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Jul 22, 2014

Hattieville Chairman Kevin Carcamo Still Missing 48 Hours Later

Kevin Carcamo

The family of Kevin Carcamo, the Hattieville Chairman, is clinging to hope tonight. It is forty-eight hours since the linesman, who is employed by Discoverseis, has been missing. A search party has grown to about a hundred strong and widened its hunt of Freetown Sibun where Carcamo went to work on Sunday for the company that is conducting seismic testing in the area.  But even as his wife is hopeful, with every passing minute, there is the distinct possibility that the well-liked chairman won’t be returning home. News Five’s Isani Cayetano speaks with the family and the company representatives in the following report. 


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The mysterious disappearance of Hattieville Chairman Kevin Carcamo on Sunday, in the vast expanse behind Freetown Sibun, has for a second consecutive day seen a group of Discoverseis employees, villagers, as well as police and Belize Defense Force personnel scouring the wilderness in search of the missing linesman.  The company, contracted by Big Creek Holdings International to conduct geophysical work within the block, has suspended all operations and is intent on finding Carcamo at all costs.  On Monday afternoon, a three-hour flyover of the area, an intricate flight path seen here in blue, yielded nothing from above.  By a quarter of eight this morning, a team of BDF trackers again penetrated the area, covering a geographical distance of roughly twelve miles, to no avail.


Marvin Manzanero is the Assistant Project Manager with Discoverseis.


Marvin Manzanero, Assistant Project Manager, Discoverseis

Marvin Manzanero

“I am pretty confident that we’ll find the person, okay.  We won’t give up, you know, that’s part of our team.  You know, Mr. Carcamo is a hardworking guy, he’s very social.  In no way we’ll leave him out there okay.  I guess they would do the same for me and for anybody that works for the company.”


An emergency response plan has since been activated, the family of the forty-three-year-old however, including his common-law wife Shawna Bonner, is tonight with bated breath.  It’s been forty-eight hours and no trace of Kevin Carcamo has been found.


Shawna Bonner

Shawna Bonner, Common-Law Wife of Missing Chairman

“Bwai ih rough right now mein.  I noh sleep from Sunday ‘til now.  I not even eat yet, ih rough.”


Isani Cayetano

“What have you been told, either by the company or those who are in search of your husband?”


Shawna Bonner

“All weh dehn di seh dehn di look, dehn di look.”


That concentrated effort has seen approximately one hundred men combing a swath which extends all the way from the bank of Freetown Sibun to Northern Lagoon, along Line 24 where he was last contacted.

Marvin Manzanero

“We organized a crew to go out there in search of Mr. Carcamo.  Where we were presently working is this area right here, about forty-five minutes walk along the line from the Freetown Sibun, okay, right where this marker is.  This is the location we last…  Where we completed our operations was here right.  From here we started walking out in a single file here, crossing the river in our boats and then driving off to [Hattieville] which is about twenty minutes drive to our Hattieville sub-base”


While Discoverseis is expending all resources to recover Carcamo, there has been, nonetheless, a serious breach in protocol.


Marvin Manzanero

“First of all, we try not to work as late right.  The latest we want to work there is 4:30 p.m. right, because you have to start walking out of the line.  So no one will have the chance, you have time to see.  We also have a buddy system; you cannot be by yourself in the field.  You’re not supposed to be by yourself in the field.  So I’m not sure what actually happened there, you know.  Something got broken there or what happened broke the system actually.  But the system has always worked.  We’ve been doing this for, I don’t know, eight years now, ten years and we’ve never had this type of incident like this.”


Shawna Bonner, on the other hand, is holding on to faith that he will be found alive and well.


Isani Cayetano

“How have you been holding up?  I know yesterday you were in more of an emotional state and today you seem a bit more composed.”


Shawna Bonner

“Because ah done cry already from morning.  I done cry soh.  As ah get up ah cry because ah done used to ahn.”


Isani Cayetano

“Tell us a bit about Kevin.  I know from talking to other people yesterday that he is someone who is somewhat familiar with the area, having hunted these grounds before.”


Shawna Bonner

“No idea.  I neva ask ahn yet and ih neva bring me ya fahn I know ahn then.  And ih neva talk bout back deh yet so I noh know nothing bout Kevin dah back deh.”


The reality, at this point, is that with every passing moment the hope of finding Carcamo alive is slowly fading.  Bonner acknowledges the worst case scenario:


Shawna Bonner

“Dehn noh wahn find ahn.  Ah noh wahn sih ahn.  That’s it with he.  If dehn cyant find ahn dat da di worst thing, ih noh wah come home, ih noh wahn come home.  Ih noh matta how dehn bring ahn home to me, I wahn ih come home.”


Isani Cayetano reporting for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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4 Responses for “Hattieville Chairman Kevin Carcamo Still Missing 48 Hours Later”

  1. fureal says:

    the company is responsible for this man they should have things in place to ensure that everyone is working in a safe environment.

  2. Louisville, Ky. says:

    If in fact there is, a buddy system in place, how did they come out of the bush without him and his buddy wasn’t aware and said nothing? Am just saying……..

  3. Lydell says:

    This whole scenario raises red flags for me and arouses my suspicion. Why the hell didn’t the work crew or gang inform the family and friends that the chairman went missing right away ? Why wait so long to tell his family? What are they hiding? To me this is fishy and i think that the police should aggressively interrogate all those men that were out in the bush that day. Something “no correct”, and the way things are in Belize right now anybody that goes missing unfortunately ends up found dead. I hope i’m wrong this time, but i am also realistic. The longer they take to locate him,then we may as well prepare ourselves for the worst. Again i hope to god i’m wrong.

  4. Georgia says:

    The real question is why(Are people so Cowardly, if you know what happened to my brother, be a man and tell my family the Truth). And the end God is the Judge and Jury, we just need peace!!

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