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Jul 18, 2014

Man claims he was handcuffed and badly beaten by his wife

The following story is about what is known about woman fum fum. A Ladyville resident came to our studios to allege that his wife of one year handcuffed and beat him up badly on Thursday. While we could not reach Natalia Wade, thirty-nine year old Keith Staine claims that they had a quarrel in the morning. After he had lunch at their Ladyville house, Staine said he fell asleep, but when he woke up he was in handcuffs and his feet were bound. When he could not defend himself, his wife hit him repeatedly on the head, but he managed to free his legs and jumped through a window. He was released this afternoon from the hospital with fifty stitches on the head. Staine recounted his ordeal in which he was saved by a police officer.


Keith Staine, Claims He Was Abused by Wife

“After coming from my mom’s house, we got some food and we went home and ate. After eating, I fell asleep. By the time waking up I feel my wife had me in handcuffs. She had me handcuffed behind my back and my feet was already tied. After that she told me that she is going to kill me; that there is no way that I could leave the relationship. She started whapping me, hitting me in my head with a club, which is like a police officer’s baton. She hit me like twenty times in my head. I was saying all the time there is no god but Allah, there is only one god. After that she stopped, she went straight to the kitchen, grabbed a plastic bag, put it over my head to stifled me. I bit the bag and there I burst my lip. She hit me with her finger while I was trying to bite the plastic bag. And then after that, I slowly talked her out of it. I said let me use the bathroom. When I went to the bathroom, I tried to move the tie off of my feet; I took the tie off my feet. Afterwards I tried telling her it is afternoon prayer—trying to make prayer—to calm her down and get her to rational mind. When she said she was going to make repentance prayer, I jumped out the window. I barely escaped with my life because I feared that she would kill me. I was in my boxers; I reached my mom’s house in my boxers. There is an inspector who lived on my mom’s block, Fitzroy Yearwood, he said he was going to call the police for us; he called the police and he was the one who took the handcuffs off of me. I went from yesterday. They saw my head really bloody; they could have arrested her from then…even to today, they said four o’clock they would have come and picked her up. But if that would have been in another instance, if it was a man doing that to a woman, he would have been arrested the very moment. It is not to say nothing else, but I need them to arrest her.”


Duane Moody

Keith Staine

“Tell us about the injuries that you sustained.”


Keith Staine

“I have like forty-five stitches as you can see on your head. And this is after coming from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital; I stayed overnight. They said I can go back and get medication and I took from forty-five stitches in my head and three stitches on my face. All night I was in pain; they gave me pain medication.”


Duane Moody

“Why is it that she would do something like this?”


Keith Staine

“Well we have an incident before it had happened which involved some gas. She opened a gas tank while we had a dispute and it involved the police. I feel really that she is very depressed and she said certain things about she will kill herself or kill me if she don’t want me to leave. She mentioned many times in the past before that she attempted to kill herself, you know. The only thing I can say is that from the relationship every day we argue and it is not me. I try to leave after them but she just continues. I think maybe she needs counselling for her state of mind because she lost her job from the airport and in the past she let me know that she was in a relationship that she lost her husband of twenty years. So we just married for one year, but it is a lot, like a lot of stress she has; I don’t know.”


Staine says that despite making a police report, his wife has not been detained. And as we said, we have not been able to reach Wade for a comment.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “Man claims he was handcuffed and badly beaten by his wife”

  1. Uncle Benji says:

    Funny story. It made me laugh, and I needed that. Funny.

  2. candise smith says:

    I think this guy is getting exactly what he ask for. I’m a neighbour of him and his wife and this man always been beating on this woman like she’s a dog or something. I bet she’s tired of it and take matters into her hands and do something about it. Its time for women stand up and take care of themselves because there are some real brutal men out here. My two sence!!

  3. buaywatchout says:

    Unbelievable the odds of finding yourself with a crazy woman who snaps and can kill. This woman needs some serious help, she should not be in a relationship with no one until she is mentally stable. I hope children are not involved. As for the husband the Bible says if your life is in danger “FLEE”

  4. Karen says:

    Maybe you’re right Candice Smith but I must say that for someone with only two senses that was a brilliant deduction… that’s just my “two cents”.

    Lol sorry I just had to call that out, it was just so off.

  5. Here we go again says:

    First of all Uncle Benji, violence is never funny. Whether it be incurred on a man, a woman, a child or a dog! Sometimes it is best to keep our comments to ourselves unless we know the story behind the story. Now this woman sounds like she is crazy and mentally unstable. But why? Because the unstable gentelman up there used to beat her up! Her course of action was not the best way, but his actions caused this. I hope they BOTH get the help they need. Her for being a battered woman and him for being a batterer.

  6. sly deceiver says:

    This dah weh ih get fi take advantage a dih gial the man beat up the gial repeatedly and was dumb enough to think that their would be no consequences to his actions. You should have stopped the first time u got away with it but nope u wanted to learn the hard way.

  7. Lydell says:

    Domestic violence, street violence,all violence is sin and evil. it seems that people in Belize are going crazy. The young men are blowing each others brains out in the streets. People are being kidnapped,dismembered,or disemboweled, and women and men are beating each other to death. What the hell is going on with people in Belize? The politicians take everything and we a contented to fight and kill ourselves. it’s like nobody have any dam sense in Belize. I don’t know about you,but this makes me ashamed to be a belizean. Our country has gone to the dogs politically,domestically and socially. When will people wake up and become socially conscious. It’s like we don’t care about anything. If you can’t live with anyone then do what i do and live by yourself. There won’t be anybody to fuss and fight with. I’d rather be alone than unhappy and abused. I won’t beat any woman so ain’t no woman alive going to be beating me brother .Straight like that.

  8. CEO says:

    Look Ms Lady! When you go to court just tell the judge that you do not know how it happened and he must have been drunk and fell down and hurt himself! case closed!

    I am a man but I cannot be sorry for you breda! For that woman to have done that to you she must have gotten really fed up with yuh r ass and all you have done to her! Next time sleep with one eye open.

    I agree that no form of violence should be the first approach but even Christ broke out the whip once in the Bible!

  9. equlity4all says:

    Although this incident may seem funny, I am more than 100% sure dat if it was the woman who was handcuffed and beaten all the people commenting on this issue would not use the word “funny” or would not say she deserved it. This is exactly what is the problem with today’s society. I believe in equality and this should not be undermined or discarded due to the fact it was a man who took the beating. Its sad how society is slowly putrefying itself with such ignorance on behalf of its people.

  10. Ashley says:

    Dont try to be smart karen infact yyou’re already dum because you shoud only make comments on the matter not the mis spelled of other people mistskes! Now this man is my cousin and he’s been mentally ill a longwhile now and due to that he’s been taking it out on his wife that was trying for him. He’s my cousin and will not take his side!! My 10cents.

  11. lisa says:

    People help ur own especially if they mentally unstable just praying ain’t gonna work. Duh

  12. justice says:

    I am not sorry for him at all. You got all you deserved if you were abusing this woman . However we also need to look at the other picture; if she was successful in killing him that will be another woman behind bars . one more mother away from her children . Mr. Staine you are wrong for putting your hands on her . Please remember abuse comes in different forms . he might call u names , be little you . stop it from the first time it happens . Let him respect you . Before its too late .

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