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Jul 15, 2014

Missing 13 Year Old Found by Police…!

Delita Roca

A teen went missing last Monday; while she was located early this morning, there is a grim side to her story. Her mother is troubled because she has seen symptoms of pregnancy but her daughter is only thirteen years old and her boyfriend is allegedly a much older man from Orange Walk.  The predicament for the Department of Human Services is where to place the pregnant girl. News Five’s Isani Cayetano was in Willows Bank and files this report.


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The whereabouts of thirteen-year-old Delita Roca, officially reported missing by her mother on Monday, after a week of frantically searching for the minor, has raised serious concerns about the state of affairs of her family.  The teenager, a resident of Willows Bank Village, is said to be pregnant.  According to Delcie Roca, this is not the first time that her daughter has gone missing and that she has history of lying to the social workers about her location.


Delcie Roca, Mother of Missing Teen

Delcie Roca

“Me noh know weh ih deh, ih noh tell me nothing but anytime ih go to di social worker ih tell dehn dat me know exactly weh she deh.  Why should you di listen to wahn child?  Me noh know weh ih deh, me cyant give ih whereabouts none, none at all.  No time I know weh Delita deh.”


Isani Cayetano

“But you are the mother.”


Delcie Roca

“And I dah di ma, I da di ma.  But I get di blame because I noh know weh ih deh and then ih deh bout ih own business and ih go and lie to di social worker and tell dehn lone lie that me know weh ih deh.  Me dis and me dat and me tara and you know what is true, me leff she lone because me cyant deal wid she because she lone lie to me and lie to me.  I put she eena high school, she walk outta first form, actually walk out, cuss di teacher, tell ahn ih wahn choke ahn and she walk out.”


While an official report was not filed at the Ladyville Police Sub Formation whose jurisdiction covers the Belize District, including Willows Bank, Assistant Superintendent Christopher Noble says that officers from his branch visited the residence in the River Valley community earlier.


ASP Christopher Noble, Rural Executive Officer

ASP Christopher Noble

“I learned of that situation via electronic media this morning.  Subsequent to that I had a meeting with my supervisor that is from that area.  Persons were tasked to visit that area, nobody was at home; however, the person, the mother is known to be selling in an area of the city.  That area was checked on and we learned that the child had been located through a relative I believe it is and is now being dealt with by [the Department] of Human Services and the police in the city.”


Delcie Roca

“Di fuss time she run weh she gaan da Orange Walk da ih sista place, tek ih sista key, get eena ih house and do weh ih wahn and deh bout pan di street like she big.  She only thirteen years old.”


Isani Cayetano

“Now I understand that she is pregnant…”


Delcie Roca

“Well that dah weh I could sih, as far as my eye could sih.  Ih tell di social workers dehn nothing noh wrong wid she but to my knowledge ih lone sleep home, ih noh do nothing, ih lone gat toothache, then sudden one ih titty geh big, ih belly geh big.  Dehn seh dehn noh sih no belly, well I see it.  So we need fi du wahn test.  Ah bring ahn ya three months ago, ih run weh, ih look right pan me and tell me “mommy weh you wahn do test pan me fa, I sexually active.  I di have sex.”  So ih neva do no test.”


ASP Chris Noble

“On our side, the name is familiar.  The child had gone missing previously and was located in another district by the family and her return was safe.  To say anything more I cannot because it is now my understanding that [the Department] of Human Services has been involved so they will be dealing with the rest of it, you know.”


Delita was found at the residence of a relative in the general area of downtown Belize City sometime around eight o’clock this morning.  While she remained in police custody up until this evening, officials from the Department of Human Services were in contact with the mother to determine her living arrangements going forward.  Of equal concern is the fact that she is pregnant at thirteen-years-old. Isani Cayetano reporting for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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6 Responses for “Missing 13 Year Old Found by Police…!”

  1. sly deceiver says:

    This is a 13 year old child she does not have the age of consent. When will the man who impregnated this child be charged for rape?

  2. Timber says:

    It’s tough but sometimes we have to practice some serious “tough love.” Too many of our families are broken, where, it’s usually the father that’s absent. However, that doesn’t mean that a single mother cannot raise her child. I’ve seen friends and even the mother of my own child ,who had both parents at home and the family was quite dysfunctional, because the parents weren’t on the same page. The children are the ones who suffer. Unfortunately for mine, the mother continued the same trend for herself and trying to raise said child; instead of wanting better for her child, so the cycle continues. I’m viewed upon as the monster father because I stress education and discipline but yet I should be the “cash cow.” Gone are the days when the saying ” it takes a village to raise your children.” Many of these parents don’t want you to tell their kids anything; they or the child curse you out when you attempt to correct them. This mother may be trying her best, considering the circumstances, to try to provide for her children. This may mean that she’s gone for long hours and the children are basically left to raise themselves. Without proper guidance, they get loose. Then, we have a very inadequate social system, whether it’s family or institutional support. Social Work is one of the most stressful and ungrateful professions in the entire world. You’re overworked and underpaid and stretched thin. Belize doesn’t pay attention to this, and another area of concern we should focus on is clinical and post partum depression, as seen recently with this young lady. Then, it seems as if the social workers have no sense. How can they listen to a child when the mother is telling them she doesn’t know where she is? My advice to you M’aam, put her out. Let her hit brick wall. Let her feel what it is to go to the “School of Hard Knocks. Anytime she doesn’t have anywhere to lay her head and food to eat and, most of all, getting her behind beaten by this older man, she will come to her senses. Believe me, the physical abuse will start because all that is , is a control thing by the male and he will restrict her every movement. We’ll see where she’ll run after the baby. Sound cold but I’m being realistic.

  3. sickntired says:

    This lee gial weh drive ih ma crazy. Social really need fi step in and help. While i tempted fi say throw ah out mek ih learn di hard i guess di poor ma still love ah and will continue to offer shelter. Once she turn18 di ma for sure need fi throw di trash out.

  4. As I see it says:

    Wow, well said Timber so true the Bible talks about love and love only, but surely if we do not develop some ‘tough love’ which I have always subscribed to, we will get depress and not good for ourselves and depression is expensive to maintain, somebody has to tough up so that they can bounce back and this is what this lady is doing. Perhaps she is trying her very very best and the young lady simply does not understand,. Am sorry, the Bible says to honor our parents even if they are crack head or an alcoholic or otherwise,it does not give any conditions, and infact it says if we do so, we will have longer life. Ephesians 6:1-3 (the point is very very clear, and even if an individual but a guardian, the same holds true).

    No matta what, parents want the very best for their children and they simply do not get the sense unless they connect out here, cause out here is the bare reality check and she will one day come to know, as my mom used to tell us,,,,,,,,,,,’how barley grows”. We all need to keep in mind that a strict parent is a successful parent……… way around it. We owe our parents respect respect no matta what. As children we were thought very very early that NO meant NO so that when we disobeyed we paid the price,but guess what we benefited cause our parents were serious and I we certainly benefit today as children. Let’s analyse it… if you are driving down the street and a sign is marked stop………. and you insist on not stopping what will be the cost? You can kill yourself, well the same holds true when our parents say stop we should obey or else it may just cost us our lives, it is simple life is one plus and we see it daily…….. LISTEN, OBEY AND BE BLESSED.

  5. Al Rich says:

    @Timber, you are so right. Some parents have walked away from their responsibility. These young women are not being raised, they are being dragged up. If the child see the parent living a horrible life, the child will not respect them. If there is no love in the home, these kids will take sex for love.

    Then again there is nothing for these kids to look forward to. There are no decent jobs, no really good recreation for them. Belize is truly a country with very little hope and not much to look forward in life. Yet the government people get richer while the poor get poorer and have babies they cannot take care of.

    The law needs to move on this quickly, if the man who impregnated this child is not charged for rape, this will continue over and over.
    Parents in Belize have a way of cursing their children instead of building them up. If someone says a nice word to them they fall for it, men know this and they use it.

    Hold the parents responsible too.

  6. moses says:

    As Ive said often on this site, “mango get ripe different time” and even ih mommy kiant do nothing bout dat.. We keep equating sexuality with age, there are exceptions to the rule. When the birds call the bees, like I said not even mommy kian do anything bout it. Even if the girl was forced to wear a chastitiy belt with lock and key, she would fine a way to do weh she want. Bible have nothing to do with this. You ever see a cat in heat; thats why they call it, here pussie, pussi pussy pussy.

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