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Nov 6, 2014

Cervantes Recording Revisited

Ramon Cervantes

Late this evening, the Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega issued a statement in respect of an allegation made against him in a shocking recording of a phone call to Vilma Cervantes, wife of murder victim, Ramon Cervantes Senior. In the recording, a senior, very high profile politician is being accused of paying for a contract hit and while we did not name him on Wednesday night, tonight he responds. The recording released by the Cervantes family on Wednesday purports to be from wanted alleged murderer Manuel ‘El Pelon’ Castillo. That recording has, to put it lightly, disturbed the nation. It is a chilling account of murder for hire. Tonight, we bring you more of that recording, in which Castillo tells Vilma Cervantes that he is innocent of the crime for which he is accused. But as we said, we won’t report on the allegations he makes against the politician. Mike Rudon has been following the story and has the update. 


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Manuel ‘El Pelon’ Castillo is wanted by the Police for the murder of Ramon Cervantes Sr. Police say he plotted the kidnapping and gave the order for the execution of Cervantes. But on October eighth, a man claiming to be Castillo called Vilma Cervantes to claim his innocence. He claims that he is bedridden because he was shot by Tony because he would not do the job. We believe the caller is referring to this man – Angel Antonio Cardenas, arrested by Police and charged for the murder of Cervantes.


Manuel Castillo

Alleged Voice of: Manuel Castillo

“I cannot stand up to go, to go and show my face right now…until I am healed. But they want to kill me also. If the police catch me, they will kill me. Do you understand me?”


Voice of: Vilma Cervantes

“Who? Who? Who shot you?”


Alleged Voice of: Manuel Castillo

“The same, the same young man who used to live with me, shot me. The same young man because I did not accept. They accepted the money and they shot me. The same one. the one that is seventeen years old. His name is Tony. He shot me in the back with his, with his gun. He shot me. I will not forgive him. I will never forgive him because I gave him to eat.”


Vilma Cervantes

Voice of: Vilma Cervantes

“Where did it happen? I do not understand you well Manuel. But why did they shoot you?”


Alleged Voice of: Manuel Castillo

“Because I did not accept to work. I did not want that. I told them that I will not involve myself in that. I told them that I will not be involved myself. Then they jumped me and shot me. And then, because I know what is happening. I know what is happening.”


Castillo admits that he has done many things, but tells Vilma Cervantes that he would never have taken a job to kill her husband because he knows him.


Voice of: Vilma Cervantes

“Yes, you harmed us. You caused us much harm Manuel.”


Alleged Voice of: Manuel Castillo

“I know that madam. I know it. That’s why I am calling you.”


Voice of: Vilma Cervantes

“I never, never thought that would happen.”


Alleged Voice of: Manuel Castillo

“I feel bad. You know why? I feel bad because everyone, everyone, everyone is putting the blame on me. I don’t have anything to do with it. I did not even take off a hair from your husband. I would never accept a job where, I know people. I would never….I don’t even do that kind of job. Me, if they tell me, that to go to bring beers or something. I will, I will go to bring beers. I sell clothes and do all kinds of things, but not that kind of job.”


The conversation is apparently distressing to Vilma Cervantes, and she asks the caller, allegedly Manuel Castillo, why he would do such a thing. He again claims that he is innocent of the crime for which he is being sought.


Voice of: Vilma Cervantes

“I was dismayed that you are the one that is responsible Manuel, for this because you were our neighbours. Your mother, your father and us, we were good friends…for you to be…”


Alleged Voice of: Manuel Castillo

“Yes, I know. That’s why I did not accept. When they came to tell me about that, I told them, “Are you crazy?” I told them Misses Vim. I told those boys don’t play with fire. You will get burnt. And look, they came and behind my back and they did that to me. And now, the big ones are left, Misses Vilma. Now, I will take care of everything, everything, everything and I will take care of it. You will see. I swear, they will, they will pay.”


Cervantes struggles for understanding of the crime which took her husband so brutally and so abruptly.


Voice of: Vilma Cervantes

“They went to look for yo? And Manuel, look, why didn’t you warn us?”


Alleged Voice of: Manuel Castillo

“Look Misses Vilma, I worked with Mexicans also. But don’t do that kind of job. They told me because I know the town where Monchi was. That’s why they went to see me. And I told the boys no, no. When they shot me to get me out of the way.”


Voice of: Vilma Cervantes

“Who shot you? Tony?”


Alleged Voice of: Manuel Castillo

“Yony, Tony is the one that shot me…the one that is in jail.”


Voice of: Vilma Cervantes

“Where were you then all this while?”


Alleged Voice of: Manuel Castillo

“I know. I was at a hospital Misses Vilma. I was at a hospital. And right now some friends went to look for me and now I am at the home of some friends. But now I am very afraid Misses Vilma. I am very afraid. The truth is that I have nothing to do with this. Nothing. I would like to go to orange Walk right now, but I know they will kill me.”


According to the caller, allegedly Manuel Castillo, he has evidence, recorded evidence, which proves his startling and incredible allegation. He has sworn to come forward with that evidence to clear his name. If the caller is Castillo, and his allegations are credible, we can only assume that some persons are having some sleepless nights since the recording broke. Mike Rudon for News Five.


We note that in the months following Cervantes’ murder, the Police have released absolutely no information despite many inquiries. But today, following the allegations against that senior politician, they did. Their release states that, “Police investigation has proven so far that no other party apart from wanted person Manuel Castillo and his accomplices are responsible for both murders.” That comes across clearly, to us at least, as an immediate move to protect that senior politician from the allegations made against him. The release also states that Police officer Javier Alvarez, who apparently sold a Police Service handcuff to wanted fugitive Manuel Castillo has been placed on disciplinary charges.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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11 Responses for “Cervantes Recording Revisited”

  1. Kaila Moralez says:

    From the time Mr. Cervantes’s body was discovered I called in Love Morning Show to voice my suspicion of whom I think was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Mr. Cervantes that I believed gasper vega was the orchestrator of the murder.

  2. Ali BaBarrow sez says:

    Javier Alvarez is the best scape goat we can offer.
    National security is at stake, there was a mistake.
    Take it and ask no more questions.

  3. Rod says:

    Vega the murderer this has been happening for a long time now and gang violence has been blamed this gov. Has been murdering people left and right vega you big murderer but you will be paid.

  4. Retired CEO says:

    It is indeed very sad to believe any of what we are hearing from all the allegedly involved or accused parties. Why would anyone want to kill Munchie Cervantes Sr. Or why would they want to kill the younger Cervantes, since it is alleged that it is the younger Cervantes they wanted to kill, however, by error they killed the elder Cervantes? What sounds truly strange is that the alleged caller Manuel Castillo used to live next door to the late elder Cervantes. Now-then if he was the master mind behind all of this, ” Manuel Castillo” how in the name of God could they have made such a big mistake by killing the late elder Cervantes. Putting one + one together something is definitely wrong with this picture. It sounds very much like the DPM is not telling the whole truth. Nevertheless, who am I to judge? This situation really calls for a big investigation. In particularly, by some outsiders who have no knowledge, no influence and self interest in this case. Rise up Belizeans don’t be fooled by all the rhetoric. Something smells fishy about this while story. The time has come? Very sad and unfortunate day for the Jewel and the GOB.

  5. Tallz says:

    Check the bank accounts or cash flow of the families of the boys the captured. If they have unusual deposits or purchases, then the boys have been promised that there families will be taken care of if they obscure the truth and lay blame on another. this is how criminal masterminds think.
    Manuel Castillo is a hitman, but it is very unusual for a hitman to give specific names of others to save themselves. This needs a proper investigation that only an OUTSIDE SOURCE can provide, because whatever happens it will all be covered up in the end.

  6. belizeanfighter says:

    I am not a “crystal gazer” but people even if this is true NOTHING will ever happen. Remember this is BELIZE, belizean just sit and wait what will happen rather than stand up, unite and fight for justice. The RED Family will do anything to protect his members.

  7. kmh says:

    Well, very strange things 1) that Vilma was taping this call in the first place–what is going on wit that 2) that the recording was issued politically rather than handed over to police for an investigation 3) that no one is asking what Cervantes Jr was involved in that a hit would have been ordered against him by anyone 4) this is awfully reminiscent of other “tape recordings” blaming politicians for things and then aired on the news during run ups to elections… check the archives on these to see what I am referring to in the past. This is super super suspicious. 5) why the northern politician has responded even though he was not named on air….. I look forward to the follow-ups which may include an exposure of this whole thing being a scam for political mileage, and Mrs Cervantes may be being played big time here, by someone.

  8. Belizean Pride says:

    Does any one remember the video that McAfee release a few months ago. those his words ring any bell to any one on his list of names now. These things you be investigated properly not by our cheap shot police here or sell out C.I.B but foreign investigators including the FBI.

  9. Ali BaBarrow sez says:

    >politically rather than handed over to police for an investigation

    Like the Penner immigration records handed over to the police,
    Just a black hole to protect Ali. To boot, the attorney was threatened with an indictment for having them. Nice way to subvert justice and blame the messenger.

  10. Belizean Pride says:

    @kmh your answer to be
    1. this is a era of modern tech that you can record anything for better prove since it’s a trend now.
    2. I as for my self can’t thrust the police as we use to, so if you did listen to the audio he (castillo) relates to them as none to be trusted. that’s something that must of them are not trust worthy.
    3. this could be political move but planned to look as a far different intention of business man kidnapping for ransom gone wrong at the end. what if the fools (killers)after they kidnap the Sr. saw that they had the wrong one, no time to send him back was then killed, not knowing what the outcome would be.
    4. yes it was a wrong step from part of the family to do it amateur, also go back to the video released by McAfee and listen to all the names he says it should ring a bell also. The point of taking it political makes it take a turn bad, but the intended victim was a political aspirant. So it’s not surprise to see his fellow compadres posing along him.
    5. your last question doesn’t need to be answer it’s even published in the Mexican news outlets now.
    Over all it’s good to bring out questions and let us bloggers bring up the ideas we feel fit so help other readers understand whats a blogging section is for.

  11. bombio says:

    this is how its going to turn out, Mr “IM NOT A NORMAL PERSON” is going to BRUSH OFF JUDGES, PROSECUTER, JURY, DPP AND DICKEY BRADLEY ,,,period. the man is not a normal person remember

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