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Oct 21, 2015

U.D.P. Fires Back with ‘The Best is Yet to Come’

Where the P.U.P.’s manifesto, and manifesto launch are Spartan…the United Democratic Party hauled out all the stops with a forty-page fancy magazine type third term agenda. Their event was held in the comfort of the Biltmore where twenty-seven of thirty-one U.D.P. candidates were in attendance. Mike Rudon was there and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

With much ado and fanfare, the United Democratic Party today launched its 2015 manifesto entitled The Best Is Yet To Come. The forty page document which we believe is the longest political plan of action ever produced in Belize doesn’t only look forward…but also back on what the U.D.P. leader calls a tremendous feast, a cornucopia of great things that the U.D.P. has produced. But feast almost over, the U.D.P. is now looking primarily at improving service to the regular Belizean.


Dean Barrow

Dean Barrow, U.D.P. Leader

“We have been obsessed with the fact that while there is all this positive activity taking place, while we are able to point to the demonstration effect of the uplift that this United Democratic Party has presided over with respect to people’s lives, with respect to measurable improvement in the quality of life for all the citizens of this country, we recognize that in terms of the interface of the regular citizen with government there is a great deal that’s lacking, a great deal that’s left to be done.”


According to Barrow the complaints from Belizeans attempting to access government services is legion.


Dean Barrow

“We want to be sure that both from a business point of view, from an efficiency point of view and from a personal point of view we can retool, we can restructure, we can re-orient so that the interaction government to citizen, government to constituent, government to the business community, government to labour…all across the board there is now going to be the kind of change, the kind of improvement, the kind of transformation that will improve the delivery of services to the economy and much more importantly to Belizeans at the personal level.”


The U.D.P. manifesto also trots out the tried and true phrase ‘transparency and accountability.’ Barrow says that during the next term his party will utilize several tools to ensure that people know how their money is being spent. One of those is a Public Procurement Bill.


Dean Barrow

“What this will do is to set out very clearly the principles that must guide how government procures goods, works and services. These principles must guide not just the politicians but the public officials and must be there in order to act as a benchmarking sort of document, sort of vehicle, sort of facility. We’re also going to pass a public sector investment bill, and what this will seek to do is to promote a more efficient allocation of resources that government is investing with the aim of achieving benefits in the most cost-effective way possible. Then there’s going to be a public finance management bill that will ensure accountable, effective, efficient and economical management of the public finances of this country.”


The U.D.P. leader’s presentation focused on what he referred to as taking care of business where proper administration is concerned, though he points to plenty of sexiness in the manifesto as well.


Dean Barrow

“We have already shown that we can take care of sexiness. What we want to do is to ensure that ultimately, comprehensively, in an organic fashion, this government is demonstrating that it is taking care of business in respect to proper administration, proper governance, all around the washing bowl.”


Mike Rudon for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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8 Responses for “U.D.P. Fires Back with ‘The Best is Yet to Come’”

  1. Prig Minister, Ali BaBarrow says:

    The best thieving is yet to come.

    It has been a lot of fun.

    When the next election gets stolen, I am in for life.
    Any of my forty can be PM.
    As a pack of thieves we stand together to screw the nation.

  2. Saji says:

    This UDP government is in real business to fuel the debt of the Belizean society. Ashcroft is remunerating them very well. Imagine there deals. Petrocaribe? We have petro money from our wells, do we need to get into more debt? Personal wealth on Ministers? Can they show us a statement of their assets to show they have not enriched by being in power? These people are in a conspiracy to get us more in debt and have power over us. Wake up people. Elevate your consciousness.

  3. concerned says:

    My taxpayer dollars paid for this “sexiness”? This is scary.

  4. Primary Thief, Ali BaBarrow says:

    What we want to do is to ensure this government is demonstrating that it is taking care of business in respect to proper administration, proper governance, all around the washing bowl.

    The business of this government is criminality, sexy criminality.

    No crumb will be left. Every penny will be fleeced. The people of Belize will get what they deserve, a good sexy screwing.

    Pibil vertical tacos at Faber’s pool party. Sexy naked women are invited.

  5. Primary Thief, Ali BaBarrow says:

    Then there’s going to be a public finance management bill that will ensure accountable, effective, efficient and economical management of the public finances of this country.

    No more freelance thieving, I will get cut on every dollar stolen. I consider public finances to be my money.

    No more backdoor passports, it makes foreign criminals worry that the passports they buy at a premium are second class. The higher the premium, more efficient the passports will be issued.

    Criminals must be treated with respect, whether it be a baby-killing street gang member or a pedophile scumbag in a business suit. People must remember, they are the beneficiaries of efficient and economical management of the public finances of this country. They respect this country because they know it is criminal to bone, and sexy at that!

    I will personally set up a hotline to report thieving abuse. There are set formulas for kickbacks, stealing land titles, custom waivers, having charges dropped for murder, harassment, and framing people. This is based on ability to pay, skin color, nationality, age, political affiliation, and sexiness. I know that little thieves want to be big thieves, as admirable as this is, they must wait in line to steal. There are many mouths to feed, discipline is needed for effective governance.

  6. Patriot says:

    It’s purely cosmetic & rhetorical. All the so many bills Barrow now intends to pass could have been done in the years he’s wasted by calling early elections in his two terms (about 1 year in his first term & 1 1/3 years in his second term). Thus, No NEED to renew UDP mandate because the time adds up to close to half of a term in gov’t. The only rationale for seeking a new mandate by calling early election is to screw the hard working Belizeans & ballooning UDP corruption and nepotism. The worst is yet to come!

  7. Belizean Voter says:

    I done imagine the possibilities for one and that never really unfold to benefit the people just UDP first. Only the PM and family and their cronies benefit. People still living in abject poverty when it rains houses get flooded. They built streets with no drains, roads that do not lead nowhere to no created industries. They have fleeced BTL and BEL with the false excuse that its nationalization was for the benefit of the people yet we still are far behind nations in the Caribbean communication-wise. Not to mention phone credit being robbed and sold thru their own outlets particularly Mythion Solutions that a certain minister is owner. Yet they rack up the national debt spending tax-payers monies to fund bloated contracts to their cronies which in essence we are paying double the cost and plan to raise taxes on us the hard-working Belizean masses to repay these outrageous debts they have placed on Belizeans head with no regards for the poor. I sorry I will not vote for better is yet to come. I can only imagine things only will get better for them but not for us.

    Young, Smart and Proud Belizean Voter.

  8. Edwin Godoy says:

    Dean Barrow
    Is taking Belizeans for a joke
    A win for the U.D.P. is a win for
    Barrow and his family only,
    only his family is working making all the money,
    see his son get big job with him as he get dip from U.S.
    when some other artist could have gotten that same job Barrow gave it to his dip son
    and what dip for what, ask Dean Barrow about his son( shine)….

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