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Oct 6, 2014

P.U.P. Leader speaks on Guatemalan-built military facility on Hunting Caye

The Coast Guard’s Forward Operating Base, located on Hunting Caye, remains a point of much contention. Last week, the news broke that the base, funded by the US, is being built by a Guatemalan firm that contracted Guatemalan workers. Now that news would have raised eyebrows in the most tranquil of times. But these aren’t the most tranquil of times, considering that Special Constable Danny Conorquie was shot and killed, allegedly by Guatemalans. Patriotism and nationalistic outrage are at a fever pitch, and the Guatemalan-built military facility is currently at the centre of it. P.U.P. Leader Francis Fonseca says that if he were Prime Minister, this would not have happened.


Francis Fonseca, P.U.P. Leader

Francis Fonseca

“This is a country…even though we’re on the path to finding a peaceful resolution to the unfounded claim – until we reach that resolution we have to be fully alert, we have to be fully awake. And there must be some, in my view, some nationality security risk in having a Guatemalan company building a military facility, this forward operating post. It’s badly needed, but I can say categorically that if the American government had said to me as the leader of this country – listen we’re gifting you these monies to build this base on Hunting Caye, but the contract has to be given to a Guatemalan company I would have said thanks but no thanks. We can do it ourselves, and find some way to do it ourselves. I really, really believe that that was a major slipup for the government of Belize and the Minister of National Security provided no explanation. He just said that well, we can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. But sometimes you have to. We’re not a beggar nation.”


Fonseca insists that even though the construction is already underway, the government should act to halt the project.

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9 Responses for “P.U.P. Leader speaks on Guatemalan-built military facility on Hunting Caye”

  1. Peter Monteroso says:


  2. Hatari says:

    Not a beggar nation?! BS! Without foreign assistance we wouldn’t have a police department, BDF, and most of our GOB ministries would be totally non-functional. Name one program that has been totally funded by Belize that works or that is sustainable! Anyone that thinks otherwise is just fooling themselves.

  3. RDS says:

    Im not polotical, but i do have to agree with Mr. Fonseca on this.

  4. CEO says:

    How on the green earth can this be allowed?

    How the heck can the US do this knowing the current state of affairs between Belize and Guatemala and why the heck we did not find out who the heck the Contractor was and vet them.

    Did we even grant permission for them to be in Belize? Are they paying taxes on the monies they are earning in Belize. We should have done everything in our power to make sure that Belizeans get some of the work.

    This is poor leadership!

  5. RoBZ says:

    indeed the barrow Is a traitor, there is a lots of our poor Belizean in need of job,These Guatemalan working there are all Illegal…and they are just poring in our country .they are coming from south /west taking our land,what does the government do nothing.

  6. say what says:

    Ok let me get this straight….Someone offers to pay to build something for you and rather than saying thank you, you complain?
    And then you wonder why we don’t get ahead. Say “thank you” and then try to figure out where we fell short in not obtaining the contract. Is it because we did not meet the criteria according to their vetting process? Is it because we dont’ have the capacity to build to their specifications? Is it because we just don’t have the training to write proper tender proposals?

  7. Francois says:

    In 10 years of war, Greek army being unable to breach City of Troy’s stone walls, appeared to leave and gifted a large wooden horse to the Trojans. Trojan folly was to take this gift horse inside their walls that day without ‘looking into its mouth’. After the Trojans fell asleep that night from their drunken ‘victory party’, out of the gift horse came 50 Greek soldiers to throw open Troy’s city gates to the lurking Greek main army, and this great city was consigned to the dustbin of history. Belize is Troy, the Guats are the Greeks, and the new Roman Empire – America, has consigned Belize to be Guatemala’s 23rd Dept.

  8. enelvi diaz says:

    well a just saying to my self does dean barrow knows how any where does the moneys go and who gets it come on he well knows playing the fool

  9. BelizeanInAsia says:

    Is this the Belize I hoped to come back to? Not with these as leaders. How pathetic! Even as I speak I can see the Guatemalans giggling all the way to the bank.

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