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Apr 18, 2016

George Street Boss Murdered

Gerald ‘Shiny’ Tillett

Fear blanketed Belize City and Dangriga as the most violent weekend since the start of the year started to unfold. The murder of the reputed gang boss of George Street, Gerald ‘Shiny’ Tillett caught police by surprise but they quickly moved to shut down businesses and clear the streets immediately after his murder on Saturday night in Dangriga. While police attempted to prevent further violence, there was other loss of life and several shootings that are believed to have been to avenge Tillett’s execution. Two gunmen opened fire, one shooting Tillett and killing him instantly and the other, with a licensed weapon, firing in self-defense. In the mayhem, the alleged killer was also shot. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports from Dangriga.  


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

Bullets and sheer chaos under the Wadani Shed, a popular watering hole and gambling den on St. Vincent Street, has left one person dead and three others, including the alleged gunman, injured.  A routine evening at this establishment in Dangriga often sees any number of people gathered under the thatch palapa socializing and making merry.  Saturday was no different.  Among a group of patrons at the bar was Gerald ‘Shiny’ Tillett.  The reputed George Street boss was seated next to two others around this makeshift wooden table.  An eyewitness who asked to remain anonymous recounts what happened next.


Voice of: First Eyewitness

“I was sitting on my veranda and then I saw a young man came [dressed] in full black, stood behind him, took out a gun and started firing shots.”


The indiscriminate gunfire left Tillett mortally injured when a round from the salvo penetrated his temple.  A second, unnamed onlooker also shares her perspective of the deadly shooting.


Voice of: Second Eyewitness

“We usually sit on the veranda but at first we were just sitting and looking around and suddenly like we heard a noise and we thought it was pop-shot.  But after realizing it was not pop-shot we saw, you know when you shoot yoh got like wahn reflection pan di bullet, like wahn light.  So we saw the light, so we seh okay now, dah noh pop-shot, dah gunshot.”


By then the attacker was already attempting to flee the scene.


Voice of: First Eyewitness

“He then ran.  The gunman ran.  Then after that Mr. Tillett fell on the table bleeding from his head.  After that he fell on the ground.  But while he was on the ground people, everybody else weh mi deh round deh staat to scatter, not knowing that two other persons along with Mr. Tillett got shot and fell on the ground as well.”


The other men, identified as forty-six-year-old David Rodriguez, proprietor of Wadani Shed, and thirty-seven-year-old Carlos Sharp, were both shot at close range to the chest.


Voice of: Second Eyewitness

“When we realize da neva only di gunman was shooting, someone else was shooting at the same time.  So nobody literally cyan’t go round deh.  Soh now, when time, afta di gunshots cease down da dehn we sih one a di young man da Carlos, Carlos Sharp.  He came and he fall and he holla fi help, mek someone help him but at the time we neva know that di bwai Shiny mi get shot already.  But afta all ah dat when we sih he get shot but you coulda mi done know dat he done dead because di bullet, da middle ah fi he head he get di bullet.”


Acting Deputy Commander of the Dangriga Police Station, Assistant Superintendent Mark Stephens confirms that the alleged assailant, identified as Nicholas Swazo, had also been injured during the incident.  Another person had indeed produced a licensed firearm and shot Swazo in the back.


Mark Stephens

ASP Mark Stephens, Acting O.C., Dangriga Police

“We were questioning Swazo as to how he sustained his injuries and the story he gave us, you know, wasn’t [adding up], you know, was far from what we were getting.  But, nonetheless, we have since had someone confirm to us that they were the one who had shot him and it was, he was shot when he was shooting those three guys.  In fear for the lives of the three that were being shot which is the Tillett, Sharp and Rodriguez, someone who was at the shed with a licensed firearm drew his firearm and shot the shooter.  And so that was how that fourth person come about.”


Details of the deadly attack having been thoroughly explained, the most salient question is why?  What is the motive behind the gangland execution of Gerald ‘Shiny’ Tillett.  The most obvious, presumably, seems to be a longstanding feud between the George Street Gang and the South Side Gangsters, SSG, bitter rivals with a history of enmity that goes back several years.  Swazo’s profile includes his affiliation with SSG.


Nicholas Swazo

ASP Mark Stephens

“He’s originally from Dangriga Town but we believe, we are getting information that he has migrated to Belize City, has been living in Belize City for some years and have some association with one of the South Side Gangs.  But he has been frequenting back and forth between Dangriga and Belize City because we have had run-ins with him here in Dangriga as well.”


On August twenty-sixth, 2015, Swazo walked free after being on remand for the senseless murder of Mennonite businessman Wendelin Reimer who was shot and killed in 2011, during a robbery at his place of business on the Phillip Goldson Highway.  Tillett, on the other hand, was one of several known leaders within the hierarchy of the George Street Gang.  He rose to prominence as head of the criminal outfit when Shelton ‘Pinky’ Tillett, the then leader of George Street, was dispatched in a hail of bullets almost four years ago to date.  Shiny; however, seemingly maintained a low profile as boss of one of Belize City’s most notorious street gangs. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “George Street Boss Murdered”

  1. Al says:

    Revenge after revenge will follow. Let us pray no innocent bystander gets in between. We don’t need Guatemalans to kill us. We are doing it ourselves well enough. Guatemala need only to sit by and wait for us to kill off ourselves as our government can’t even handle domestic violence, much less if Guatemala REALLY want to invade us.

  2. Rose says:

    Mr. Cayetano, you have the nerve to question why this maggot was shot??!!! Hell, this flea bag is not deserving of the question “Why?” You ask that question of innocent persons who have died in the senseless violence in this country. You ask that question of the senseless politicians who give these beasts the importance of meeting with them and “negotiating” with them. These maggots get more police protection than us, the law abiding citizens who live in fear on a daily basis in this lawless country.

  3. Jane says:

    @Rose if you live in fear that’s your decision no law abiding citizen should live in fear, despite whatever is going on in the society whenever its ur time its ur time….Shine was no maggot….you are a coward hiding behind the name Rose. He was someone love one and he is loved by many you had a big heart you must not even know him and go by what the media show him to be.

    Rip General

  4. Unknown says:

    What bothers me is that the police didn’t even mention the other shooter who had the license gun who was also the one Mr. Tillet was with under that shed dt night and he is also the one who is giving the police information and blaming the SSG to send the hit doesn’t it occur to him that a lot of gang members are resident of this town rather than to be blaming d guys in beleive city I know to myself that Mr. Jason Williams who was with shiney who had d license gun is associated with both GSG -Gaza and SSG soh it cud be a set up…my opinion shiney jut was in d wrong place at the wrong time where they knew he didnt have his soldiers around and won’t have ang weapon on him because it’s a public area where families go and recreate. Remember when Andre Trapp was gunned down infront of the court house and chanced out of his life? A lot of u don’t realize that the system is set up so funny caz dem same one wa put gun Ina yuh hand fi go kill and wen yuh den set up fi mek dey wet yuh up for example wat happen to Shelton better known as Pinky? The system set up he death and wen dey done dey claim seh d Arthur do it and all of a sudden Arthur’s body was cremated but was he really cremated? Or sent to another country by out GOB? But but before ant young died hours after pinky death Peter Flowers was gunned down in d Southside area on Cesar ridge road in retaliation of pinky’s death…sloth lef questionable and families are still hurt..Andrea Trapp’s death was set up by the system because he was accused of shooting the prime minister’a lawyer Mr Rodwell Williams I cud remember whole week before his death he was being bothered by the police and family was told by them that bigger heads is requesting for his arrest hevea innocently accused because The late Ricky Valencia took that hit and blamed Trapp…unu want knw how I knw soh much chu? But the point is the government is behind all these wars and crossfires and a word of advice to mi griga people kip unu damn mouth shut and stop tlk weh unu noh knw caz unu wa havevwa perfect example pretty soon den unu wa laan

  5. TelItAll says:

    Hmm no matter who he is only God decides who comes and goes. No one deserves to die like that. I don’t know the man but he’s human. He has family to attend to, he has a life to live no matter how he chooses it.

    Rest In Peace Mr. Tillett. I hope that you are with our Father.

  6. Caribbean Godfather says:

    Black people all over to world needs to unite. R.I.P., one love me bredda

  7. Moses says:

    You live by the sword you die by the sword. For every season there is a time. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to laugh and a time to cry etc………

  8. Peacemaker says:

    It is very ironic that the UNKNOWN making comments here and calling people’s name and putting people’s life in danger with accusations is hiding behind an unknown. Some people look at it as a man defending himself and people around him, yet some will instigate another situation that is completely unnecessary. The murders in our country are totally unnecessary and too many youths are going down the wrong road. This is not something that we should be promoting, instead we should be looking for a way to end all the violence. Our country is in a sad state. Praying for Belize and all Belizeans!!!!

  9. Unknown says:

    @Peacemaker putting whose life in danger? From the time he went opening fire on the shooter and claiming that the shooter is from a specific gang he already put himself in danger the news noh hafto seh it nor the police noh hafto seh weh dey d get dey information from but we knw caz if he’s going around saying d gunman is from ah specific area he already put himself in danger by accusing other gang members so u don’t come to me saying I’m putting people’s life in danger caz Dangriga ppl can’t shut they mouth soh everybody who needed to to already knw about it

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