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Aug 18, 2015

“Shame on U.D.P. Government!” – Francis Fonseca on Sarstoon Confrontation

Following an incident in the Sarstoon between the Guatemalan military and a group led by the Belize Territorial Volunteers on Sunday, the People’s United Party has condemned the actions of Guatemala. Claiming that five vessels carrying Belizeans were trespassing in Guatemalan waters, senior Guatemalan naval officers attempted to forcefully stop those vessels. The government has not even acknowledged that there was indeed an incident, but the Opposition has come out swinging. Today, P.U.P. leader Francis Fonseca demanded that G.O.B. seek an apology from the Guatemalan government by way of a diplomatic note, a full explanation of their actions and a commitment that those actions will not be repeated. Fonseca says that the government has fallen down big time.


Francis Fonseca

Francis Fonseca, P.U.P. Leader

“We experience shame. Shame in our Belize government that failed in its most fundamental of duties, most fundamental of its obligations – the protection of its citizens and the protection and preservation of our nation state…shame on this U.D.P. government, shame on Prime Minister Barrow, shame on Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, shame on the Minister of National Security John Saldivar. If this U.D.P. government cannot stand up for and protect its citizens, Belizean citizens, if they refuse to protect and defend our territory, then they are useless and they must go. We want peace, and this has always been the position of the People’s United Party. We want peace with Guatemalan. And we must always work together to achieve that peace. But it must be based on respect, not on fear and intimidation and certainly not on appeasement.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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10 Responses for ““Shame on U.D.P. Government!” – Francis Fonseca on Sarstoon Confrontation”

  1. rudy says:

    For once i agree with Fonseca, the Belize government was disgrace on not standing up and defending those Belizean …what’s next the Guatemalan will come into Belize and just take it over…WHAT A COWARD GOVERNMENT,,, POWER TO THE PEOPLE..

  2. Rod says:

    Am glad to see at least you have seen a woman with balls that’s what this pm and gov. Doesn’t have this gov only has balls to beat and kill their own citizens 9

  3. truth says:


  4. Open paki says:

    And WHERE WAS FRANCIS FONSECA IN ALL OF THIS??? He didn’t even go … nor did the PUP send an OFFICIAL representative. So, while the UDP GOB is not defending Belize, he is as bad, because he is sitting from his comfy chair and criticizing, …. where was he??? Where was his party??? So, we currently have a ball-less GOB and the next in line is as coward… Do Belize and Belizeans really have an option??? Seems not!!!

  5. CEO says:

    We cannot all be there all at once and we cannot all do the same things but I / we expect those who have sworn to protect and defend our constitution would at least speak out against this mess!

    All can give some and some may give all before this all gets settled!

    We all have a voice so lets use that. If our elected guys are going to remain silent in aggression let us, the common man, unite and show the rest of the world how the Guatemalans are behaving. In the end I hope that there will come a point when those that are charged with our defense will at least speak out with some vehemence against this external aggression.

  6. CEO says:

    No politics should be included in this crisis. This is aggression against the country we all love and we should unite and stick to the facts.

  7. Rod says:

    Open paki we happen you no got brains or eyes you never see a pup women there representing the pup open your eyes and your brain no wonder our country is in the mess its in because open paki and truth are udp lovers and they can’t see how this corrupt impotent gov is taking the belizeans into the dirt box with them damm unu open unu eyes.

  8. Belizeanknight says:

    Good evening my beautiful Belizean people. I see a future where Guatemala slowly but surely continues to encroach upon our sovereign land. Where this tactic of continuous provocation and unprovoked harassment, be escalated into out right violence. All for the purpose of bringing war to our shores, and to further gain access to more of our natural resources. Whenever there is an election or out right corruption is brought to light on a Guatemalan official; as is their custom, they bring this fictitious claim on world recognized Belize. Who then must face a barrage of unnecessary stress. What then is the solution to this rhetoric of theirs. This game of thrones they attempt to play with Belizean lives. Must we fight amongst ourselves and be divided and conquered, or unite against the common enemy. For the enemy of mine enemy is my friend. “We the people or me di Belizean”. For as the Lord said “a house that is divided shall soon crumble”. Who among you is smarter than my LORD. Let’s instead do as our brave forefathers the baymen has done before us, and arise as one ye sons. Put on our armors and clear the land. Drive back these tyrants and let despots flee, for this is as I was thought, The land of the free!
    I am not advocating for war with just guns, for we are outnumbered and out-gunned, but war with our wits and our God given common sense. Let’s turn this thing back on them and get all those who recognized Belize as a sovereign nation to speak up on our behalf. We must take the risk as well with our bodies as a nation, if necessary as was shown by those Belizean hero’s the BTV members who fearlessly faced a pack of harassing hyenas. This vital work must not only be done by the brave few, but by the powerful multitude. With the full support of our elected leaders and the elite members of our armed forces. This United front against a sham of a claim would stand no chance of gaining any traction in any court or neighboring land of worth. For the truth shall set us free. We must then stand firm in our resolve as one nation one Belize, and see these foolishly repeated annual attempts be sternly defeated for Good. Let’s put aside then our politics, whatsoever your inclinations are and instead of being the divided few be the mighty United-Belizean many. For if God be for us, then who can stand against us. The truth is on our side.
    Good night my beautiful Belizean people. Stay fighting, just be sure your fighting the right ones.

  9. BelizeanInAsia says:

    I agree with CEO. There should be no politics in this. Belize for the Belizeans!

  10. T30 says:

    Are we all prepared to bare arms when it is called for? are we all prepared to stand and fight instead of living on your knees? the military are just pawns on the board. the governments are the players. people criticise the military not realizing that we are only obeying orders. if we are told to stand down , we stand down. You as a civilian would you abide by that? or would you fight when they tell you to fight? I am a patriot and i love my country, even thought i would fight and die for it i understand and accept that Guatemala’s military overwhelms our own. So far we seem to stand alone!! I mean we the people stand alone! our government completely abandon our claim as a sovereign countries. The O.A.S has taken our country to court! our government don’t seem to have a saying on it. Our BELIZE is Belize! it is not a wana be country! the world has recognize it and there’s no need for us to go to trial to show it is. Why does every time the Guatemalan government changes this issues arise? There politics shouldn’t affect our Belize! then why does the government allows it to affect us? We are alone! our identity as a Belizean is at risk. I have heard cowards say they rather leave Belize if war was to happen! you traitors! you leeches! if you don’t love Belize then go now! if you don’t love your standard of living then go! go to the US and living the american dream and see how that will work for you! Say Hi to Trump when you go there see how he treats you. There’s no place like home and i rather die here than to go where i am not wanted!

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