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Jan 25, 2016

Woman Assaulted by Ex-boyfriend

Shawna Gillett

Victims of domestic abuse don’t normally go public about the violence. But tonight, Shawna Gillett, a single mother of four children, has come to the media to expose what she claims has been almost a decade of abuse against her by her ex. Even though she’s been to court three times in thirty days, ex-B.D.F. soldier Rennick Baizar assaulted her again, as recent as Saturday while she was out with friends socializing on Newtown Barracks in front of the Elements Night Club. Gillett feels her life is under threat.


Shawna Gillett, Domestic Abuse Victim

“My ex-common-law approached me and asked me what I am doing out here and let’s go home with him now. I do not live with him; this is over a year now that we have been going through separate. He approached me and shub me ina my chest very hard causing me to fall back way into the sea. And when I fell back way, I think I hit my head on a rock cause I have a big swelling in my head. From there, I noh remember anything else. And the people I was there with tell me that he stood there…they were pumping me up, give me back air and thing and he stood right there and watch…mussi di see if I dead or what, but he stood right there. they called the ambulance and I gone dah Karl Heusner and when I wake up from there, they are telling me what happened. According to the people dehn weh I mi deh with, somebody from the night club run across, jump ina the river and took me out and dah soh dehn get help for me. The reason why I come dah because this dah within less than a month, I have two case pending. He recently have two case—one weh happen December and one weh happen New Year’s Day weh he attack me and I have a restraining order against he and I noh di get no kinda justice. He keep on di come out on bail, come out pan bail and I just need fi ask fi help fi get justice for this because this di happen over and over and over and over and nothing noh di happen to him.”


Duane Moody

“Do you feel that your life is threatened? That if you don’t get some kind of assistance that he’ll kill you?”


Rennick Baizer

Shawna Gillett

“I definitely, definitely know my life is in danger because he noh care weh he deh, he noh care who he deh around, he noh care what; he just attack me and he text me and threaten me if I got anybody else, he wah kill me and kill the person if he ever see me with anybody else. So I know my life is in danger and this dah the reason why I choose to come out. I’ve been to the police and I’m not saying that the police are not doing their job. They arrest him, they got witness, dehn charge him and everything. But the problem is the magistrate’s court…when ih reach there, ih always get bail. I noh know what happen, what kind of hook up he got, but when he reach there, he always get off. So that’s the reason why I am out and begging for someone to look into the case, look into the matter and try help me before this man kill me.”


Tonight, thirty-two year old Baizar is out on bail for a charge of wounding upon Gillett. He pleaded not guilty to the charge and since there was no objection, he was granted bail in the sum of one thousand dollars and is due back in court on March twenty-third.

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8 Responses for “Woman Assaulted by Ex-boyfriend”

  1. Truth says:

    Great Job and Do keep up the strength to defend yourself. It is your life do whatever you must to stay safe and get the help you need.

    Lets hope that Police and the legal system stop taking criminals as a means of INCOME!!!

  2. joe says:

    A damn shame! It is sad how across the board, there is no regard for a human life. His ass should be on lock down, waiting charges for attempted murder. You are far gone, Belize, far gone. Wake up from your deep slumber.

  3. Luisa says:

    That is nasty, these bastards get off because they always try to pull some string to get out and go about doing their ugly deeds. They do like the child that throws the stone and hides his hand and pretend that they did nothing. Been there and know how it feels like to be in such a situation

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    This dude deserves street justice.If nothing is done about this situation by the legal system this young lady is going to me her demise.This is just prove that Belize is run by the criminal element.

  5. Taratela says:

    Ms. Shawna Gillette you are an exceptional woman of courage. It is ridiculous that you have to get to this point and plead publicly for your safety, because the legal system tasked with doing so, keeps giving this violent and obsessed man, multiple chances to kill you. What you have experienced is so common with our women in Belize, but I am proud of you for standing up and bringing it to the attention of our nation. Belizeans we need to rally behind this woman and have our legislation modified, because if he is getting off because our Magistrates are going by the book, then we need to change that BOOK!

  6. fonso says:

    Left the young lady live her life in peace. If nothing is done a real tragedy can indeed occur. Hope that something comes out of this now that she came to the media.

  7. Al says:

    U got to do what u got to do young lady, by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. He comes at you again, its self defense. Even the police are frustrated with the courts. They do their best to arrest criminals and gather evidence against them, only to see the court immediately put them back on the streets and they laugh at the police. Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.

  8. Sheila says:

    Keep strong young lady. I have been going through the same thing for over ten years. I have 48 Police reports of which only 1 was acted on and as soon as I walked out the courthouse, my husband was released. I even had a Judge tell me in front of my husband, ‘you don’t have to worry about his threats because if he was really going to kill you, he would have done it a long time ago’. I left that courthouse in tears. Women are having a difficult time with Domestic Abuse in Belize. I finally had to put up burglar bars, cameras and join the force. Yes, I joined the Police force so that I could have some protection. I could write a book so I understand and sympathize with you are going thru Ms. Gillett. Stay strong and God bless and protect you.

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