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Jul 15, 2014

Lands Commissioner speaks on Novelo Land Dispute!

In April 2014 Orange Walk resident Jose Novelo came to the media for help after a lease to a piece of land he had claimed and farmed for over forty years was given to somebody else. That prompted the Lands Department to look into the matter, and they promised Novelo they would investigate. But the once bitten twice shy Novelo decided to pursue his legal options anyway. So what’s the status of the parcel of land today? Well, Commissioner of Lands Wilbert Vallejos Vallejos says they had planned to return the land to Novelo…but before they could do that Novelo took them to court.


Wilbert Vallejos, Lands Commissioner

Wilbert Vallejos

“I had said that we had done our investigations, and the last report we had gotten from the district office was that in fact Mr. Jose Novelo was the one who developed the land. I also said that whoever we discovered developed the land we would consider to have the best claim over the land. I remember that two days after that Mr. Novelo called me when I was on a talk show and I explained to him…because he said he listened to what I said in the interview and he was concerned that the story was not being told to me fully…I told him we’re doing an investigation and the investigation is going to tell us who in reality is the one who is developing…we have to go out, ask neighbours and things like that. And he asked me the question – what if you’re unable to decipher who is the person who is doing the development, and I told him that if we’re unable to do that we would have to refer the matter to the courts so that the courts could decide who has the best claim over the land. Well, we were able to find out for ourselves that the land was in fact developed by Jose Novelo, but before we were able to turn the land over to him, the case proceeded to go to court. We’ve informed the Solicitor-General’s office of our intention to give it back, so he is supposed to have communicated it already to the judge, so we are waiting for an outcome to that case.”



“So the lease which was granted to the other gentleman has been cancelled?”


Wilbert Vallejos

“Well no. The lease hasn’t been cancelled. Like I said we were going to proceed to do that after I gave the interview, but a day or two after the matter went to court so because the matter was furthered into the court then we have to wait and see what the court will say. If the matter hadn’t reached court then we would have been prepared to take that course of action in favour of Mr. Jose Novelo.”


In this case no compensation will be due to the other party who was granted a lease to the land, despite it having been developed by Jose Novelo for more than forty years.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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1 Response for “Lands Commissioner speaks on Novelo Land Dispute!”

  1. As I see it says:

    So true Mr Vallejos, I concur I know exactly what you are talking about I remember that at one time an officer had to be released cause he took pictures (ie. lands inspectors are equipped with digital cameras by the way when inspecting lands throughout the country) saying that a lot was developed with his digital camera when in fact an officer was sent out he following day and confirms that their was absolutely no development on the land…………….now imagine? he intentionally inspected the wrong lot………wow sad eh? He was written up and released. He was fronting for his friend and buddy when infact nothing was on the land. That would have qualified the person to purchase the lot, but the officer was lying and so the property did not quality. And it is also true that the CLS Mr. Vallejos and the Minister cannot go on the ground and inspect the land, they take it as authentic, and infact take these stupid officers report which is and IR an inspection report, an on the ground inspection and they take them at their word and so herein lies the problem. When will officers understand to work honestly, above reproach, with integrity and do their jobs the proper way………….? Sad, sad sad….. Mr. Vallejos processes files piles and piles of files on a daily basis, and assumes that the paper work is good to go…………….trusting these officers, and it back lashes. This is the essence of the story and so it changes hand from one person to the next because of these inconsistent lying officers who insists and still insists over they years in performing recklessly and without a GOOD CONSCIENCE. MY goodness, sad indeed…………….why will monitor these guys and the CLS cannot go on the ground, if so betta they pack them up, send them home and get others to do the job who needs a job and will work honestly. The ting is they come innocently in the system these young politically appointed people, dress no puss back foot, no even know their jobs, learn the ropes and the system, trained by those already in the system who seem untouchable, yet are corrupt and they they take it from their and get corrupted and then the who system turns upside down, through quick ‘GET RICH SCHEMES, COUPLED WITH ILL GOTTEN GAINS’. Lands is like a BIG DRUG RING department that seems untouchable, irreparable and ir-reformable . Sad reality……. its like a MAJOR CARTEL okay……………..

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