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Sep 2, 2014

Inspector Mark Flowers Launches Personal Attack on Said Musa

Insp. Mark Flowers

Those comments made by former Prime Minister Said Musa on the political podium at Saturday’s Lake Independence convention have angered GSU Commander Mark Flowers. Now normally politicians and police keep a respectful distance from each other in public, but not this time. Flowers fired right back at Musa in an interview on Monday. He wasn’t nice, he wasn’t respectful and he wasn’t tactful. In fact he called Musa’s comments grossly irresponsible and shameless and irresponsible campaigning. And for good measure, he went so far as to call the former Prime Minister a narcissist.


Insp. Mark Flowers, Commander, Gang Suppression Unit

“The kinds of comments are traitorous to say the very least and they are certainly unnecessary. And the danger is what it does. It gives people this sense that there is going to be impunity from crime if ever his wishes were achieved and it is going to create and environment of hostility. Where by his comments this parliamentarian is endangering people’s lives; he gave these people this false sense that they no longer have to do anything legally. They could disrespect or threaten the police or become confrontational even with the police. Which is very dangerous, it is a very dangerous thing if God forbid it ever happens. The former Prime Minster to be endangering people’s lives so very blatantly is worrying. Is it now that you are quoting votes or your popularity by being irresponsible? Is it that you are not satisfied that there are enough problems in this country and that the police needs to deal with these problems. Is it that you are asking the po9lcie to turn a blind eye and the GSU. What is there to gain, to be achieved by those remarks? What purpose or good does it serve this nation? By your insinuation Mr. parliamentarian you are creating an unnecessary problem and endangering people’s lives. You need to stop, you need to correct that, you need to qualify that statement, you need to go back to the media and tell them this is not what you are doing because you put people’s lives at risk. When they get out there and they want to become confrontational with armed members of the force who are highly skilled and will defend themselves. You are endangering innocent people. There are other ways to conduct a campaign other than to endanger people’s lives. You can’t be campaigning at that expense. The sense of narcissism at which it comes. It’s all about me, vote for me and I will give you anything you want including a license to commit crimes. That is how it sounds”


Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Inspector Mark Flowers Launches Personal Attack on Said Musa”

  1. Ali BaBarrow, sez it all says:

    ha ha, traitorous? Put them all in prison.

    Already done my son, the whole country is a prison.

    Ali Baba and the forty are at the front of treason, leading Belize to be a country of criminals run by criminals.

    Thanks Faber for the Favor of the Worst Education in the Caribbean!
    The new bumper crop of gangsters are ready to be harvested.

  2. Ali BaBarrow, sez it all says:

    —> impunity?

    Only for cabinet members, key gang leaders, and those that can pay $$$.

    Mello, time to pay your annual dues.

    Discounts for passports in the months of September thru November.

    Belize a country of criminals, full of cheap sheep. Citizens in name only.

    All hail Ali BaBarrow, Contrerass, Hulse, and the forty strong!

    When the tourist business dries up, the party will get nasty, gnawing to the bone.

  3. alberto lagos says:

    so mr flowers .The Honorable Said Musa cannot said the truth about the nasty work that you are doing beating people and worst attacking old people you not have not shame ,If you do your job in a professional manner I am sure 100% you won`t have no problem and please do not put GOD on this specially when you do not believe in HIM .STOP BEATING PEOPLE ,STOP ASSAULTING OLD LADIES ,YOU BEAT ME FOR NOTHING I WILL BE SORRY FOR YOU ,BELIEVE ME.

  4. Power Balls says:

    Mark Flowers, I dont think Mr Musa said something wrong about the gsu and the police. He said the truth. With all respect I will say you without that uniform look like a criminal that gold chain looks like a very expensive gift if you want to call it that. or you could pass like a drug lord. I know I am way off from the comment but I just had to say it.

  5. Rod says:

    You and this pm and gov deserve anything said about you this gov is just one big corrupt inept impotent gov. That cannot provide the safety of its citizens therefore the people have to take the law in their own hands to solve all these murders

  6. Uncle Benji says:

    Mark Flowers, your hoodlum ways are showing. For a paramilitary police officer, you come across (speech and dress) as a Yabra bwai.

    Musa is a politician, and he said what he said. The man is rallying the votes. There is no need for you to get antsy. Relax man. Relax.

    Get rid of the pimp daddy gold chain. You run the risk of getting shot in the dark.

    I mistook him for a canal side gangsta, your honor. So I shot him. His ugly @$^& chain and face scared me. I was afraid for my wallet.

  7. Mike says:

    I dont think Mr. Flowers said anything disrespectful and other than the truth. I want him to continue searching and catching criminals0I have nothing to hide so even if they come to my house-I am law abiding-these criminals already dont give a fuck so you fight fire with fire or watch Belize go down the drain. Bring back some of those mexicans to cut a few throats and you will see the coward bad men chi for a few months-that is what they understand an fear-not Musa and his human rights like a neoliberal euro capitalist -now go den police and if they lip up and back chat you-slap him since his mother didnt teach him manners

  8. From the West says:

    I now know that Mark Flowers got the post because he is a UDP operative. He certainly is not qualified for the post. I would have to agree with him that Said Musa’s comments are irresponsible.

  9. dats just gud says:

    Should have been no need for this guy to get into this back and forth, Politician(s) will always say things to please the crowed and get votes; that’s the norm that their job.

    As the Boss of GSU his job is to get the job done [People will always complain] and answer to the Commissioner of Police; simple, so what!!!!!! He is showing his hand, now all of Belize knows his colour………

    Then when PUP wins, he will get transferred to “Tim-buk-2″ the last village behind Punta Gorda as assistant OIC……… or maybe he soon retire by then that Y he care not……….

  10. CEO says:

    From the way Flowers behaved in this interview it shows that the claims against his unit and his leadership are in order. I am sure this is the same way he approach problems on the street; unprofessionally.

    Being in possession of a blunt (even though illegal) can never be compared to being in possession of a ton of hard drugs. Weed has always been in Belize but senseless murders, hard drugs and police brutality has only now become the norm in our society.

  11. Pleez! says:

    Everybody who knows Mark Flowers knows he’s an incompetent UDP who has been
    given this post to harrass Southside citizens and try to beat them into submission….Pleez!….what
    i really want from Mark is for him to complete the investigation into the burglary at my home some years ago and show me what happened to the fingerprints they lifted from the window. Finish yuh
    job before accusing others of not doing theirs!!

  12. Gary says:

    So the head of GSU is now saying that they(the police aka GSU) will go out there hurting people because of what Musa said. Now that is VERY WORRYING!!!!!!!!

  13. From the West says:

    Well said “dats just gud”

  14. Govt - ACT NOW says:

    Somebody needs to shape up the cesspool – i said it a year ago and I’ll say it again – tourism will dry up, Belize’s chance will be lost, you can’t stop the internet and communication, amandala publisher points fingers and blames brits, americans, GSU for woes – never coming up with a solution- look in the mirror, there is no accountability – at least Flowers takes some responsibility – and yea, its not me whose house was invaded and I would be upset, but maybe you should be off of your butts helping the GSU with facts, stop protecting slime even if they are family and stop turning a blind eye

  15. Dr. Perera says:

    The marathonic series of Constitutional Amendments have given these criminals the legal authority to walk into any Belizean home, commit their crimes openly and not be held accountable. You just have to see the Belizean news to see the atrocities these men are responsible for on a daily basis. Crime is rampant in Belize and perpetrated by the Belizean authorities. Truth Shall Set Belize Free

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