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Sep 8, 2015

American Murdered in Xaibe

John Ross

Up north, the body of a US national was found at his farm in Xaibe, Corozal on Monday by three men who went there to purchase sheep. It had multiple chop wounds and was dismembered. John Ross had been living at the farm for six years and from all accounts he seemed to be getting along well. But something went terribly wrong and he was viciously hacked to death. Three men are being questioned including his son. News Five’s Duane Moody reports.


Duane Moody, Reporting

An American national has been murdered in the Corozal district.  On Monday morning, the mutilated body of forty-nine year old John Ross was discovered at his farm in an isolated area of Xiabe Village in Corozal. Ross had been butchered with a machete just outside his house and today, the home remains opened and abandoned.


Peter Serano

On the Phone: ASP Peter Serano, Deputy O.C., Corozal Police

“Corozal police received information of an apparent dead body that was seen west of Xiabe village, Corozal District. Police immediately responded and on arrival at the scene, the lifeless body of a male person was seen lying face up on the ground in the yard beside his septic tank with what appears to be multiple chop wounds to the left neck, face and the right lower arm. The scene was processed and the body was transported to the Corozal Community Hospital.”


Ross was last seen alive on Saturday morning by neighbors as he travelled to Corozal Town to shop for groceries. The body was discovered on Monday by three men who went to his farm to purchase sheep.


Voice of: Man Who Discovered Body

“One of my cousins ask my uncle if he noh know where dehn sell sheep. So he tell we that dehn got wah white man on the sugar road and he has some sheep to sell. So we gone, but we mistake the road. When we come back now, we see wah old man on the side cleaning up the areas. So we ask the man if ih know weh wah white man weh sell sheep and thing. The old man say the road deh right yah so, at the corner of my worksite so unu could cross through and then right dah back the areas deh. So by the time we gone, we see lotta jankru on the trees and what’s not. But we noh pay it no mind. So when we reach at the yard, we see the sheep ina the coral weh dehn got deh right. So when we di hail and hail, nobody noh come out. then one ah my friend say, bwai see dah man dehn behind wah drum, maybe di man drop; go see weh happen to the man. So when we reach there, I tell ahn no bwai, this man dead. ih say but how? I say dah man chop up ina ih face and yo can’t recognize that man good. So he tell me well weh we wah do and I tell ahn best thing we call the police so they can take over the thing because we dah noh police. I just see his face chop up and he noh mi got wah arm…so one of his hand to now the polcei noh find it. I noh know if dehn gone back ina di even and find it—I noh know what happened afterwards—because the same moment the police move, the same time we moved too.”


Three persons are presently in police custody. News Five has confirmed that a caretaker, who worked with Ross as well as his son, twenty-three year old Chris Ross and a third person has been detained pending the outcome of the investigation. It is not known, however, why the retired US national, who has been living in Xaibe for the past six years, was hacked to death.


ASP Peter Serano

“We are not too sure how long he has been living in that area, but definitely well over three years.”


Duane Moody

“Is police anywhere close to solving this latest murder in Corozal?”


ASP Peter Serano

“Well as is, it is a young investigation; we are doing all we can do and like I said, we have three persons detained and those persons are being questioned as we speak.”


Duane Moody

“Sir, has the murder weapon been retrieved?”


ASP Peter Serano

“No, not as yet.”


Duane Moody

“A motive for the crime so far….I know it is still in its initial stages, but any motive as to why someone would hack this man to death?”


ASP Peter Serano

“We haven’t ascertained that as yet.”


Ross’s wife is currently in the U.S. and has since been notified of his murder. Duane Moody for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “American Murdered in Xaibe”

  1. Rod says:

    Don’t come to Belize you tourist or you will come to surely die their is no law in this country anymore ever since this pm and gov have been in office we are now APPROCHING 6000 murders since they have been in office but I am convinced now that belizeans are cowards they see with their own eyes what’s happening in this country and they just sit back and do nothing what a bunch of cowards.

  2. Hatari says:

    Our Ministry of National Security needs to get their act together, now!. Our murder rate is unacceptable. Belize has a gaping hole in the fabric of our society. Generations of undisciplined and aimless youth mixed with the inability of our government to arrest this whirlwind has created the perfect criminal storm . . . which we are weathering now.

  3. observer says:

    Has anyone done a investigation on how many crimes against US citizens & Canadians are unsolved or no convictions in the last since 2008? and they still give us AID ?

  4. joe says:

    The people of Belize don’t care who dies as long as it is not one of there own. GOB on the other hand seems to not give a S*&t about it, they use it as a distraction. A small notion and the killing is out of control. The only way it could change is if one of GOB (UDP)people is the victim. I like wise advise any tourist, not to come to Belize.

  5. Amy smith says:

    This man was my brother. There was no reason why anyone should kill him so brutally he had no enemies and he mostly kept to himself. I pray that anybody who has information speaks up for justice for my brother. The only motive I can possibly think of may have been money.and just so everyone knows his son, my nephew Christopher Ross has been released from police custody. He is not being held as a suspect. I called the police station myself and verified that he was no longer in custody although that is all they would tell me.

  6. dean dog barrow says:

    It’s am irony how a barking dog like dean dof barrow is the prime minister of such a lovely country. ..we as Belizean must put all the dogs on leash, otherwise this killing will not stop.

  7. Cathie says:

    Six months. No longer a “young” investigation. No news. No progress.
    Murders and had kings continue.

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