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Jul 13, 2015

Hope Creek Cops Gun Down Running Man

Leopold Myvette

A man was shot and killed by police officers in Hope Creek over the weekend. There a questions surrounding his death. Police say that the man pointed a gun at them and they responded with bullets- to the shoulder, abdomen and thigh – which fatally wounded the construction worker. But just how much forced was needed for the man to retreat? Family and eyewitnesses say the force that was used was excessive and that the number of bullets was unjustified. Well, it’s a tale of police versus eye-witnesses. Police say they have retrieved a point forty caliber firearm- the one that was allegedly pointed at them- was it loaded? We went south today to speak with the family and the witnesses. Here is our report.


Andrea Polanco, Reporting

The circumstances surrounding the death of twenty-eight-year-old Leopold Myvette are still unclear. The account from Dangriga Police and those from multiple eyewitnesses differ in several aspects. But what we do know at this time is that Myvette was shot and killed on Saturday night. The family only heard the shots.


Jez Lizama, Niece of the deceased

“Same time the gunshots buss out. The gun shot sound like a whole belt of pop shot. After that we start lock up house and she peep and she say the police deh deh. As she say that same time my lee bredda come and he say Jez mommy di holla fi you and say mek yuh come and I ask ah weh mommy deh and he say by the bar deh shot Uncle Brownie.  I think the shooting was intentional and deh frame ah. Dah set up deh set up ah.”


Andrea Polanco

“Do you know if he had any problems with one of the police or any issues with the police down here in Dangriga?”


Jez Lizama

Jez Lizama

“No, ma’am. Because he dah nuh from yah. He dah from Belize. He mi di work pahn construction dah Belize and look like deh finish the road so he just come down yah until when deh start fix a next street dah Belize. Inna sense dah like he move from Belize because of the gun and the thing deh, not knowing that he come down yah suh  and ih sad that dah by the law.”


Danielle Burns, Niece

“My ma come with him inna the ambulance from Dangriga. The doctor say ih get one inna ih foot, one inna chest, one inna like ih side weh rupture ih heart, lungs and everything suh ih no even mi live long. The doctor even says that ih dah mi wah fighter because normally gunshot like that ih dead pahn the spot. But he fight it all the way till he reach the Belmopan and half an hour more ih dead.”


Myvette, according to friends and family, was at Fuentes Bar in Hope Creek Village. He was inside playing pool for a short while and was standing on the side of the street when the police arrived.


Witness #1

“We mi di have a good time. We mi di have fun. We neva have no problem or nothing. We were hanging out, playing pool together. We come out of the bar and we were hanging out there.”


Witness #2

“We not even have five minutes di sit down deh when the police arrive. When the police arrived deh nuh even identify themselves as police. Deh just say freeze nobody move. The young man mi deh pahn the street and deh nuh even tell the young man nothing. Deh just start fire shots after the man. From deh when the man start jump inna the  air the man mussie feel a bullet ketch and the man start to  run and the still mi di fire after ah. Afterwards deh continue to chase after the man and I neva did see again if deh ketch the man or what.”


Andrea Polanco

“And he run?”


Witness #2

“Yeah he run and from deh the police come back fi the vehicle and deh ker the man.  Dah mi four ah wi mi deh deh. I see everything weh happen- not exactly everything-but I see weh gone on when the police come out and gone on to the man.”


Andrea Polanco

“How many police, more or less?”


Witness #2

Danielle Burns, Niece

“It was unjustified because you done shot him in his foot the first time. Why continue to shoot him? My uncle dah nuh wah animal fi get shot up like that. He nuh deserve this. This is unjustified.”


Andrea Polanco

“Are you able to recall how many shots more or less you heard fired that night?”


Witness #2

“Well, I can’t recall how many shots but ih gone off more than ten times. Dah like when yuh light up wah pack ah pop shot ih gone just like that quick thing.”


Andrea Polanco

“Would you say it seemed intentional that they wanted to kill him?”


Witness #2

“I would say yes because if deh mi si the man done get shot deh mi could stop fire and arrest the man but they still continue fire after the man.”


So, where will this family turn next? They say Myvette’s death must not go unpunished.


Danielle Burns, Niece

“We as family and villagers, we wah mek sure we seek justice. This nuh gwein like this. I know weh I di tell unu. This nuh gwein like this. We wah mek sure we seek justice fi dis. Deh have our family inna sorrow, pain. I feel it fi my ma weh suffer from pressure because right now dah only pressure pills have ah up. The police weh call police fi my ma, not dat we dah wah family of revenge or evil people, but I just wish deh live with this guilt fi di rest ah deh life.”


Reporting for News Five, I am Andrea Polanco.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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  1. MNHG says:

    send those brave killers to defend the border, see of they have BALLS and they don`t shit their pants !!!

  2. Rod says:

    More killing by this corrupt pm and gov how many people will have to die before you duncy rass belizeans wake up your pm and gov is killing you wake up March.

  3. yazzy says:

    R.I.P brownie ! will miss you!

  4. judge noone! says:

    will miss you brownie!

  5. rudebwy says:

    my view is this,if you are such a peaceful civilian,what are you doing with a .40cal shooter in the first place…next thing if you say you heard so many shots,it was certain that shots were fired by the police,why is it that people are so gullible to believe that he didnt fire any shots,or nobody is willing to say that he himself fired at the police? a man of peace does not go out to a bar carry a weapon like that,A lot of these guys go around comitting crimes and run down to places like these to escape their doings and when they pay the price its then that the family will try to make them seem innocent and talk about excessive force on the police..NOT THAT AM SAYING THAT THEIR FORCE IS JUSTIFIABLE OR NOT,but what im saying is IF I KNEW HE HAD A GUN OR I HAD A TIP THAT HE HAD A WEAPON AND HE EVEN ATTEMPTED TO DRAW IT AT ME I WOULD HAVE RIDDLED HIM WITH BULLETS TOO!!

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