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Jun 30, 2015

Julius Espat Says House Speaker is a U.D.P. Agent

Julius Espat

When the P.U.P. lost its national audience in the House last Friday, they made up for it with a fiery impromptu press session outside. We’ve brought you much of what was said on a variety of critical issues including Santa Cruz and the explosive Melvin Hulse recording and resignation. But there was still more, including a pointed attack on Speaker of the House Michael Peyrefitte. Peyrefitte made the unprecedented move to order Police to remove parliamentarian Senator Patrick Andrews from the gallery. P.U.P. Deputy Leader Julius Espat told News Five that where the government is concerned, the Speaker’s actions are par for the course.


Julius Espat, Deputy Leader, P.U.P.

“He wants to participate in the debate but what he does not realize is to participate in the debate he has to be elected. He tried it once and he knows what he got. And that’s why I am saying the Speaker is biased…the Speaker is an agent of Barrow and that is what we have here right now. And I have no problem saying that quite clearly. Secondly, the Prime Minister is going about shutting up freedom of speech, freedom of action for the Belizean people to defend themselves. You guys here are part of it. If you rise up and speak the truth against the Prime Minister you will be sanctioned as others have. The People’s United Party in there is sanctioned. The unions when they rise up are sanctioned. Members of the Chamber when they rise up…they deal with their businesses. The Prime Minister does whatever it takes for him to reach a third term. I mi deh inna Gungulung di other day gawn visit one of my friends, and you know weh they tell me…they seh da third term Prime Minister want? Dah noh third term ih wah get, dah jail term ih wah get. That’s what we are facing. We are facing because the Prime Minister has passed a law and is now amending the law to protect himself from criminal charges because he more than anybody else understands what will happen. It might not happen today, but it will happen.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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6 Responses for “Julius Espat Says House Speaker is a U.D.P. Agent”

  1. Timber says:

    Even though you said it out of vexation Julius, I long knew that Michael was handpicked because he was more partial to the UDP. But, like I have questioned before, what will the PUP do about all these improprieties you’ve been crying about when you get into power? Don’t cry about it and make the same mistakes that UDP is doing because the people might not be so forgiving. I’ve also stated that some of you in PUP have to go. Some of the same hustlers are still around and some of the new ones have bad intentions. Choose decent and educated people to support you and make the public see your support mechanisms leading up to elections. I’m saying this as being more partial to PUP. Belize will not tolerate your b.s. as long as they did for UDP.

  2. Ali BaBarrow & his 40 say, screw the Mayans says:

    “dah jail term ih wah get”

    We all know what this means.
    We know what we are facing.

    It can only end one of three ways.

  3. Ali BaBarrow & his 40 say, screw the Mayans says:

    1) Civil war,
    while Emperor Barrow clings to power; maybe till he dies, 5-10-20-40 years from now; like Mugabe in Zimbabwe, another common wealth country. Don’t count on Ashcroft, Cameron or the UK/US to fix this slow sinking ship. No magic bullet, things get very bad, things get ugly, great suffering for the nation. Nobody pays taxes, The Mordida funds the government, business chokes, tourism stops, and education dies.

    Maybe Toledo breaks away because crime is so great in Belize, Belmopan and the other districts. The BDF can’t control it and the government goes broke. BDF goes from less than 2000 to less than 200. The Rich are Rich and the poor are less than dirt. Nobody wants to live in this hell hole, nobody can get out.

    At the end of it, maybe no nation left, gobbled up by Mexico or Guatemala, or becomes a narco-cartel Zeta state.

  4. Ali BaBarrow & his 40 say, screw the Mayans says:

    2) UDP Criminals are put in prison
    The high ups are found guilty of treason by reason of high corruption and exceptional criminal behavior. Below these traitors are just plain criminals guilty of felonies and misdemeanors; they looked the other way while their bosses destroyed Belize. The crimes of the last eight years are quite large, trials in the courts will go on for years. With all the stolen money they hire the best attorneys to get them off. Meantime now, the UDP will pass laws, repeal laws, and do whatever to get out of future jail and fines, doing their best to keep their ill gotten goods. They will have pibil parties to buy votes, friends and favor. They will start new businesses to show they are concerned about jobs for the working man. They will play the odds they get off, Belize justice sucks, murderers get off, what are the real odds they will be sent to prison before they die?

  5. Ali BaBarrow & his 40 say, screw the Mayans says:

    3) Fleeing rats leave Belize
    The top thieves have stolen millions. They know the game is up. They have been working the Belize offshore accounts getting those cuts on a steady basis for years, they know how to hide money and what countries will take them on permanent tourist visas, like when Interpol wanted Mello for gang hitman murders, they know how to be bribed and who to bribe, they can dodge legal bullets on the international circuit, they got pounds, dollars and euros to do their talking.

    The lesser criminals, the ones working under them, who can’t afford to leave and buy a Penner Passport in another country, they are stuck. They might turn witness against their former masters, rat out a fellow government worker to avoid jail time. They will play the odds they get off, Belize justice sucks, murderers get off, what are the real odds they will be sent to prison before they die?

  6. Ali BaBarrow & his 40 say, screw the Mayans says:

    UDP has passed a law and is now amending the law to protect themselves from criminal charges, because Ali the chief thief, more than anybody else understands what will happen.

    As a skilled lawyer, he knows he must destroy the evidence like with the passport scandal; POOF!!! Government records? Never existed, but if found they are secret and criminal to possess. Witnesses to crimes will to testify, they won’t last, they make the best scapegoats and public fools worthy of ridicule, even their families will turn against them when the money is good.

    All the thieves must toe the line and obey his decrees, or they will become the scapegoats going to prison for the crimes committed in cabinet.

    Anyone, including their own, are expendable. The country is expendable, it is all about greed, power and self delusion as to why they are doing it. They say: to make Belize great and they can get away with it because no one can stop them.

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