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Sep 18, 2014

6 Men Detained in Overnight Shooting, Will They Be Charged?

Dean Barrow

Barrow says that he does not believe that any of the six men who are presently in detention will be charged for murder, that he says would only succeed a thorough police investigation.  They can however, be charged for gang affiliation.


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“You asked about whether any of those being detained will be charged with murder; that’s something that I don’t know the answer to. But if I had to guess, I would say no. and I say this frankly in order to make the point that when I sought the meeting with police, I wanted to know if in fact there is confirmation that the death of Mister McFoy, who is Brandon Tillett’s father, sparked the reaction. Would we not have anticipated the response and what was done to try to isolate, detain, incarcerate the players that we would legitimately have suspected, would legitimately have known would likely be involved in retaliation. My point is that you are not easily going to get these players for the sort of frontline offences that we believe they are either committing or are responsible for, but you need in fact to be able to isolate these people; you need to be able to take these people out of the game more generally, but certainly when something like this takes place, immediately in order to try to prevent the retaliation that you fear would occur. Apart from the question of numbers, the police and ourselves discussed how on a longer term basis you can remove these people from the equation. I am saying that we have passed all sorts of laws; there is an offence on the statues book that has been there for years. We’ve tried to tweak it, we’ve tried to make it robust, but that essentially says membership in a gang is illegal.”


We’ll have more on today’s press conference later in the newscast. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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4 Responses for “6 Men Detained in Overnight Shooting, Will They Be Charged?”

  1. Rod says:

    What a impotent incompetent corrupt pm and gov all I can say is we belizeans deserve anything we get for sitting idly by and not marching to this pm house to take him out of office now over 5000 murders since this pm have been in power and it will keep getting worse.

  2. Sad belizian says:

    What is my poor country coming to. All you hear is negative about Belize. This have to stop, all the killing. I was in Belize in August, and I was scared to walk the streets. The PM have to go, he’s not doing anything for this country. But killing after killing. Why he can’t be stop. Dean Barrow, your are a disgrace to our county Belize

  3. darwinrich says:

    Belize need to bring back HANGING plain and simple.

  4. Timber says:

    Awww, Dean; uneasy is the head that wears the crown. You created a group of monsters and now you cannot handle them. We all know why they roam free; you get the ghetto votes from that area, you and your family are from that area and myself and a couple others used to help out and donate time and other resources along with your sister. The only difference is that we weren’t the preferred UDP because we didn’t belittle ourselves and grovel and beg. I know a lot of what went on around there; the weed smoking by members of your family for years with these thugs . The entire country of Belize knows that you were sending money to them to keep them quiet. Which government do you hear do this with a bunch of criminals? Tell the country of Belize exactly why Pinky was killed. The streets know. He got greedy! The irony is, can anyone in Belize actually say they saw Arthur buried? You know exactly how to get rid of the crime in Belize but it will have to be a drastic move. From sources high up in US government, I know you have US trained policemen who can exact that justice. You see how quickly the cowards got to you when they found those four with their throats slit last January? They were in your office in less than an hour because they didn’t know if it was Cartel or GSU who slaughtered them. Again, you entertained them. I’ve heard you say on different occasions when a murder was committed that the police should have known there would be retaliation. So, are we appeasing these criminals now? If we know there will be so some type of retaliation. let them go and you have GSU and BDF waiting and gun them down in the streets like the dogs they are. Let me tell you the dilemma and conundrum you now face, you can’t handle them and if you bring down the pressure you’re wondering which one of them will get brazen enough to come after you or someone in your family. Mark my word, it will happen. God let Solomon feel his wrath, he let Ralph Fonseca feel his wrath and yours is coming soon. Like what Rude Bwai and Louisville both said under another caption relating to these murders, gun them down mercilessly or as the other said, people will start to take matters into their own hands. My family is large in Belize and believe me they are all law abiding citizens and if one of them happen to get hurt mistakenly or by being at the wrong place , not even the good Lord will help Belize. The only things that separates many of us in my extended family and the streets are a sound education and most of us were raised by parents who were strict and did due diligence. You nor Belize wouldn’t be able to handle what would happen because you haven’t seen murders as yet with that crowd I’d fly in. Decapitations and body parts lying around the city would be prevalent. As I’ve always said, Creole and black people on a whole need to be self sufficient and educate themselves and stop thinking that $50 every two weeks and couple pieces of grocery rations are symbols of a great life. Guess what, LIL Darrel sitting at home smiling and rubbing his chin as he likes to do; he and his dad and waiting for your fall like that of Ceasar.

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