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Oct 21, 2014

Family of Slain Robber Demands Justice

But in the north, thirty-year-old Leslie Logan Junior was shot and killed during a foiled robbery attempt in Orange Walk Town on September nineteenth.  He was one of two men, including Alexander Tillett, who entered Hung Yun Store on the Belize/Corozal Road and held up a grocery store attendant at gunpoint. During the brazen mid-afternoon jacking, the men relieved the employee of over one thousand dollars in cash as well as a pair of cell phones before attempting to flee the scene.  Following the incident, someone of Chinese descent exited the store and fired a single shot which caught Logan in the leg.  Incapacitated, Logan fell to the ground where that individual reportedly stood over him and fired a succession of rounds into his body.  While the grocer has since claimed self-defense, Logan’s family is tonight coming forward to dispute the purported sequence of events which resulted in their son’s demise.  Since the deadly ordeal the Logan’s have been doing their own investigation and have been able to identify several witnesses who saw the fatal shooting as it transpired.   According to Retired Police Inspector Leslie Logan Senior, his son may have been implicated in the robbery; however, his death was an act of cold blooded murder.


Leslie Logan Sr.

Leslie Logan Sr., Father of Slain Robber

“The Chiney man shoot my son on the foot first and he fell, you know, and the Chiney, oh, the witness also said that when that shooting was occurring there was a policeman on the scene in uniform.  A policeman on the scene in uniform and the policeman tell di Chiney man, “shoot ahn because dehn done rob yo already. Ih done rob yo already so shoot ahn.”  And the Chiney man actually stand over, one foot over this side, one foot over this side and pumping lead in my son and he, the witness, counted nine expended shells on the scene, on the ground.  Nine.  All that he could have managed to say and then he even took off the cap, because my son was wearing a cap, off his head to recognize him and he said, oh he knew da who.  And the policeman told them, “move from the scene, move from the scene, yet they have not approached that boy to give a statement.  There is nothing, nothing that the police is doing that I can say that they are investigating the murder.  Now I went to Orange Walk police, you know.  I tried to speak to Mr. Tillett because Mr. Tillett says it’s self-defense because he went for a gun.  How the hell somebody who went for a gun can stand over next one and shoot him?  With his hands up begging for his life.  Matter of fact the gun that they found my son with, that he had, was empty.  There was no bullet in it.”

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15 Responses for “Family of Slain Robber Demands Justice”

  1. Pete Tatoes says:

    alas,not a tear was shed

  2. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    Mr. Logan with due respect your son was stealing and he was running away. If the chiney man neva kill him your son for sure if would come back for revenge against the chiney for shooting him in his foot. So stop talk horse poop. One less thief of the block if u did ur job as a parent u wouldn’t be shedding tears.

  3. Greeneyes says:

    Sorry, all shop keepers should do the same, kill all the thieves! People work hard for their money and then this lazy ass young men who want to make easy money, just want intimidate people to get their money. If he went to jail he probably would have come off some technically and what be the justice then!. I have no sympathy!

  4. Belizean Pride says:

    come on Mr. Leslie, don’t degrade yourself because of your son. We understand you as a parents but remember we the society are tired of scums, thieving like this and getting away with the impunity and some with strings attached that has our society crumbling everyday. So, all you should have done is reflect in, “what did I neglected my son to become like this”? This is the best press release you should have done and to make other parents aware of the consequences of family values and family neglects that end up in situations like that. To bring awareness and not to try cover up the big error your son did.

  5. belizean says:

    Yes, next time before you shoot someone with a gun, ask them if they have bullets in it.

  6. Sonya says:

    sad for you as a father and it might have been excessive, but he would be alive if you taught him not to steal.

  7. joy says:

    So sad to have a former Inspector of Police express himself like that about the department that fed him for years, what makes matters worse is him having no shame in coming fort on media and publicly accepting that his son, the son of a former Senior Officer and a former officer himself, is a thief.


    I wonder if this criminal would have shot and killer the shop keeper this retired police officer would seek justice or would have sympathize with the business owner. if a person choose a life of crime they never end up in a good way. as a business owner it is tiring to see this lazy ass criminals think they can just come and steal from hard working people. if more shop keeper kill this criminals this society will be better and they (the lazy weed smoking criminals of Belize ) will think twice before approaching a business to make a quick dollar.
    when a criminal robs someone there is two option for him kill or being kill and he got the latter

  9. Buju says:

    Unu cant serious!

    I was waiting to see someone jump out and say


  10. Kjuan leal says:

    So what is justifiable homicide? And when is it not justifiable homicide?
    This incident can closely be compared to what happened back in April of this year at the farm 3 miles out of Carmelita Village where Mr. Edision Johnson shot the two thieves on his farm when they were caught stealing on his property. This Chines man shot and killed this young man and was not even charged but Mr. Johnson was charged with 2 counts of murder. The chines man was issued with a notice of intended prosecution. An the police say that it was in self defense but in Mr. Johnson’s case they said he used lethal force. What is the difference in the eyes of the Belizean public they were shooting criminals. An now Mr. Johnson is the on remand and this chines man is a free man. So he is a hero and our Belizean is the criminal for defending his life and property. The people of this country should be in outrage and be ashamed of how the justice system protect the rich and how the poor people of this country suffer. In my opinion if the chines man is free so should Mr. Johnson. This is very unfair and I think the justice system is in place to defend the rich, the government and the rich, and only the poor Belizeans suffer.

  11. macal rivera says:

    These parents have no shame, and Audrey have no shame either, this young man is a know thief in our community, mein, cant believe they would cut off their head for this robber, my goodness.

    Logie just got what he deserve, even the bible will tell you reap what you sow,
    What a shame when parent behave like this.

  12. Junior says:

    You live by the sword you die by the sword. Such a shame that parents condone and defend their criminal children even after they have done wrong. I guess its just part of a culture of some people to be that way and always defend their children “no matta wat”. If any respect that Mr. Logan had i think he lost it by proceeding with this press conference. He should be ashamed of raising a criminal with he himself working in keeping the order and law of this country in hand for many years. Your son died because he was a thief, he stole from different establishments and would continue to do so. The question is ” What were you doing not paying proper attention to his actions while he was still living under your roof. Or did you benefit from such actions? People can question as well

  13. melinda says:

    Logan went to the states and left this young man here knowing that his son was terrorizing orange walk town. every week you hear that Loagy robbed a store here or ther.. At wakes he would walk in with the gun visible and take all the food and drinks he wanted. The chiney did what everybody was afraid of doing– getting rid of a worthless human being. Logan has not contacted his son for years, now he is so concerned. he only sees an opportunity to get moeny. he is no better than his thiefing son.

  14. Seriously??? says:

    seriously? if anyone robbed me …he will be shot..i dont care who…what is wrong with this man. His son deserved that…e should have thought about the repercussions before going and robbing people. I dont feel sorry for him at all…theives need to learn that no one will tolerate their nonsense. Society does not need him.He and his family should be ashamed. They were once police officers who were to uphold the law. Why did he come out of the police department???? I bet he was corrupt!!!!! His father should be ashamed to defend such a child. I would disown him.

  15. concerned about my country says:

    i totally agree with kjuan leal, Belizean seems to lack the full understanding of justice, you cannot measure one just with a stick and measure the other with a different one. the rich indeed get away with it , shame on you all for saying that his father did not raise him right , what u expect the father to do watch him 24/7, foolishness!!! i am ashamed of the police officer he should have acted in his duty and respond to the matter, what if his family was revengeful and start to eliminate the Chinese family, then what ? it will be a constant re-occurring beef!!! everybody has a theif in their family or some sort of criminals, i bet if it was one of you all family it happen to you not be saying that, you be the worse one to complain, so left Mr. Logan alone he is only doing what he know is right and more over it is contemplated murder, he had a time laspe to rethink his action and he did not, stop making everything big deal and look at the main fact of justice. it that kind of unexplained thinking that has this society in a mess, that is why justuce cannot be serve!!

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