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Mar 15, 2016

Mayflower Residents Claim Police Harassment Following GSU Sweep

Since then, several families from within the area of Mayflower and Sibun Streets have been complaining of excessive use of force by GSU and Police officers. Juanita Gongora, a resident of Sibun Street says that police showed up at her house early this morning looking for guns and ammunition. The search came up empty, but her twenty-one year old son, Ralph Martinez Junior, was taken into custody. The incident was much worse for Shanique Meighan and her family. Today, Meighan appeared in court for the charges of using threatening words, resisting arrest, obstruction and using obscene language at Officer Marvin McKoy. But her clothing was visibly bloody and she had bruises to various parts of her body. Meighan spoke of being abused, reportedly at the hand of police officers.


Voice of: Shanique Meighan, Claims Police Brutality

“Within three minutes, I opened the door. About six police mi deh pan the verandah and there were some all around the yard. I even give them the key to open the door from outside because they mi di try bruk it down with wah stick. As the first police opened the door with the key, he pull me…I had my three months nephew ina my hands and he pull me by my hair outside—fi no reason. I never mi di be bad because if di police di do dehn job, fine do unu job, come arrest them and ker them. As I open dah door, they pull me by my hair; they pull out my two bredda dehn. Dehn next lee bwai weh mi deh deh, they pull them out and they start wah beating and a half; they had a white pipe. I show unu my bruises; this dah only two whap. My bredda dehn receive over twenty-odd to thirty-odd whap each. I di watch about six to seven GSU against one ah my bredda while the next one deh pan the ground. So he drop, dehn kick he up back. Dehn punch ahn, dehn kick ahn; dehn whap he all over his body and he has the bruises to show just like how I have the bruises to show. I mi think ih done deh. I di scream as loud as I could fi just make one neighbor hear…hear we to come save we from the police because the police come fi kill. They neva come fi just charge or fi just arrest. So my bredda, he get tired of the beating and he kinda escape from them and he run in front of the yard and I shield my bredda and I just di plea and plea. I cry to dehn; please stop…unu stop, unu wah kill my bredda mien. Dehn take pepper spray and dehn spray up me ina mi face. Wah next GSU come from behind and he stomp me and whap me hard with wah pipe. I di cry, I can’t breathe; I have bad allergies.  And dehn GSU; dehn chancy; dehn really heartless.”


Voice of: Juanita Gongora, Mother of Ralph Martinez Jr.

“They search and search…they bring di dogs them. They search and they noh find nothing. They ask all my kids dehn dehn name and thing and they give them their names. And by the time my son give them his name, they tell him that they said well let’s go with wi. Say oh you dah junior, let’s go…we wah ker you. I say weh dehn wah ker ahn for? He was in his bed and they said they will take him in for pending investigation into the shooting over the weekend. I tell them my son noh go nowhere. When they shooting, my son mi deh ina ih bed. He noh even socialize; he not even have a girlfriend fi say go dah the park with, enjoy ihself. He noh even know how the inside of a club look and he twenty-one years old. I think dah because of ih pa name and thing and they di victimize ahn. Every time whne they ker ahn dehn say pending investigation…when they ker ahn they let ahn go and dehn noh charge ahn, but hold ahn fi forty-eight hours and thing. Dah something weh occur all the time and I get tired and tired of it. I know and I wah swear and I wah stand up fi he; that he noh do nothing. He mi ina ih bed when dah concert cause he noh go out. He noh go out.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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