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Jan 22, 2015

Healthy Living Looks at a New Secret to Perfect Skin

If you follow health or beauty trends, you should have definitely noticed a growing movement that champions common everyday foods as the new secret to better looking skin. To clarify – we’re not talking about eating your way to healthier skin but using foods like yogurt, papaya and even coffee as actual skin care products. So, how effective is it to switch foods from your plate to face? That’s what we’ll find out tonight in Healthy living as we ask dermatologist Doctor Jorge Lopez to weigh in on these latest health trends.


Marleni Cuellar, Reporting

Healthy, glowing, acne-free, wrinkle-free skin – it’s the ultimate goal for many women and men alike; and, the reason why we spend tons of money on beauty products that promise us just that. But recent health trends are taking a back to basics approach; so basic that you’re supposed to be able to find your skin care products right in your refrigerator. Do they work? I asked dermatologist Dr. Jorge Lopez for his professional advice.

The first food we investigate is: Coffee.  When used as a body scrub or even just applied to skin, the claim is that the caffeine in the coffee is a guaranteed cellulite eliminator.


Marleni Cuellar

“So Dr. tell me is it worth it to scrub the body with coffee?”


Jorge Lopez

Dr. Jorge Lopez, Dermatologist, BMA

“There is evidence that caffeine works for cellulite. The problem is that the effectiveness may not be as good as the producers of the crème claim. The principal of why caffeine works is because it temporarily dehydrates fat cells. So it improves the look of cellulite, it is less visible but studies have shown that these effects do not even last twenty-four hours. First of all we don’t know why cellulite happens. There are some theories but we are not sure. So if you start from there, it’s really hard to find a cure if you don’t know what causes it. In terms of effective treatment we know that massage is one of them. It increases the circulation of blood and lymph and that one has been proven to be effective. And as I have mentioned, coffee and caffeine do the dehydration of the fat & increase the looks.”


Antioxidant rich papaya is believed to be the secret to glowing skin.


Marleni Cuellar

“The particular ingredient we’re talking about here is papain, and enzyme in the papaya. Dr Lopez, tell, is it worth the try?”


Dr. Jorge Lopez

“Papaya has papain which is an enzyme; an enzyme is to degrade carbs and proteins. So from that point of view, there might be some effectiveness in using the papaya on the skin; what I can tell you for sure, if you eat papaya, you will get plenty of antioxidants which ultimately will definitely help you to have more glowing skin.  Of course you need to do this along with healthy diet, it doesn’t help if you’re eating a burger and then a slice of papaya, and it doesn’t make much sense. From our point of view, we know it has a lot of antioxidants. Topically, they say it helps but I do not have any hard data that would support this. It’s definitely healthy if you eat it, I cannot recommend that you can apply and assure that that it is going to work.”


Marleni Cuellar

“So when it comes to papaya it’s better on your plate than on your face?”


Dr. Jorge Lopez

“I would say so.”


One of the best foods for your face could also double as your breakfast, the lactic acid and probiotics in yogurt are said to have amazing skin benefits; from clearing  acne, to softening skin and smoothening your  complexion.


Marleni Cuellar

“So Dr. Lopez tell, me is it worth all the hype that we hear?”


Dr. Jorge Lopez

“In terms of yogurt, first of all probiotics, a topical application and getting the benefits of probiotics, that’s a big question mark there isn’t enough evidence to say that it actually works. What we know that works if you apply yogurt on your face or your skin, is the lactic acid that it contains actually we use in office lactic acids peels. It definitely would give you an effect of smoothening of your skin in the long term. The effects of this is pretty much strength dependent, we cannot expect yogurt to be as effective as a chemical peel done in the office but if you are doing this constantly and pairing it with a healthy diet with the use of sunscreen, then you more than likely will see good results out of it. In terms of eating yogurt, there is evidence that suggest that it helps with acne and rosacea. There is actually a study that proved that after 12 weeks of some patient eating yogurt and having treatment and the other group just the treatment for acne. The ones that had the yogurt improved much more than the other one.”


Like any medication, Dr Lopez urges those trying this at home to exercise caution.


Dr. Jorge Lopez

“For any product that you will apply on your skin, because no matter what it is a potential irritant, if you have sensitive skin for example, I would advise you try it out on a little spot on your skin first before using it on your face.”

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