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Jul 25, 2014

Belize City teacher found dead in his house…was he murdered?

Stephen Michaels

Early this morning the body of twenty-eight year old Stephen Michaels Junior was discovered in his home at the corner of Jaguar and Tapir Streets in the Faber’s Road area. He was lying in his bed, bleeding from the mouth, with a pool of blood under his head. Police were called to the area at just after seven am by a neighbour who discovered the gruesome scene. The victim was a teacher at the Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist School on Wilson Street. We note that exactly one week ago, last Friday morning, the body of evangelist Oscar Lambey was found dead in the yard of that school. He had been stabbed in the chest and back. There has been an immediate outpouring of grief and anger at the death of Michaels, who was loved in the small community. But was the life of this young teacher snuffed out by someone who wished him ill, or maybe coveted his possessions? Or did he die of natural causes? Mike Rudon has been following the tragic death of Stephen Michaels and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Early this morning shocked neighbours gathered around the small home of twenty-eight year old Stephen Michaels Jr. He lived alone inside this small bungalow at the corner. By eight- thirty officers had processed the scene, and carried the body of the young man on a stretcher into the back of a pickup to be taken to the morgue. His father stood by in disbelief, then fixed the blanket over his son in a last, loving gesture. He heard the news no father wants to hear as he came out his house that morning.


Stephen Michaels Sr., Father of Deceased

“This morning like about after seven I was coming outside, because he lived right in front of me, you know. I was going to the store when my neighbour hollered for me and tell me come, because something wrong with Stephen. She is a lady weh always go and clean the house, tek out his garbage and thing cause he lived alone. When I ran inside and went into the house I found him dead on his bed. He was lying on his back and there was blood underneath his head. That’s about it. Everything was intact. He had on his shirt he slept in, his boxers.”


According to Michaels, there were no obvious wounds on his son’s body, just blood under his head and blood coming out his mouth. The door of the home was found open, and a television set was missing. So were a laptop, phone and wallet Michaels Jr. always left on a table in the home.


Stephen Michaels Sr.

Stephen Michaels Sr.

“He’s a very kind-hearted and giving person, willing to help and go the extra mile for anybody so I noh wah seh right now that anybody hurt a, whichin some stuff missing from the house but I wah just wait for the post-mortem and we go from deh.”


The uncertainty over the manner of Michaels’ death will linger, at least until Monday when the post-mortem examination is scheduled. His passing has left his friends reeling, his family trying to cope. From all accounts the young teacher was a good man, a kind man who lived his life helping others.


Sherilyn Esquiliano

Sherilyn Esquiliano, Friend of Deceased

“For years now he has been one of my very good friends. He was a very kind, tender-hearted person. Anything you needed he was there for you.”


Savanna Williams, Friend of Deceased

“I know Stephen Michaels for almost nine years. He was my great friend. He played a big role at my wedding. I knew his mom, his mom passed away. And it really hurts me right now what’s happening. It really breaks my heart. I cannot say anything more at this time. All I know he was an awesome person.”


Savanna Williams

Stephen Michaels Sr.

“Da wah guy you would like to know. Like I seh he willing fu help, willing to go the extra mile. He was a teacher at the Seventh Day Adventist School…a really sweet person, a really sweet person. You get to know him yu always deh laugh. Many people might know him…they usually see him and his ma da di lee ting they have da bliss…they always inna di front row. Recently they tell me bwoy I just see your son because his mother just passed away last October….you know…it’s rough right now, rough.”


Today, one of Michaels’ friends came to our studios to share her grief. She couldn’t believe the news, since she had been with him on Tuesday.


Bernadette Amaya, Friend of Deceased

Bernadette Amaya

“When I got the news I was shocked because we were at the Bliss on Tuesday night and the three of us that sit together were having fun and he was looking forward to next Tuesday to be at the Bliss again and enjoy the show as per usual. So when I get the news…a friend text me and ask me if I heard that he died and I told him no, I don’t believe that he died. So he said he would call someone and text me back. So he text me back and confirm yes it is Stephen. So right now I am really shocked.”


This morning, the police report stated that foul play was suspected, and classified the death as a homicide. This afternoon, CIB Sgt. Roberto Novelo corrected that, stating that Police were treating it as a sudden death. But it is a loss and a tragedy.


Bernadette Amaya

“Most of all I will miss him every Tuesday, but he always text me every other day and ask me what’s up, how life and things of that sort, so I will really miss him. I would really want to tell them why they take someone so loving, caring, kind person life…he was just twenty-eight. I don’t think he deserved to die that way.”


Police would not speculate about the items which family members say is missing from Michaels’ home. Mike Rudon for News Five.


Stephen was well known to our crew here at this station, he and his late mother were loyal supporters of our local programs. To his family, we offer our condolences.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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  1. Rod says:

    My condolances to this family now you know he was robbed no maybe and murdered now who is to blame we the dumb belizeans who just sit back and take and take and watch our children being murdered in the streets and in our homes and we sit back and do nothing about it ,belizeans it’s time to march on this corrupt impotent incompetent pm and gov now this makes 4536 murders in this country and counting march march enough is enough hang all murderers hang them high get rid of this useless gov.

  2. Lydell says:

    This is the order of the day in Belize.I really feel for the family and friends of that poor teacher.I extend my sincerest condolences. Now listen up, All hard working, decent Belizeans please take my advice. It is time for ALL decent, productive honest and hard working people from north to south to start arming themselves. Get a gun to protect yourself,your family and property. I don’t want to hear about vigilante justice or we are a peaceful people. THERE IS NO PEACE IN BELIZE,SO WAKE THE HELL UP.STOP BEING SHEEP ITS TIME TO BECOME A DAM TIGER. The time for talk is over, screw these thugs. . Get yourselves a gun and if you don’t know how to shoot one it’s time you learn. These criminals don’t have any gun licenses or any sense and they are not afraid to kill indiscriminately. The law should make it easier for our middle class decent citizens to get gun licenses to acquire guns legally . Guns should not only be for rich business men. The citizens have to send a message and start shooting back at these thugs. If we shot back at their asses they will start to get the sense fast. The only thing these criminals understand are guns and bullets so I say give them back a dose of their own medicine. I’m not going to apologize for what i am saying and i am not an advocate of violence, but extreme situations require extreme measures.I believe in GOD, but i also believe in the right to defend yourself against criminal elements. If belizeans want to take these thugs lightly and are afraid to defend themselves then get prepared for the worst. You might as well call yourselves sitting ducks in a pond waiting to be shot. As for me i am no duck, i will defend myself because i don’t take my life and family lightly and so should every citizen. When some thugs firebombed the house of Malcolm X he went and got his AK-47 and stood by the window to protect his family. He said i would have shot anybody in sight. If a disciplined,righteous,principled man like Malcolm-X got to the point that he armed himself to protect himself and his family then so should every decent upright citizen of this country.We live in a democracy and we have the right to protect and defend ourselves under this system. Case closed.

  3. tashybze says:

    I secon that. But Rod not too sure about the Pup part and I really like them but they doing the same just in smaller doses. So maybe we can get some new people in the house just clean it out. And I will stand my ground if any of these fools come into my home. Belize belize land of the crooks.

  4. scared of belize says:


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