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Jul 25, 2014

Breaking News: traffic fatality claims 2 lives

As we reported earlier, late this evening a traffic accident took place around mile seven on the Philip Goldson Highway. Two persons died when the motorcycle they were riding on collided head on into a B.T.B. pickup coming from the opposite direction. The two persons on the cycle were killed when their bodies were flung to the highway from the impact of the collision. Police are processing the scene at this time. Mike Rudon spoke to an eye witness on the scene.


Howell Pandy, Eyewitness

“The cycle fly pass me. It hit into wah black truck right pan di side of the road. When ih hit the black truck, it cut away from the black truck and straight into the B.T.B. vehicle and right up ina the air and flat on the ground.”


Mike Rudon

Howell Pandy

“Now it seems that the B.T.B. truck was on its side just by looking at it. Was the cycle overtaking or did it lose control, like you say, when it knock the vehicle?”


Howell Pandy

“It overtake the black truck and while it overtake the black truck, it hit the mirror or something on the black truck and then sake a weh it get away from that it gone over to the left and the B.T.B. truck look like it mi di try get outta the way, but it still hit ahn.”


Mike Rudon

“Could you tell from what you saw whether death was instantaneous for the persons on the cycle?”


Howell Pandy

“When the thing happen, I get out of my car and I gone and the one middle of the road he look like he mi dead right away. But the one of the fence, he mi di breathe for a while and then ih breathe, breathe and then ih stop.  And then we say he mussi dead too.”


Mike Rudon

“And I guess dah massive head and body injuries.”


Howell Pandy

“The one ina the middle of the road, fi he whole face look like it get tear off, but ih mi deh face down, but ih face mash down close and the blood di fly out. The next one on the side over there, he neva look like he buss up, but ih foot broke up. Two ah dehn foot look like ih broke up, but the one weh deh face down there, we neva see nothing like no blood or anything around he. He mi di breathe for a while until he stop.”


Mike Rudon

“You say this happen after five o’clock?”


Howell Pandy

“Bout five-thirty I woulda say more or less. I mi deh inside ah Publics about five-seventeen and I come straight up. So I woulda say around five-thirty.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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8 Responses for “Breaking News: traffic fatality claims 2 lives”

  1. Lydell says:

    I absolutely hate motorcycles. Nobody can give me a million dollars to ride those things. I call them “devil riding horse” One of my good friends Stephen Hall AKA Dj. Scorpio (RIP) lost his life in a motorcycle accident.He had a passion for motorcycles,but his passion for them killed him. Sadly i see people ride these high speed killer machines without any kind of protective gear. These too obviously were not wearing any helmets,nothing at all. Young people think that they cannot die and nothing bad can happen to them. Let this be a warning to anybody who drives a vehicle or rides a motorcycle.SPEED KILLS. In the battle of metal and pavement versus flesh and bones, metal and pavement will win every time.

  2. Eye in the Sky says:

    Bet you anything the drivers of the BTB pickup were drunk again.
    These heavy drinking fools probably could have avoided killing these people but their reflexes were slow as usual.
    I have seen the BTB officials so drunk and rowdy in public many times. It is a shame.
    They should be replaced.

  3. The Verbal Assassinater says:

    Hey guess what lydell, you are a blind drone on this planet! And are probably looking for a 15 second internet fame! Before you come to some kind of random conclusion that they were not riding wearing protective gear…how about you open up your eyes and actually be OBSERVANT!!! The man you see in the street IS IN FACT WEARING A HELMET!!!!!!!

    How about the drivers out there that do NOT care about other people’s lives for the simple fact that they feel they are indestructible because they are in a bigger vehicle then an open motorbike!

    What about the people on peddle bikes that get into accidents from trucks and cars that disregard others and go flying past them in great speeds!!!!? did you remember them too!? Or are you going to say something about how they didnt wear their ELBOW pads or wear a neon reflective shirt too?

    your 15 seconds of fame on this internet news feed is done!
    i sure hope you didnt go to Stephen Hall’s funeral and verbally blast him telling him that his passion was stupid and that he should have been wearing a helmet too!!

    i hope that Stephen Hall’s death was more of an example to you to treasure the people that you care about in your life, and to make every moment count!


  4. grieving family member says:

    Lydell dont comment if u dont know. The motorist was a wearing helmet. He never goes anywhere without his helmet and if u look at the pictures his helmet was there. there are many checkpoints along the northern highway and you can see the picture with his helmet so dont assume things you have no idea .. since you were not at the scene. And the HELMET WAS RIGHT THERE. You will greatly be missed and forever in our hearts. From what the family had he was taking his family member to work when this happened. 2 lives lost but not forgotten

  5. julio says:

    My condolences to the family. Motorcycles are not the problem. Motorists on the streets, they are the problem. I have no idea who is at fault here but I am sure of one thing. Not everyone behind a vehicle follows the rules of the road. If you happen to be a passenger on a vehicle, start to notice how drivers now a days seem too distracted. Not all of them but a there are those, who are on their cell, are texting etc…and they are the ones who will collide into you..or they are the ones who are speeding and not paying attention to proper driving rules and we end up with sad results on the street. I live in San Pedro and thou we do not see too many of those accidents, here bicycles and motorcycles seem to think that they do not need to follow the rules and overtake you on both the left and right. They travel in between vehicles cause they cannot wait. Now not everyone does this but far too many are doing it. If we all followed the rules of the road, this and many future accidents can be prevented.

  6. GrigaMan says:

    My heart goes out to the families of the two men who died in the motorcycle crash. As a fellow motorcycle rider, I can tell you how extremely difficult it is to ride a motorcycle on roads with other vehicles. The drivers of the other vehicles do not pay attention to motorcycles and bicycles, and sometimes refuse to share the road. I can bet that the driver of the black truck caused this accident by speeding up when the motorcycle was attempting to overtake – if that is the case, I hope he can sleep at night knowing that he caused the death of 2 people.

  7. Oliv says:

    please dont say anything if you werent there to witness. its very tragic and the fam is going thru a lot. negative comments will js make it worse… some one died. they left behind fam n friends. lets js offer our condolences and words of healing.

  8. Mickey says:

    ppl ppl.. Firstly, I was out there a lil while after it happened. I saw the police n bodies on the rd and the vehicles and all. ‘Eye in the sky” .. the driver of the BTB was not drunk. he was not even drinking. He use to be a co-worker of mine. I saw him out there ans spoke to him. for the guys on the bike, The driver wan indeed wearing a helmet but not the correct one. Just the one that cover on top of the head and it wasn’t secure properly. The good helmet is the one that covers the entire head n face. If he was wearing the proper helmet securely he wudnt have cruched his face.
    Personally, I agree that a lot of persons on cycles like to drive they wont reach where they are going. Cutting here and there in front of other vehicles etc. Im a driver and im on the rd a lot, so I know what im saying.
    All in all, I just think that drivers need to drive more defensively. When your driving, drive for others on the rd, not just for urself. I believe the system need change how they issue drivers lisncens. A lot of ppl just jump behind the wheel.. There is a lot of things that needs to be known before getting behind the wheel.

    All in all, Drive defensively.. KNOW THE RULES OF THE ROAD!!!

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