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Jun 10, 2015

Godwin Hulse on Patrick’s Petrocaribe Bash

Earlier today, when we caught up with Minister Hulse, we couldn’t resist asking the very straight-laced for his input on the Patrick Faber Petrocaribe-funded political pibil fest. Faber has come under sustained fire for stating openly that twenty-two busloads of his supporters from Collet were treated to a beach bash in Corozal, complete with tacos, pibil, barbecue, free drinks and a live band – courtesy of Petrocaribe. Hulse got into a convoluted explanation on Petrocaribe money versus the consolidated fund, but when all that was done admitted, in a roundabout obscure way, that once upon a time he would have objected to the Petrocaribe spree.


Godwin Hulse, Minister of Immigration

“There needs to be some structural clarity with what Petrocaribe is from the beginning to the end so that people understand. One of the things about Petrocaribe that we have to understand…there’s no such thing as some sort of special Petrocaribe somewhere money that is being used. It’s part of money that goes into the Consolidated Fund and the Consolidated Fund has its wide uses as approved in Government’s budget and supplementary budget. So Petrocaribe money flows into that fund the same way tax money goes in there, GST money flows in there and any other money flows into that fund. And then it’s disbursed through the various appropriations that have been approved. So when the Prime Minister…this Mother’s Day money and all of these monies that are given out are part of that flow that are recorded through supplementaries, etc. so it’s hard to say okay, they gawn dip into Petrocaribe because you could also say this is part of GST money or this is part of Business Tax money because it’s all a flow into the Consolidated Fund and a flow out of the Consolidated Fund into these various programs. They didn’t take special money and give any of the representatives. It comes out of the Ministry of Human Development which is part of a flow out of the Consolidated Fund and we need to understand that concept. We have to be very clear about the use of funds and transparency because they are two different things. One can criticize the use of funds. One can say oh it shouldn’t be used for this or it shouldn’t be used for that but remember that use of funds is something that is determined by government and determined by budgets that go to the National Assembly, and we could criticize the use of funds in lots of ways. What we cannot criticize is that there is any non-transparency in the use, and I wanted to make that difference.”


Godwin Hulse

Mike Rudon

“Sir you said one can criticize, but do you criticize the use of that funds…be it Consolidated Funds or Petrocaribe funds to be used for a one day outing in Corozal for a certain sector of a constituency?”


 Godwin Hulse

“Why did I know that question would come? If I were outside the Cabinet of Belize, you would have heard my view on it. I am inside the Cabinet of Belize and Cabinet works collectively, so any decision that’s made by Cabinet with respect to finances, etc. I support.”


Mike Rudon

“I’m not asking you Cabinet’s decision. I am asking your opinion.”


Godwin Hulse

“You can’t do that to me man. How can I give you my decision when I am inside the team? When I was outside the team that’s a different thing! I’m inside the team. So my view outside the team doesn’t count. When I’m outside the team that’s a different view! I’m inside the team and that’s how it works.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “Godwin Hulse on Patrick’s Petrocaribe Bash”

  1. Ali BaBarrow says:

    party on!! pibil style.

    Let’s get drunk like the minister of edutainment, and elect the mofos for fo-mos

    visas and passports 90% off, cash only. Belizeans not apply.

  2. Voice of Reason says:

    He cannot give his opinion because he is on the inside team? Really? We can’t say the pibil feast was paid for by Petro Caribe because it may have been GST or Business Tax funds used to pay for the bashment? I mean seriously? Anyone else tired of being pissed on?

  3. Evad says:

    Patrick is a good politician. Good politicians understand that to stay in power they need to take care of their people and keep them distracted with free entertainment, free drinks and free food.

  4. orangewalkeño says:

    The words of Minister Hulse is no good anymore. So sad. I use to believe him.

  5. Kishore makhijani says:


  6. NOJOCH says:

    Honest enough to admit that he is a part of the team of corruption… you have fallen real low my friend, sad what greed can do ….

  7. Trec says:

    The way I read his response is quite the opposite – he is against it but because he is part of the Cabinet, he cannot say otherwise. That’s money from the Consolidated Funds where are tax payers money is deposited into – so again, he is saying yes we should be questioning it.

    Just that their form of “accounting” for it is not valid. Their form of “accounting” is telling us we splurged on partying and paying for favours and you can’t do anything about it!

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