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May 20, 2015

Grieving Daughter of Teakettle Murder Victim Speaks

Amireah Signorino

Who killed the two American nationals in Teakettle Village? It has been a couple days since forty six year old Julian Jones and sixty one year old Paul Signorino were brutally murdered, and there haven’t been any details by the police on any significant lead. It is still very much a painful and raw spot for villagers and the relatives of the men brutally chopped to death on Friday night. Signorino’s daughter reached out to the media online saying that her dad was a plumber living in Valley of Peace and died while making a living when he working on Jones’ property. We got in touch with her today via phone and she says that the killer was spotted by someone:


VIA PHONE: Amireah Signorino, Daughter of the deceased

“One of his friends in Belize offered him to get some time away there in Belize and my father just fell in love with it two years ago and decided to retire down there.”


Andrea Polanco

“What did he like about Belize?”


VIA PHONE: Amireah Signorino

“Everything. The people. The food. He said everybody down there just so friendly and the scenery. He loved the scenery.”


Andrea Polanco

“Did he ever talk to you about the crime? The violence that has been taking place here in Belize and did he ever feel concerned about his personal safety?”


VIA PHONE: Amireah Signorino

“You know, I asked him that. He said no. He said there were areas you don’t want to go to at night, but other than that he wasn’t really worried about.”


Andrea Polanco

“So, it never occurred to you, or dawned on you that something this terrible would happen to him.”


VIA PHONE: Amireah Signorino

“No. Never ever. He was so happy down there and he said he was in a good area”


Andrea Polanco

“Does it change the way you think about Belize or about people’s safety in retiring here?”


VIA PHONE: Amireah Signorino

“Visiting Belize? Yes.”


Andrea Polanco


VIA PHONE: Amireah Signorino,

“You know at this point we don’t want to. I guess I have an idea of who did this and his face was seen by somebody. I heard that the man who did it was an angry man. I am not sure how he is associated with the Julian guy. I believe my father was just at Julian’s doing some work, some plumbing. I don’t believe the man was angry with my father.”


Andrea Polanco

“He was just at the wrong place, at the wrong time?”


VIA PHONE: Amireah Signorino

“Yeah. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. The way he behaved towards Julian, it sounded like he had a vengeance towards Julian”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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6 Responses for “Grieving Daughter of Teakettle Murder Victim Speaks”

  1. Eye in the Sky says:

    Belize is always the wrong place at the wrong time.

    tourists stay away, do not belive the b.s. that the BTB tries to brainwash you with

    Belize is a dangerous murderous place

  2. Belizean Soul says:

    She was being WAY TOO POLITE! I moved back to the USA 4 years ago & am appalled at the violence in Belize. I used to say I would live in Belize until I died, but I did not mean this week!!

  3. Liberty & Freedom says:

    Crime happens everywhere, even in countries like Switzerland. It all depends on how much the GOB allows Police to do their job.Belize is a great country with mostly good people. I know Teakettle Village. There are “gangs” hanging around the downtown area. You do not go to Arizona (just beyond Teakettle on the road to ATM cave). Many illegals live back there. I am quite certain that the US Embassy is working with Police to find the perpetrator. Ms. Signorino needs to press the US Embassy for resolution of the horrible crime. Since GOB is a socialist country, the death penatly does not exist. Too bad. This piece of garbage deserves an “eye for an I” justice. One more thing about the Police. They have a highly trained unit called “Special Branch” – let them do what they do best…….

  4. Rustyironpipe says:

    I was born and raised in Belize. I now live in Texas, this is now my home. My wife and kids wants to go and know where I was born and raised. I TELL THEM ” HELL NO “!!!… as much as I love the country. It is absolutely dangerous. I work with hundreds of people that wants to visit Belize. I tell them…visit at your own risks…the violence is out of control….

  5. CEO says:

    This is sad and I hope it would never happen to anyone but to bash an entire country because of one unfortunate situation is pretty ignorant. I remember the when Belize was perhaps the safest place on the earth. I grew up there with zero fear.

    Unfortunately tourists get killed all over the world every day including America so based on the above comment the worlds is a dangerous and murderous place!

  6. rustyironpipe says:

    Obviously CEO hadn’t been in touch with Belize news lately….”because of one unfortunate situation is pretty ignorant” REALLY??? ….Almost daily murders all over the country… this is not a “Tourist Thing” this is Belizeans killing Belizeans and anybody else in their path!!!! WAKE UP….I too remember when Belize was the safest place on earth…..Just not anymore…

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