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Jun 29, 2015

Mahogany Heights Resident Murdered Over the Weekend

Desmond Usher

The last time Desmond Usher, a Mahogany Heights, Belize District, resident was seen alive was on Friday night. The handyman, who is the brother of Leonard “Ghost” Meyers, left his common-law-wife at her mother’s house with a promise that he would soon be back, but he never did. Usher’s body was found this morning by a party of relatives and friends in a bushy area in the outskirts of Mahogany Heights. The Usher family believes he was lured to his murder by someone he knew. Duane Moody reports.


Duane Moody, Reporting

Since the discovery of the body of twenty-three year old Desmond Usher in an overgrown area of the Mahogany Heights Community, family and friends, including residents who assisted in a search gathered as police and scenes of crime personnel processed the scene of the latest homicide in that community. The partially decomposing and bruised body of Usher was found about a quarter mile off the main dirt road to the reservoir in the community sometime around eight-thirty a.m.  The body was discovered by Usher’s brother and a friend.


Voice of: Cecil Usher, Brother of Murder Victim

“So I come up yah and everybody gather up with ladies and men. We cross a creek and we meet this well. I finally tell them we gwen behind the reservoir cause it is the only side we noh search and thing so we come behind. We search from all the way so, cross wah big creek and jump across that and come cross. We look in the sky and when I look I see two jankru. I tell mi lee bwai that look like wah sign. You go right and I gwen left. I cut cross and he cut cross the next side and I watch the trail. I said, bwai, something look fishy. So we walk and we see where my bredda like ih di fight fi ih life and thing. So I tell my lee bwai check ina that propter right there cause I gwen so. My lee bwai check and say bwai yo bredda deh yah. The condition weh I see my bredda ina…I know dehn beat my bredda ina ih face and thing; blood di come through ih mouth. My bredda face swell up and all kinda thing.”



“Any other injuries on the body?”


Voice of: Cecil Usher

“Well we…I tell my lee bwai noh go close to the body cause we noh want dehn say nobody touch the body. So I just run out and say make we go get fi we rest of bredda and hail them and thing.”


“Mumuch,” as he was affectionately known by family and friends, was last seen alive on Friday night. Sometime after eight p.m., he reportedly received a phone call from a female friend who also resides in Mahogany Heights. That would be the last that they’d hear from him.


Voice of: Sherima Neal, Common-law wife of Murder Victim

“I noh sure if I was the last person to see ahn, but when I see ahn Friday about eight-thirty the night; ih come, bring thing fi I eat cause I mi deh dah my ma house and ih say get ready cause I di come back for you and we gwen home. I deh deh the wait and ih noh return. So I start to get worried, but I mi like got wah feeling that something wrong cause he woulda neva tell me get ready and noh come back.”


Neal would then contact all Usher’s relatives in search of her common-law-husband. On Saturday, Cecil along with other relatives and friends would travel from the city to Mahogany Heights and begin a thorough search of the community; two days later, the body would be discovered. The police, according to relatives, did not assist in the search and only arrived this morning to process the scene.


Voice of: Sherima Neal

“Everybody come out who volunteered to come and search for him without the help of no police. No police mi deh back yah with we. We mi deh back yah from five di look. We deh back yah early di look, di search and we find ahn. It hurt, fi me find ahn like that. I neva expect it.”


Duane Moody

“Talk to us about what you saw?”


Voice of: Sherima Neal

“When I get back there, I noh know who woulda drag somebody way back there to kill them. We di go back there and we di slip down and drop ina puddle of holes. So I noh know, dehn did their best though. They take away somebody who we mi love.”


Voice of: Cecil Usher

“It really sad for me right now cause my bredda left two pickney and one on the way. How you think I fi feel ina this right now? Saturday morning I get wah call from my family and tell me that my bredda missing from Friday. Saturday morning, I just get one week holiday weh I ask my boss for and this dah weh I come through? Meet a sad day like this? Wah day like this I noh feel how I fi feel fi this. I di search whole day yesterday, all through rain and everything. We end up all the way to the dumpsite, come right down and we noh find nothing. And six o’clock we say we wah give up. We gwen home now. I catch my bus and I tell gramps tomorrow six o’clock early I wah deh up ya cause I have to find my bredda.”


Desmond had been living in Mahogany Heights with his common-law wife for over three years now. He had two kids and one on the way. So who would want him dead and why? Or did he receive any threats on his life? His family believes that he was lured and killed by persons he knew.


Voice of: Sister of Murder Victim

“He noh di nothing to nobody. He dah noh wah trouble persons because he coward. He coward so he noh wah do nothing to nobody. He dah wah person weh work. He might noh have wah steady job, but he do weh he gotta do fi feed fi he pickney. He sell fi he weed and make sure his pickney eat every day. He noh fass with nobody.”


Voice of: Cecil Usher

“It really sad cause I noh see weh my bredda do. Weh my breda do? My bredda noh kill nobody; my bredda noh rob nobody. Weh my bredda do dah Heights? Everybody know my bredda; Mumuch dah handyman. So why dehn kill my bredda? I figure dah somebody right from the village. It have to be…ina the way it has to be a woman or some [bleep] sorry to curse, but it frustrating ina life right now. The way how life, you really have to know how to live life right now cause yo own friends turn around and hurt yo.”


Voice of: Sister of Murder Victim

“He mi got wah close friend weh dah mi wah gial. She call ahn. So when she call ahn, ih left and gone and that was it.”


Duane Moody

“She was the last person he spoke with?”


Voice of: Sister of Murder Victim

“Yes. So she know exactly. She knows exactly weh gone on.”


Duane Moody

“She is a resident of Mahogany Heights?”


Voice of: Sister of Murder Victim

“She lives up here. Dehn dah close friends.”


Duane Moody

“So you think she maybe led him to his death?”


Voice of: Sister of Murder Victim

“Yes, I believe dah she.”


One person has been taken into custody. Duane Moody for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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