gwein by Lucky Star, stand up and talk to mussi di tamales man.”


Upon arriving at its intersection with Iguana Street, a vehicle pulled up next to Williams, its passenger side window was lowered and a volley of shots was discharged in his direction.


ACP Chester Williams, Commander, Eastern Division

“A grey or whitish-looking Lincoln, a four-door Lincoln came from behind him and from within the vehicle someone extended their arm out and fired several shots at him which caused him injuries, subsequently resulting in his death.”


Investigators won’t provide details on how many shots were fired. News Five understands, however, that as many as ten rounds were sprayed from the weapon used to dispatch Williams.


Voice of: Enid Williams

“Ih look like dehn block ahn with the door weh paat di driver deh fih noh mek ih pass because you could sih he di lift fi try run but di next person cohn from eena di vehicle and ih geh wahn shot eena ih neck and ah noh know weh else cause as ah seh dehn no do di post mortem yet.  Eena ih back ih get, ya soh.”


Isani Cayetano

“Tell me something, and this is a rather difficult question to ask, do you believe that this thing was motivated by any kind of gang rivalry?


Voice of: Enid Williams

“I noh think ih related to this next guy affa George Street weh dead because Gambis noh, well I noh know if da affa dat.  Dehn seh he mi di laugh and thing yo know but he neva mih di laugh afta nobody and that and dehn just spread di word out and maybe da dat.  I noh know if da dat dehn kill ahn fah, I don’t know.”


While all angles are being worked in an attempt to solve this homicide, police are looking at a complaint made by Williams earlier in the week.  He reported on a previous occasion of being followed by a suspicious vehicle.


Chester Williams

Voice of: Enid Williams

“When ih gaan da ih girlfriend house, wahn vehicle di out deh di wait.  But, you know, ih mi still manage fi get eena fi she yaad and dehn call di police and everything.  But every time we call police dehn neva wahn cohn, if we tell dehn wahn car deh out deh, dehn sehe how we know if da vehicle wahn kill this one or wahn kill dah one but wahn woman always di ansa it.”


ACP Chester Williams

“I know for a fact yes, that he had spoken to me sometime last week and said that a vehicle was following him and we have checked the information out.  We have spoken to the persons in that vehicle and we continue to look at the information.  The vehicle that subsequently was involved in the shooting that led to his death was not the vehicle that he had complained about that was following him.  But we are not saying that there’s no connection between the vehicle that was following him and those persons who may have been in the vehicle that actually shot him.”


Of concern to Williams’ family is that he was in possession of a significant sum of money at the time of the shooting.  Cash, they claim, that was subsequently taken from him by police officers.


Voice of: Enid Williams

“Dehn search ahn and everything.  Dehn tek off ih watch, di phone.  Dehn tek di phone out and one two dollars dehn find eena ih pocket.  But as ah sehe everybody di sehe dat da di police tek di money out ih pocket.  I noh know right, cause I wasn’t there but we only di go by rumor dat di police tek all ah di money out ih pocket.  Ova four to five thousand dollars.”


ACP Chester Williams

“I would want to refute that information here and done because he was shot shortly after he left a food stand on the boulevard and he was picked up quickly by the police and taken to the hospital and in the presence of his family his property were removed and there was no substantial amount of money on him.”


Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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