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Apr 28, 2016

9 B.D.F. Soldiers Face Disciplinary Charges Following Sarstoon Standoff

David Jones

Following that dangerous encounter, nine Belize Defense Force soldiers, including Sergeant Kib and Lance Corporal Zuniga, who were assigned to the construction site where the Sarstoon Forward Operating Base was being erected, are tonight facing disciplinary charges.  While the men bravely stood their ground in the face of military aggression by the Guatemalan Armed Forces, they are being reprimanded for lack of proper attire at the time of the confrontation.  According to information reaching our newsroom, the officers had only just arrived at the location from Barranco and were drenched as a result of the rough seas.  The commanding officer, Sergeant Kib, had allowed his men what is known in military parlance as an admin; that is, permission for them to remove their gears and freshen up.  It was reportedly at this time that the Guatemalan Armed Forces came into Belizean territory to where they were stationed.  Not having time to fully dress themselves in their respective uniforms, the soldiers proceeded to hold their own against the GAF.  In the wake of the incident, the team was heralded for its valor, but according to military regulations they violated their uniform code. As a result, Kib and eight other B.D.F. soldiers are facing demotion.  The sergeant, we are being told, has been stripped of his rank and since reduced to the lower rank of Lance Corporal.  While the army has its own set of rules governing conduct and dress code, is the demotion justifiable given the circumstance?  That’s what we asked B.D.F. Commander David Jones earlier.


Brig. Gen. David Jones, Commander, B.D.F.

“I won’t comment on that because that is something internal within the force that requires disciplinary measures and we’re not going to expose every disciplinary measures that occur within the force.  That will stay within.”


Mike Rudon

“Do you feel that if that comes out that will again cause repercussions for the B.D.F. in terms of the image of the B.D.F.  We understand that these officers were not in uniform when they stood up against the Guatemalans and that is the reason why they are being demoted.”


Brig. Gen. David Jones

“Well I won’t comment on that because that’s something internal within the force.  I won’t make any comments.”


Mike Rudon

“But would you say that indeed something happened?”


Brig. Gen. David Jones

“That’s your last question.”


The others facing disciplinary action are: privates Chun, Ifield, Coc, Waight, Reyes and Bol.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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14 Responses for “9 B.D.F. Soldiers Face Disciplinary Charges Following Sarstoon Standoff”

  1. Peter says:

    Demotion was not necessary.. Jones should be demoted..It doesn;t make sense atall..Big up our soldiers…

  2. Belizean Pride says:

    I know it’s code broken by this brave BDF but what about the american who had fought in in middle east as shown only in boxers with his ammo defending his post while on off shift but he did bravely and was awarded for bravery not punished for lack of dress codes. Are you serious Mr. Jones, it’s not like if they are at the barracks and wandering with out uniform they were taken as surprise but still stood for us the Belizeans come on Mr. Jones.

  3. Louisville, KY. says:

    Is it any wonder that the GAF don’t take this general seriously? Why is this man acting as if the soldiers were on the parade square in an inspection guard of honor?
    Why such drastic disciplinary measures? It makes one believe he is in fact cowering before his so called,”opposite number”.

  4. Efrain says:

    I believe that David Jones should be the one demoted and not the soldiers who defended our souvernity against Guatemalans who invaded our territory!!!!!

  5. Gerald underwood says:

    David jones is a fucking punk I can honestly say that while working with him as a BDF soldier Alpha company he should have never been appointed BDF commandment am sure there are more qualify officer that are more out standing than him but to keep the Garifuna away from been BDF commandment they give it to a punktifying piece of shit more they should have all been promoted for there bravery that want I would like to urge mister Mehia to do what he is planning on doing to go to sarstoon I wouldn’t even entertain with a meeting I would tell him fuck off and been a leader to your soldiers and stop been a punk and allow himself to be control by dean Barrow

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    What is so effed up about this shit is that the’re only paying these guys peanuts.Furthermore these soldiers are over worked and yet all the people in the higher echelon can think about is demote them for petty stuff. %^&*() disgusting.This is the reason why none of my kids won’t serve in anyone’s military.

  7. Mario Vasquez says:

    I guess they weren’t to defend themselves and our nation against the GAF, that’s a no-no so they find a someway of disciplining them and found it in
    dress code but given the circumstances, they did what they had to do, it just shows that the uniform doesn’t make the man but the man makes the uniform. They shouldn’t be demoted or discipline, they should be promoted and awarded.

  8. Willian Beaver says:

    The BDF will take flack when it comes to their responsibilities in the sarstoon because I get the impression that some of the incursions are encourage for personal benefits.
    So we could be fair to both the General and the soldiers no mention was made as to the time span of the occurrences.
    How long after did they reach their post, that the Guatemalans sought to intimidate out troops? That’s crucial information right there. it can weigh in on whether they took too long to man the station or they were just suddenly taken by surprise.

  9. Paco Smith says:

    This is preposterous!

  10. Douglas says:

    Why punish the soldiers, they were Officially given permission to do so. I don’t agree with giving the Sergeant a demotion. A suspension at half pay would have been better. This will only bring down their moral. In the future, they won’t be able to stand up like they did and will fear to do so, because they will wonder if disgraceful discharge will be next. Another, why not say what the other punishments were. If you didn’t want the public to know, why even mention it.

  11. juan says:

    sometimes the officers in charge think back way. they suupose to be on the grounds and see wat the hell they would do when they see things are serious. those men(officers) should be applauded for defending wat is our belize. Anyways great job soldiers even though not every body appreciate the hard work all of you are doing!

  12. Prof. Menzies says:

    As a US Army Veteran and leader of soldiers, I am ashamed of the actions of the Military in this case.

    I have always questioned the TOTAL DISRESPECT TO OUR NATION when during the September celebrations – the Honor Guard actually drags the Belize flag across the ground! That would be something worth a serious reprimand; not defending our nation out of uniform. Problem is that our soldiers are now suffering for the latter, since desecrating the flag is evidently an accepted protocol in our nation.

  13. geanjah says:

    our prime minister need to stop live in denial and brain washing our people that are deaf,Majority can read but not everyone have understanding.The prime minister and Sedi need to get a uniform and go to the sartoons.We want to see which one of them will not come under threat.These soldiers have family and love ones who pray for them to return home safe.

  14. geanjah says:

    why dont david and his collegues move into the new building maybe they can prevent these things from happening since end of the day these 9 soldiers are being crucify for defending themselves and our soil..Anyone can say the world, until your in that position then you will understand.All of these people need to get omitted from their post,cause obviously they have a minimal capacity for common sense to circulate upstairs

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