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Mar 1, 2016

Will Charges be Brought Against Mother of Aborted Fetus?

A criminal investigation conducted by Dangriga police, following the gruesome discovery of a fetus on Thursday, will likely give rise to charges being levied against a minor, as well as a possible accomplice. The discarded stillborn was retrieved by dogs from an overgrown lot in the Benguche area.  Residents say that it was found a short distance away from where a piece of burnt cloth was presumably used to shroud the fetus.  The unborn child, according to the results of a medical examination, was apparently in its sixth or seventh month of development at the time of abortion.  Investigators remain tightlipped about the identity of the teenage mother, particularly because of her age and the sensitivity of the case.  News Five is reliably informed however, that at the conclusion of the inquiry legal advice will be sought from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.  Tonight, we will revisit an interview with the owner of the dogs that happened upon the dismembered body.


Voice of: Dog Owner [File: February 26th, 2016]

“That day my dogs, I have a lot of dogs in my yard, and one of them got away and while he was roaming around the area, you know how dogs are, they probably smelled something bloody or something dead.  So when my dog went and discovered, you know, this corpse, ih probably like bite it.  You know how regular dog woulda just like, smell and bite or check, and you know, by the Grace of God, you know, the dog just pull out the corpse on the street and that’s when passersby and my cousin in front of the yard just, you know just saw like the dog, the feet of the baby, you know, just hanging.  So my cousin just tell the dog, “Hey! Hey!” you know.  The dog just dropped whatever it had in its mouth and when we checked and looked it was the body of a baby.”



“Now this is clearly the result of an abortion.  Do you know anyone in the area who would have been a suspect as to a pregnancy that was aborted?”


Voice of: Dog Owner

“Well boss, I cyant seh.  You know how, I noh know who pregnant or nobody outta di yaad ya, no woman noh live ya so di neighbors dehn, I noh think nobody wahn come from far wahn come from nowhere and throw nothing ‘bout ya so.  Ih haffi be somebody weh mi deh bout dehn neighborhood ya, you know.  Ih simple.  Ih haffi be somebody close by, da wa birth so from di time dehn tek out da baby or let go da baby dehn no got time fi do nothing.  And ih cyant be nobody from far cause we have a big canal weh dehn coulda throw that.  Dehn have the beach up da side, you have di river, we have high bushes ova soh.  So, do the math, ih only simple and logic fi know dat ih haffi be somebody right bout ya.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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3 Responses for “Will Charges be Brought Against Mother of Aborted Fetus?”

  1. ariana says:

    in the beginning of this article they say the baby looks to be still born which would mean it came out naturally and never lived, that is different than an abortion. either way this was a scared teenage girl who felt she had no other options and just goes to show the horrible position anti-abortion laws put women and girls into. legalize abortion so this can be done safely in a hospital before the fetus develops this far along. and please get these stupid religious schools to start educating kids about birth control or take your parenting seriously and make sure your sons and daughters are well informed about their bodies so this kind of thing can be avoided.

  2. Delcia says:

    Really??? Make killing legal???No matter what we call it, that was a real human that was alive and could have lived (if not still born). killing a baby is murder no matter how we put it. No matter what fancy word first world countries are calling it, its still a little human already formed , moving, heart beating, blood running in its veins….. instead of making killing legal these kids should not be experimenting with sex to start with unless they are ready to be parents. Why are we so hot to teach our kids that its ok to experiment with making a human baby then killing it after a few weeks or months. and no matter what year we are in or century…playing with a human life no matter how popular it is…it is still wrong. An abortion can kill the mother too.

  3. Fran says:

    What a disappointing reply to such a tragedy! I have to go at this from line to line. but I will start from the bottom up. Ms. Ariana. if you were implying that God had anything to do with the decision that young girl made please don’t even go there. God has given every person the freedom of choice.. and every God made human has a moment before making a choice when they know whether it is wrong or right. DO NOT blame My God ! Next thing Religious Schools are not stupid! If the religious schools you are referring to are bible based schools then it would be wise for all to listen. We are in the situations we are in because we don’t follow God’s rules. Whether we chose to believe or not it doesn’t matter THERE IS A LIVING GOD! God designed the family he commanded that a woman be made for a man , that they should be married and build a family . If we did things according to Gods command we would not need to have anti-abortion laws. We still live in a country were the law of God stand.. in most cases . All morals around the world and in Belize are being throw away daily because it is not convenient to our lifestyles. We go along with the other countries making excuses and justifying and manipulating what should be the fundamentals of a Society just to satisfy our own human desires. That’s probably the reason why this girl chose such a difficult path.. because the culture we are following gave her that option.. had she been in a world were biblical fundamentals were absolute Law she would have kept her baby or not even gotten pregnant in the first place. If she was a victim of an abuse that still do not excuse her actions , we live in an although immoral society its still very modern and they are other options besides abortion. If I was not abortion why did she hide it. Why did she not go to a clinic if she was giving birth or having a miscarriage????
    To that young mother who whatever her circumstance may have been , I pray that you go before Almighty God!

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