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Feb 4, 2016

Healthy Living: Integrative Breathwork, a Meditation Exercise

Meditation exercises are becoming more and more mainstream. The popularity of the practice has been reinforced by scientific evidence proving its various benefits and personal testimonials of high profile athletes, musicians and a host of other mega celebrities. For whatever reason, it’s also gaining popularity in Belize. This is why Om Shanti Center invited the founder of Integrative Breathwork Florida, Lorraine Meyer, to share her practice of meditation with Belizeans. Healthy Living goes one on one with Meyer.


Marleni Cuellar, Reporting

We wake up in the morning and move around carrying out daily activities without even thinking about our body’s natural processes that keep us going. Think about it: how often do you consciously think about the breaths that you’re taking? This is why the teaching of “breath-work,” the act of consciously breathing, is gaining popularity.


Lorraine Meyer

Lorraine Meyer, Founder/Director, Integrative Breathwork Florida

“Integrative Breathwork is a technique that was developed by a wonderful woman, my teacher named Jacqueline Small in the 1970’s. She had just finished working with a psychiatrist who was doing studies with people that had addictive patterns in their lives. And what they found was if they took the study of the breath, of the changing of the breath in yoga—different ways of breathing—and mix it with esoteric music, they can actually get people to have an experience that what we call it is resonating themselves through the seven stages of consciousness. I bought into trying it because it was introduced to me as a breathing meditation and once I tried it, like I said it was so powerful for me. I felt this tension coming into my body, but then after a while, after I continue to breathe through whatever comes up.”


Lorraine Meyer is the Founder/Director of Integrative Breathwork Florida. How helpful can Deep breathing actually be? Well think about your stressful moment or when we need to calm down we naturally take deep breaths and sigh to calm ourselves. Talk to athletes about proper breathing and their performance; they’ll surely tell you difference between good and bad breathing.


Lorraine Meyer

“It’s what we call conscious breathing and most of us throughout our day are not breathing enough. We breathe, we hold our breath, we forget to breathe; we don’t really take advantage of what oxygen does for us. Oxygen not only sustains us, it also nurtures us and heals us. It’s why when we breathe consciously, we relax. You go into the doctor and the doctor takes your blood pressure and it is high, he suggests that you take a few deep breaths and just relax and next thing you know, your blood pressure comes down. So that’s one of the healing properties of breathing.”


In Integrative Breathwork, which Lorraine teaches, music is synchronized with the conscious breathing.


Lorraine Meyer

“It’s the kind of music that we hear in films. And film music is designed to bring out the emotions in us and that’s what this breathwork does. It brings up memories, it brings up dreams, it brings up fantasies if you will; it brings up everything because the music is pulling it out of you. You’re actually chemically changing the environment of the body. If you think of the body as a dry river bed and you think of all of the experiences that you’ve had throughout your life—whether they are good experiences or bad experiences—as being anchored into your body. Then you open the dam and you begin to breathe consciously—and I’ll show you that if you like in a moment—you begin to breathe consciously and the oxygen moves through your body like water would come through the dry river bed and it picks up all of those experiences and it gives them the opportunity for you to go oh…that’s why I am angry all the time or oh that’s why I can never calm down or oh that’s why I do this. Meditation really isn’t the quieting of the mind. It is allowing your thoughts to be told just like a waiter who would come to your table before you are ready to order; come back in a little while, I am busy now or I’m not ready. So you acknowledge the thoughts and then you let it go.”


Lorraine is currently in Belize to conduct a series of workshops for Belizeans who are interested in integrative breathwork.


Lorraine Meyer

“They seemed to love it last year. We did this last year at Om Shanti in Belize City and we had a full house and people left after having cried and laughed and after being emoted in different ways with their body. They left feeling lighter, feeling brighter.”


The first workshop takes place tonight, but you can sign up for the workshop to take place this weekend in Ladyville and Placencia.

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