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Jan 12, 2015

Anti-Social Behaviour Order Under Attack

In this newscast, you’ve heard of charges for Displaying Gang Membership and Associating with a Criminal Gang, but did you know that under the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Act there is an unusual charge for anti social behavior? Well today, one such order was issued by Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith on George McKenzie Junior. It came on the heels of a complaint by Senior Superintendent Alford Grinage that McKenzie Junior acted in an anti-social manner when he harassed, alarmed and distressed two or more persons in the Fort Street Tourism area. But the order went further to prevent McKenzie Junior from socializing within five hundred yards of the tourism village; which extends to the area where he lives and practically confines him to move only within his house. His mother, Melissa Major, says her son’s movements are absolutely confined as a way of harassing her McKenzie Junior.


Melissa Major, Mother of George McKenzie Junior

Melissa Major

“When my son come dah my work, this dah weh my son give me…A court order, an Anti Social Behavior Order. First time I ever hear about this, stating that my son can’t even go… my son can’t loitering inside of within five hundred yard east and west of tourist village. My son lives within that approximate yards. So what are they trying to tell me? That my son can’t go home? That he can’t live there? That we have to evacuate from where we are? I know for a fact that my son noh even harass nobody dah tourist village, my son noh even go out dah tourist village. Then they add on to it: idle inside and outside of the premises of Chon Sing Restaurant, waiting inside and outside of Chon Sing Restaurant; waiting inside or outside on the premises of Chon Sing Restaurant; associating inside or outside on the premises of Chon Sing Restaurant; gathering inside or outside on the premises of Chon Sing Restaurant; meeting inside or outside on the premises of Chon Sing Restaurant. Therefore you are telling me that my son can’t go buy dah Chon Sing weh dah wah public restaurant? My son have to order and then dehn deliver cause he under house arrest? We live within five hundred yards. I don’t know what dehn police di do, but dehn police have to come and deal with me with this, better than this. If my son go anywhere around dehn place yah so, ih entitle to six months imprisonment or to be fined not exceeding one thousand dollars or both. So then therefore, as I stand here right now making this news, they could pick up my son right now from inside of his house because we live within the range of five hundred yards. We live within that so they could arrest my son and send ahn dah jail immediately, right now as I am here talking.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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4 Responses for “Anti-Social Behaviour Order Under Attack”

  1. marion ali says:

    i read the charges against the youth, but what was the particular incident that triggered these charges? (eg. did he harass a tourist or a resident? on what day? for what purpose?)

  2. unusual indeed says:

    The police issued this order to several people of the same neighborhood not just George Mckenzie. All of them are said to have harassed more than one person from different household. How could this be possible that several different individuals are behaving anti social. No one went to make any complaints against these individuals. This is just another act of victimization against these young men, It would appear that Mr. Grinage who issued the order falsified claims that people actually went in and made reports against the said individuals. This is typical of Belize police. They pick you up and charge you for anything they want without evidence and you end up spending 48 Hrs in piss house for no reason or go to jail for no reason and when the case is tried several years later it just gets thrown out. We need police who know their job and abide by it not police who are behaving like criminals and act like they lack the basic knowledge of the law that they are hired to carry out. How can you operate within the law and treat people (civilians) respectfully and within these laws if they themselves don’t know it. Once you’ve been on the other end of the law you will understand how unjust it is in the way these police officers carry it out. Otherwise, just looking in an watching tv and listening to them is practically all a story and fairy tail because the way they describe any situation they are involved in is almost certainly the complete opposite to how the event actually occurred. Until these rich people who can afford lawyers or someone high up whose voice can be heard our police officers will never ever change or conduct their jobs in a professional manner that we the tax payers pay them to do.

  3. Rod says:

    Another dictatorial policy of this pm and gov. But the Belizean people deserve it for being ignorant and stupid

  4. belizeanfirst says:

    The news should not be giving any media time to these criminals and parents who condone the evil acts of their sons!

    These individuals have more freedom than the honest citizen or visitor in this country. They know they can harass and nothing will come of their case cause the Belizean citizen is intimated to not come forward and the tourists are a perfect mark since they are only in the country for a few hours. The police need to be able to protect visitors and the hard working honest Belizean from these criminal elements who have gotten smart at using the media for only the criminals have no fear of showing themselves blatantly and know tourists are easy targets. They know that in today’s climate they can call police brutality and will be given the air time and have parents who know their sons are criminals and condone their action cause they profit from their misdeeds too! BELIZE HAS GONE TO THE DOGS!

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