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Mar 5, 2015

P.U.P. Admits Lack of Campaign Finance Hurt Its Chances in Municipals

Francis Fonseca

Fonseca says that the Party will now be calling in councillor candidates and Standard Bearers in the municipalities to carry out an analysis of the devastating loss with a view to moving forward. The P.U.P. blames its performance on Wednesday primarily on the political pilfering of Petrocaribe money, and also on the use of government resources countrywide. But Fonseca acknowledges that the party currently lacks the financial resources to compete adequately.


Francis Fonseca, P.U.P. Leader

“We went into this election with our eyes wide open. We understood that there was a huge imbalance in terms of resources. We have consistently said, and I have consistently said, that I believe that the line between the government treasury and the U.D.P. coffers has virtually disappeared, and I think that should be an issue of legitimate concern for all Belizeans. People say, well, whoever is in government travels that road…but I don’t think that the road we are on is one that we have travelled before. I think this is unprecedented use of public resources for political purposes. But we can’t cry over it. There’s no time for whining over the issue. We have to get up and fight, and as I said in my opening statement, we went into this election and for us we were still hopeful that money would not be as big a factor as it turned out to be. But you know we understand that we have to have…and that is just one issue. We are not saying that is the issue. We have to determine ways of putting in place a very comprehensive campaign financing program for our party. That is the reality. We need more money than we have now to adequately and properly fight these elections, and I believe that we will be able to do so.”

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6 Responses for “P.U.P. Admits Lack of Campaign Finance Hurt Its Chances in Municipals”

  1. De says:

    This selfish bastard needs to resign. His name is the reason nobody will vote for them. Nobody will support a Fonseca/Musa party again . They need to get rid of both of them for good. But that’s what selfish power hogs do, they refuse to surrender the reign for the betterment of the whole.
    They need to install Cordel Hyde as the new Party leader and move forward from there. That’s the only way they will bring back support. Its not that they lost to the UDP, the numbers clearly shows that the majority of the electoral voters do not support the DICTATOR and his tyrants. If I read that right only 48 percent of the electorates voted. That’s 52%, the majority did not bother to go waste their time. And even though that visualize hopelessness, I agree with them. Giving that 52% a better alternative, will be more that enough to rid the country of this pestilence that is the UDP, having them keep what they garnered in this one.

  2. Joe Blank says:

    Part of the job of a party leader is to find money. Simple. Our problem is the Musa family and too many Arabs in the party. These things are not said because we have become a party of wimps hiding under our beds. Second of all, the PUP pursued a “Southside Strategy” when every piece of statistics was showing demographic expansion outside of the city. This was done to serve the interests of the Musa family and Belize City PUP reps. Francis Fonseca should be the last of the Belize City party leaders. Our strength is rural. Said, Karim, and Usher need to go. The Arab troika can follow. They are an albatross around the neck of the party. If Fonseca can’t implement this, then he needs to go too. We are fed up! Why can’t they accept the obvious? Everyone in Belize hates the Musas, esp. most PUPs. They just don’t say it. SAID did enormous damage to brand PUP. He can either leave or die. We will accept any! Amen!

  3. Pelican says:

    The first two comments are more than a mouthful. Clean up the party. I want to add – BRING BACK THE CONVENTIONS. START THAT NOW – NOT TOO LATE. RE-DO ALL THOSE DIVISIONS WHERE NO CONVENTION WAS HELD. Along with the above proposals the PUP are back in the game. Come on Francis. Give it up!!!

  4. Pelican says:

    Lack of campaign Finance??!! NONSENSE! What needed it to buy votes. Come on!!

  5. Corozal Man says:

    I think overall the numbers do show that people dont want Musa/Usher nor Fonseca. In Corozal Mayoral Candidate Dido Vega Campaigned for over a year and is the only candidate that managed not get blown out in the election. His strategy to specifically not align himself with former PUPs was very effective in his campaign. Alot of feed back is that many do not want the Garcias in Corozal Town. Dido and his candidates although loosing managed to win the heart of Corozal Town and there is no doubt that if some more funding would occur he would have won. There simply were enough resources against the UDP.

    The UDP in Corozal has a grip on the unemployed with a strategy that offers scheduled jobs that are rotated on a bi weekly basis. People go there work for 2 weeks then are released.
    Ten years ago before government had changed there were up to 85 buses coming into the Free Zone a week as Mexican vehicles lined up for Gas inside. Casinos were booming and even night clubs were allowed. Right now a Casino has closed down and no buses are coming inside. There is high unemployment in Corozal Town as contracts have been given to UDP cronies leaving local companies in the dust.

    All I can expect from this win in Corozal is nothing more than another 3 years of deseperating. There are no plans for industry and the educates are leaving for the US. It is know that Campos is a known Gambler and this is the reason for 9 years of minimal infrastructure development. Lets us all hope that the UDP comes up with a good strategy and that indeed these old PUPs resign


  6. shen says:

    It’s true Musa has brand the PUP but also he is the only man that can shot up Barrow’s ugly, big mouth. What should Musa and Fonseca do is to run their constituency but step aside for a new party leader like Cordel Hyde. They are good area rep for their area so we do need them. Also for those that don’t like Musa and Fonseca, it’s not nice to call names because if have never done anything wrong in your life you can be the first one to cast a stone on them. Musa, Fonseca and Espat think what you are doing wrong and help those who needs it not those that don’t. Don’t let money be your weakness like barrow and his crew. All they do are making themselves and their family richer while the poor gets poorer and battles this hard life with their kids. We are tired of the AUTOCRATIC LEADERSHIP OF BARROW and the UDP. WE need a change as soon as possible before our country gets destroyed or sold out. Barrow don’t care a bit of Belize and the Belizeans, all he cares about is him and his family. Come on people lets make a change for us, for our parents and our kids and grandparents that needs it more because they are the ones that cannot work because of their age. So how will they eat. That’s the reason there are so many robberies. LET”S NOT WAIT FOR TOMORROW TO WIPE OUT THE UDP’S. LET”S DO IT NOW

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