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Jul 2, 2014

HIV/AIDS 2013 Report shows 241 new cases of the disease

Marvin Manzanero

At the beginning of June, the Ministry of Health, through its National Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and other STIs Program, released its 2013 report for the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the country. The results were damning. It showed that over the past three years, the number of new cases of the virus has remained almost constant. Two hundred and forty-one new cases were reported overall, but the data is showing that there are more men affected with the disease. News Five spoke today with Director in the Ministry, Marvin Manzanero about the statistics. 


Marvin Manzanero, Director, National Programme – HIV/AIDS

“What caught people’s attention was that we kept highlighting for the third year in a row that we are seeing an infection seemingly higher in the male population despite the fact that they are being tested less frequently or in les numbers than the female population.”


Duane Moody

“Tell us about those numbers sir. My understanding is that there are upward of two hundred new cases when it comes to males in that report.”


Marvin Manzanero

“We had two hundred and forty-one new HIV cases total—male and female—when you look at the total amount of males being tested versus females, the ratio is significantly higher in males which is why one of the screening strategies that we are trying to implement more aggressively this year is to screen more males. For example, during the month of June when we had activities leading up to regional testing day which culminated last Friday, we were targeting particularly males. So we would go for example to the workplaces where males are higher in numbers.”


Duane Moody

“What is attributing to the increase in numbers? Have you guys been able to determine what causes this?”


Marvin Manzanero

“The thing is that I think we are getting better data. I am unable to tell you whether this trend wasn’t there before. We started to look at this three years ago when it comes to the ratio. In the past you almost had a one to one ratio, but I don’t think anybody was looking at total amount of females being tested, total amount of males being tested. Once you start breaking that information more, you realize it is more males seemingly because you have more infections but having less tests. There can be many factors. Men having sex with other men could be a factor and you know from the BSS study done in 2012, prevalence rates there was close to fourteen percent. But males may also be at higher risk simply because they are away from home perhaps and the work area in which they are make them more susceptible; drugs might be a factor. Males being perhaps engaged in higher risk sexual activity could be a risk factor. We do know and it has been proven that the men having sex with men would be a special subset that would have a higher prevalence. But part of our strategy is to simply target men so that we can give you a better picture to where the epidemic is.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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5 Responses for “HIV/AIDS 2013 Report shows 241 new cases of the disease”

  1. Louisville, Ky. says:

    Bam!… si deh? Facts are stubborn things you know. Stats again, are proving what Professor Bain had the testicular fortitude to stand up in a court of law,and say. And the numbers aren’t even conclusive, since much less men have been tested than were women. One can only imagine just how much more damning the true statistic will be.
    Careful Mr Manzanero, you might be next on the chopping block for revealing such cold, stubborn facts. Remember, these men having sex with men (MSM),have backative (pun intended),all the way up to the White House in D.C.
    Rather than burying their heads in the sand like the ostrich, believing that their debauched lifestyle will not catch up with them, this MSM crowd need to pause and check out the ‘real situation’.
    Oh…..and while unnu di do that, give back Professor Bain ‘e job!

  2. dead rod says:

    Rod this is the cause of corrupt GOB right?

    Mr. Manzanero, why do you say that men having sex with men? seems you are attacking the LGBT? Do you have any proof of that? Be professional.

    Men do practice high risk sexual activities? Duh!!! It could simply mean that men are sexing the same dutty loaded females, john crow man, you know them.

    It took so long to take in consideration the ratio of testing? DUH Statistics 101. Educate unu self public servants.

  3. sickntired says:

    Oh lawd women unu start mek sure unu man get check or wear a glove cause unu no know who di do what with them ting a ling. Some dem man nasty too – tek batty den com back to di woman or dem like check out skettel and den ker back disease to di home. If you want love wear a glove.

  4. Carlos says:

    Some women are worst than men, especially the ones working in those office with positions, I know some of the them telling their husbands or common-Law that they have meeting or working late, yes working late with other men, check after hours, custom officers, Immigration, police from the boss right down. Then when they go home a tired, they can’t even pay attention to the children much less their man. And the foolish men accept their lame excuse and make supper, clean up and the sketel just bathe and sleep.

  5. Rod says:

    This gov is lying to the public in Belize half of all the men in this country have aids it’s just another failure of this gov. To educate the people and then they lie about the facts another cover up I see this pm and gov. Can cover things up better than anyone I have ever seen but you are only fooling yourself udp under your watch even aids has risen dramatically unu good fu nothing nothing but dark days since unu have been in office.

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