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Jul 29, 2014

Fugitive Errol Elrington Safe in Belize…

Errol Elrington

Today, attorney Hubert Elrington confirmed what we reported on Monday night that his brother, Errol Elrington, is in Belize and has been here since he fled the US after being interviewed by federal and state agents. An arrest warrant was issued for him in October, 2013, so he is legitimately a fugitive from justice? Errol is wanted on charges of racketeering and Medicaid fraud after he allegedly billed Medicare and Medicaid more than four hundred thousand dollars U.S. for services he did not perform. Errol is also believed to have hired an unlicensed physician who then engaged in criminal sexual misconduct. But while those are serious charges in the US, they don’t appear to be that big a deal here in Belize, especially if your brother happens to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Attorney-General, Wilfred Elrington. It is not known if there is an extradition request from the U.S., but if there would be one, it would be for Wilfred to deal with. But today, Hubert told News Five that it’s no secret…and his brother isn’t really guilty of anything but bad judgment.


Hubert Elrington, Brother of Errol Elrington

“He is here in Belize. My brother, as you know, was a director of medical services in his substantive post up there at a hospital, and he also owned his own clinic, medical facility. And as far as I understand he employed a doctor that represented to him that he had all his licenses and things, but after a while it turned out that this doctor did not have some of the licenses that were needed…and you know in the United States they are very, very strict. They want you to check…and if you don’t check…so it’s really a situation where an employee of his, a doctor, failed to get his proper licenses and was operating in my brother’s clinic. And that’s the situation. Now I understand that my brother has legal experts working for him in the States and they are dealing with the matter up there.”



“Sir I’m not too familiar with the legalities, but there are also charges mentioned in the report of racketeering..Medicaid fraud…is that above and beyond the situation with the other physician that was employed?”


Hubert Elrington

Hubert Elrington

“Well the reality is that if you treat any patient in your clinic and you send any bill to the government and it turns out that one of your doctors was not licensed then you don’t have a right to claim. Everything stems from the rogue doctor that failed to disclose to him that he had not looked after his license. As you know he is probably the brightest of the Elringtons…he was the one who was able to do the physics and the mathematics and things like that without difficulty. So to me it is kind of regrettable that he was not paying the kind of attention he should have been paying but it sometimes happens in life and we live in a democracy. But its not that he himself did anything wrong.”


Hubert said that in his opinion, any situation which would result in a request for Errol’s extradition would never arise.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Fugitive Errol Elrington Safe in Belize…”

  1. lisa says:

    Please he knew the law & did what he did, if it was anyone else they would be happy to extradite

  2. Tarasbulba Martinez says:

    Oh yeah, you cud holla dat mih friend. Dis da noh Pennergate a damn tall my bwai, “Bad Judgement” only work da fuh we country so far. Weh Huert dih seh noh mek no sense as far as billing is concern. Your bredda da noh dih only wan who defraud dih Welfare system da America, he da just wan a dem who get ketch, dat’s all.

  3. Uncle Benji says:

    Aah, the wheels of justice. One down many more to fall. A.G. Elrington is the highest law man in Belize; but now that jis little brother has been caught in the cookie jar, it is time to point fingers.

    I am confident that the US spies and sabotagers stationed here in the US Consulate will be watching how this plays out. A U.S. fugitive on the run and protected by the country’s top gun, Hubert Elrington.

    Belize get ready….. another fiasco, another black eye for our reputation as an emerging country on the world scene.

    If you need a hot passport, Belize! If you need to evade the law, Belize. If you need to get into the drug business, Belize.

  4. Dumb Guy says:

    I guess now there are two reasons to run from the law. One, you’re screaming guilty, and two, well you just love to run.
    I am no doctor but I hear running is good for the heart.

  5. bombocloth says:

    I’m tired of these Belizean Americans who when in the USA want to have a say in our Belizean politics while engaging in criminal activities on uncle Sam’s land. When caught they run back home and pretend to be innocent and play dodge the ball. Be a man and go face your charges Errol; BE A MAN!

  6. Junior says:

    If not guilty why run?? even the smartest people are some of the worst crooks

  7. alberto lagos says:

    He is safe at home of course ,why he do not go to the U.S.A. and face the charges of what he is accused …let me guess…OH, he knows that is not coming back because he will spend a long time in jail for thief ,all of you are a crooks and a bunch of mada fayas corrupts .

  8. daniel says:

    He AG confirmed that this brother is the smartest? remember this guy has a warrant on him, because he wasn’t that smart? now I see why we are in trouble in Belize, with leaders like this. LOL

  9. Belizean Abroad says:

    We all talk about making a change in Belize, we blame the government, and we blame society for corruption; but lets not forget that we are a part of Belize’s society. Now, how can we make a change in Belize’s society? Well, we can start by giving our own self an evaluation. Changes starts from individuals. Stop looking at the faults of others and check your own selves; because none of us were made perfect. Then together with better self adjustment, we can have a better society.
    Now, on another note, both the U.D.P and the P.U.P GOT TO GO!!! We need a new set of parties with people that want to make better for Belize. And that attitude of ‘the other parties thief so we can do it too’ CANNOT be included. We need better leaders, Belize have very successful young people that I am sure can do a better job.
    These conniving old crooks trying to compete to run the country GOT TO GO!
    Barrow, GOT TO GO..
    Elrington, GOT TO GO…
    U.D.P AND P.U.P…. GOT TO GOOOO!!!!!
    We need to start train some new leaders and ensure that they learn that changes comes from with in and working in unity, together WE CAN MAKE A BETTER BELIZE!!

  10. H@tari says:

    Corruption at its highest level. Why the hell is the PM on this? These are the skallywags that are running our country . . . into the ground. This is disgusting! Isn’t there anyone in this government that will do the right thing? Damn them all!

  11. Belizean Pride says:

    “As you know he is probably the brightest of the Elringtons…he was the one who was able to do the physics and the mathematics and things like that without difficulty.” REALLY, but to me he was dumb not to see the wrong doing his co worker was not legally practicing the job he was hired to. over all that being and outlaw he proudly gives credit to his brother, what a joke.

  12. 2cents says:

    He is just delaying the inevitable.

  13. history minded says:

    Didnt know Wilfred had a twin.

  14. mark38 says:

    What an excuse for a family that does something that he knows is wrong and should be in jail. what bothers me is, hope that amount of money and more doesnt come out from our tax!

  15. Tamika S Williams says:

    Worked for him at office years ago. He really is a stand up guy and plays right by the book. I dont think he did any frauding because he is intellegent and would never do anything to jeopardize his license or practice.

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