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Oct 8, 2014

Belize People’s Front wants to boycott Guatemala

The murder of Danny Conorquie continues to raise the ire of the public. One group that is championing that Conorquie’s murder should not be in vain is the Belize People’s Front. This morning, they held a press conference in Santa Elena placing on government a number of demands. Chief among the demands is a four hundred thousand dollar lump sum payment as compensation to the family of the slain officer and the removal of the Foreign Minister. Mike Rudon was at the press conference and has the following report.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

The Belize People’s Front, dubbed as an alternative, rather than a third, party, has been increasing its visibility on the platform of territorial integrity and sovereignty. In the wake of Danny Conorquie’s murder, the group organized a protest at the Western Border, and today a press conference to send a message to Belmopan. Well, it was not so much a message as a list of demands.


Nancy Marin

Nancy Marin, President, Belize People’s Front

“We demand that the compensation be given to the family of our fallen brother killed in the line of duty wearing the uniform of the tourism police unit. We request that the family be compensated with four hundred thousand Belize dollars in a lump sum. That the constitution be upheld regarding the issuance of residency to Guatemalans. We demand that this government cease and desist immediately from this practice. That the Foreign Minister be removed and replaced with a more seasoned diplomat; one who holds the love of country above the love of personal ambition. We urge this administration to complete construction of the outpost not just in the Caracol area, but along the entire western border. We request that these outposts be built to military standards. We ask the Prime Minister to secure a source of funding in the tune of two hundred thousand dollars per annum to better equip, train and supplement the rangers of FCD. We demand that all construction of the coast guard’s forward operating base on Hunting Caye, not just be halted immediately, but request that the construction of our military base be done by Belizean companies. We further call on all Belizean people to show solidarity to our country by boycotting Guatemalan products and services.”


Today’s press conference had the participation of Belize City based COLA and also members of the Cayo community. They support one of the primary calls going out to Belizeans – the boycott of Guatemala.


Nancy Marin

“We’re asking that we do not go over the border to Melchor to buy our groceries, like a lot of people in San Ignacio do. We are asking that if you see products on the shelves in Belize that are produced in Guatemala and that you do not purchase it. The reason being is that only when they feel what Belize contributes to their economy, maybe they will be moved. That’s just one of the strategies that we think that might work and that Belizean people can do. A lot of people I know are feeling helpless especially when they listen to our officials speak on the television or on the radio and they don’t know what to do. A lot of people have said we feel like we should be doing something, but what can we do? And this is what you can do; you can boycott Guatemala.”


Following the death of Conorquie, an armed incursion at our border and information that Guatemalans are building our military installations, nationalistic outrage is at an all time high. But Marin today cautioned that it’s a boycott, not the advocating of violence.


Nancy Marin

Danny Conorquie

“There are issues both on the streets and in our schools at the moment and I need to make it clear that the Belize People’s Front is not condoning any violence against Guatemalans living in Belize. We are asking people that our protest and our activities will always be a peaceful activity. We ask the children at schools that are listening to the news; do not fight with your Guatemalan schoolmates. There are problems in schools in Benque and San Ignacio at the moment—I am getting feedback—that the children are fighting and do not want to sit next to Guatemalan children and are bullying.”


President of the Cayo Special Constables Committee. Alberto Palma. also took the opportunity to provide some sobering reality. He says Danny Conorquie did not have to die, and all they get is three to five days training and then they are sworn in to work along with Police Officers to protect and serve.


Alberto Palma

Alberto Palma, President, Cayo Special Constables Committee

“We have to get our own tools, our own uniforms; we have to raise funds and that is the reason why we find a committee here in San Ignacio. We believe that the government need to do more for its people. We think that the government is not doing enough, but we have sit down and taken whatever they’ve given us for too long. I think it is time that the people speak and we demand from our government more. I believe that the government needs to be more serious especially when it comes to the security of our people and our country. We the special constables have always placed our lives on the line for our community and our country. All we ask is for our government to do more to protect its people.”


COLA today also joined in the call to action. Mike Rudon for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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4 Responses for “Belize People’s Front wants to boycott Guatemala”

  1. Retired CEO says:

    While a boycott is in order against Guatemala, we should not forget the real culprit is our own GOB. They are the ones who have miserably failed us as Belizeans. As I listen to an interview conducted with the so-called minister of National Security, I could not help but to think this is really an arrogant fool we have in this very important position. Imagine a letter of warning was sent to the commissioner of the police dept. and absolutely no action was taken in order to prevent the blatant murder of one of Belize finest special constables. All the so-called minister of national security could say is that he is looking into this very important breach of security. Now-then if one is looking in to a matter as important as this, this should mean that some meaningful investigation is underway. Instead, he says no investigation is going on, however, he is simply looking into it. What a big doaddo? how arrogant/ignorant? can one in such an important office sound. Furthermore, compensation should be forthrightly made to the family of this young constable that was brutally excecuted by Guatemalans? Wake up Rise up Belizeans demonstrate for change! Change the leadership in Belmopan? We cannot change Guatemala and their leadership, however, we can make a difference in Belmopan’s serious leadership crisis.

  2. Belizean Pride says:

    I believe that Mrs. Marin have more balls to be blunt towards this issue and big concern than the current minister of foreign affairs. They should change this minister and put one that is a real Belizeans by heart not by words that will stand up for his country and no play fool with this situation.

  3. Belizean Love says:

    Been living in Guatemala for the past year and I have been robbed 6x, never in my life I was robbed in Bz. Government should consider the future of the Belizean children and people, the safety and culture of the country would be deminished. As far as I am currently witnessing myself here, the people are hungry and will ‘KILL’ for as little as 5 bz cents.
    **Cayo people should remember when Guatemalans tried to high jack a bus heading towards benque, stealing is a profession here, no matter what time of the day it is.** #wake up #future4Belizeans

    Here is a link to a recent crime of how a man confessed to murder a child due to the ransom money was not met. He needed to pay his bills. DO we really want this for the future kids of Belize?

  4. BelizeanInAsia says:

    As a young Belizean I must say that I blame our people. We are the ones who allow this sort of disgrace, disloyalty to the nation to continue. I’m feeling hopeless as I see these sort stories online.

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