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Nov 7, 2014

Cervantes Family Hands Sensational Recording to OW Police

A recorded phone call between widow, Vilma Cervantes, and alleged murderer, Manuel Castillo, continues to dominate the news and shock the nation. In that call, Castillo tells Cervantes that a senior U.D.P. Minister and a senior police officer are involved in the kidnapping and murder of Ramon Cervantes Sr. It is an incendiary and disturbing allegation – for which, at this point at least, no evidence has been presented. The minister in question has in one breath threatened dire legal repercussions if the allegations or his name are mentioned in the media, and in the other breath, he has condemned the allegations. The situation which exploded on Wednesday with the release of the recording was ratcheted up a notch when the Cervantes family visited the Orange Walk Police Department today. Mike Rudon was there and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

At a few minutes after ten this morning, Ramon Cervantes Jr, his mother Vilma and sister, Marisa walked into the Orange Walk Police Station. All three were there to give statements on the phone call purportedly  received from Manuel Castillo on October eighth, and to hand over the recording of the conversation to Police. That took more than two hours, and when it was done the family spoke to the media outside the station. Ramon Cervantes Jr. says that there are no political games behind the release of the recording, though they are more and more inclined to believe that the murder of his father suggests a political motive.


Ramon Cervantes Jr.

Ramon Cervantes Jr., Son of Murder Victim

“What seems to be political are the events that have been unfolding over time and the facts that have been coming to light. They seem to be pointing in the direction that my fathers’ murder was political. As for him saying that the revelation of the tape is political, Manuel Castillo called and from the start of the investigation I have told all the media that as events unfold we will be keeping the public informed about those events, and this is one such occasion.”


Cervantes stated that with the recording which specifically names a high-profile minister as being involved in the murder, the hope is that the Police would investigate the matter thoroughly. Interestingly, but certainly not coincidentally, the Police issued a release Thursday evening which suggests that the investigation is completely closed and they are certain that nobody else, obviously referring to that senior minister, is involved in the murder in any way.


Ramon Cervantes Jr.

“Frankly I was very disappointed when I heard that….that the investigation will not go on because it has to go on, it will go on as long as there is no closure the investigation will go on. We were very disappointed about that announcement, but we know that this case cannot be closed. It is important to the nation. It is not only about our father and us and our family. When they said they would close the case we were very dismayed. I think the Police either were forced into it or they didn’t realize that it has done them more damage, more damage to their credibility and that it why it is sad…because they have damaged their own credibility. What are the reasons to close the case so soon after a press conference and a revealing tape?”


The Police release was beyond obvious, but is it a cover Benjamin to shield a politician accused of a most vicious crime? It is what it is. Notwithstanding that, the Cervantes family is pressing ahead because they are absolutely certain that the caller was Castillo.


Ramon Cervantes Jr.

Manuel Castillo

“Manuel Castillo was a customer in our store. His family has real estate property here, and as was said in the conversation their family and our family grew up as neighbours but they migrated to the US and I think he was deported and everything, but we knew each other and he used to call to the store. He used to go personally and also call in orders to the store through the telephone so we know it is Manuel Castillo.”


Sylvia Gillett, Community Activist

“I personally had an issue with Manuel Castillo in September of last year. My van was stolen and we made a report to the Police and we knew that it was Manuel Castillo who had stolen the van. So I knew him and I spoke to him on different occasions and I know that that’s the voice of Manuel Castillo on that recording. I would never forget that voice.”


Sylvia Gillett

In that phone call of October eighth, Castillo states that he has recorded evidence of the big persons who visited his home and paid for the hit. He promised to hand that evidence over to Vilma Cervantes. Now the family has stated that they have not spoken to Castillo by phone since that day, but we couldn’t tie them down beyond that where evidence is concerned.


Ramon Cervantes Jr.

“I cannot say for now…in phone calls no, no, no…I have not received…”



“But any other evidence…the perception is that you are withholding and gradually releasing. Do you have anything else that could assist the Police that you are withholding at this time?”


Ramon Cervantes Jr.

“Ahm…I wouldn’t want to say yes or no. As time goes by anything could become evidence. I wouldn’t want to say yes or no.”


Armando Valdez

So that’s where it is at this point…a family hoping and praying for justice, and a Police Department which doesn’t seem quite eager to pursue the investigation at this point.


Armando Valdez, Friend of Cervantes Family

“It shocks everybody to hear that somebody in a big position in government had something to do with it or that even law officers are involved in this thing. Where are we going? Where are we going? People are saying we can’t trust the Police now. Who will help the people now? Will they take the law in their hands? Is that what the situation is calling for? Is that what the country wants? For us to take the law in our hands? Many years ago there was a writer in South America. His name was Esquivel. And he said that the people will be pushed until they buck the wall, and when they buck the wall they will react.”


The days ahead will be interesting ones for sure. We note, just to throw something out there, that while the Police Press Office on Thursday closed the investigation, there are senior Police officers who today told us that they don’t know where the Press Officer got that information. Like we said, interesting days ahead. Mike Rudon for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “Cervantes Family Hands Sensational Recording to OW Police”

  1. sickntired says:

    Di country gone to $%^& now and we ant to know why di criminals out there? Why be good if dis da how them will run di country? Di PM need fi tek dis seriuos and order di police fi investigate properly. We cant got criminals di run di country too.

  2. Ali BaBarrow sez says:

    His name was Esquivel. And he said that the people will be pushed until they buck the wall, and when they buck the wall they will react.

    Sounds like civil war.

  3. bombio says:

    how is it that now the police with this incriminating evidence has decided to close the case, indeed it looks as if they were involved in this case, i dont doubt it because from many years ago this same piece a police mayvet has been receiving money from criminals to allow them to operate in OW at their will. so who is policing the police???

  4. Buju says:

    This is foolishness

    I wouldn’t let my party use my father’s death as a political stepping stone

    How desperate could the pup be??????

    This is stooping to an unprecedented level

  5. Concern says:

    No Buju, this is real. Someone was killed, there are a lot of evidence, so why aren’t the police doing their job? Would you say same if it w as your dad?

  6. YEAH says:


    As Ramon Cervantes Jr. said, the death of his father is what seems to be political. The reason why he released the tape was because he had told the media that he would keep the public updated.

    The Cervantes’ action to release the tape is NOT political. Buju, you are just one of the numerous ignorant Belizeans whose mindset needs to change. Be open minded. You are actually being political. I know the only reason you said what you said is because you are a UDP.

  7. Concern says:

    Gaps said it is political, because he want to spin it so people can be divided on the issue along party line. I am a Belizean who do not want to be divided along any line. Justice should be served correctly no matter what. We cannot have one law for the poor, and a different one for the rich. The law is the law and if it is to work, everyone must be treated equal. I understand Cervantes saying it seems political, and by that I think he meant, that if they had killed him instead, then someone else would have had to run in his place against the deputy. That is not important now. What is important is that a proper investigation is done and let the chip fall where they belong. I would have release the tape too. The police had already closed the case, saying without a shadow of doubt, that the three men in prison say it is Castillo, and THAT’S IT! This now shed a totally different light on the whole thing. Of major concern should be the motive behind the killing. I am sure the three men in prison know, and need to be questioned. They could walk free and collect the bounty if Castillo was dead indeed. They failed! If the kidnapping was done, so they could beg for money, they wouldn’t have killed him so quickly. The motive must have been to kill him from the start and the payment would come from somewhere else. The know who requested and for all we know what Castillo said might be a lie, but we need to get to the truth.

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