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Jun 24, 2014

U.S. Ambassador is greeted with a protest

US Ambassador designate Carlos Moreno arrived in Belize on Saturday morning to take over from his predecessor, Vinai Thummalapally. The retired California Supreme Court Justice turned diplomat made it official with the presentation of his credentials to Governor-General Sir Colville Young this morning to begin his diplomatic tour. But there was a slight glitch to his welcome. Even as his term gets underway, his appointment has been criticized by anti-homosexual activists. They say that Moreno is pro-LGBT and has been sent to Belize to further the homosexual cause. Today there was a small protest on the Belmopan Ring Road outside Belize House to greet Ambassador Moreno. Mike Rudon was in Belmopan and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Exactly five protesters carrying placards greeted new Ambassador Carlos Moreno as he headed to Belize House to present his credentials to the GG. These protesters, led by Belize Can president Patrick Menzies, are opposed to the appointment of Carlos Moreno.


Patrick Menzies, President, Belize Can

Patrick Menzies

“We’re out here because the new Ambassador of the United States to Belize is presenting his credentials and we oppose the fact that he was the only judge to go against Prop Eight in favour of families in California and was selected by Obama just like he did in the Dominican Republic of sending them a homosexual ambassador. We now have one that supports the LGBT agenda.”


That’s their story and they’re sticking to it. They premise their opposition largely on a position taken by Moreno when he was a Supreme Court Judge in California in 2009. That position was in support of gay marriage in that state, and according to Menzies, that’s enough to determine the cut of Moreno’s jib, so to speak.


Patrick Menzies

“He basically said he would teach us to obey international law. Reality is that the US…and that is my understanding and I could be wrong and I wish they would correct me if I am…the US ambassador is an agent of the US. They are sent out to spread democracy, not homosexuality. But this is Obama’s new democracy. Obama’s new democracy is homosexuality and that’s why we reject it. Because this man, this man is the only judge that fought against Prop 8 in California which defended families against gay marriage. This man has plans very evident to come and teach us a lesson. The only lesson I want him to teach us are the good lessons from American. America has great things. Bring us and show us the great things. And if you want to withhold your money, keep it. We can eat bananas and mangoes before we eat your beefsteak and go to hell and damn our nation because the bible teaches that the land will be cursed because of homosexuality. So we invite Mr. Moreno to keep his beef steak. Let us eat our bananas and oranges and mangos and you can just stay out of our business.”


So even as Moreno held cordial discussions with Governor-General Colville Young this morning inside Belize House, outside sentiment against him was far from cordial.


Patrick Menzies

“I don’t care what his personal view is, but I don’t want him to bring that to Belize. If he feels that everyone should be gay, that’s his personal issue and that’s between him and God…”



“But sir, he’s not gay…”


Patrick Menzies

“I didn’t say he was. I said if he feels that everyone should be gay…that’s an example I’m giving…if he feels that he should promote homosexuality in California, keep it in California. This is Belize CA, Central American…not Ca for California. Don’t get your CAs confused. Ca is California there…C dot A dot is Central America. Keep your trash in America.”


Will Omar Sanchez

Will Omar Sanchez, Protesting US Ambassador’s Appointment

“Jesus Christ died for everyone…for alcoholics, LGBTs and whatnot…so the church is standing for everybody. So this is not a matter of hatred. It’s a matter of love. But the prejudice is not on our side. We are not against homosexuals, or lesbians or whatnot community. We are in favour of these people, but they are misinterpreting us as the church. So when we talk against homosexuality we are not talking about homosexuals. We are talking in favour of them because we want to help them. But they need to agree that we help them over. So it’s a matter of prejudice when they say that the church is disseminating a kind of hatred against them. So I would definitely ask the Ambassador of the US to please respect tour laws because our laws are based on moral values which we need to protect and stand on.”


Menzies led a protest of only five this morning, even though there have been many anti-homosexual voices raised in past months, especially from church related organizations. He says that he has no problem standing alone because his God is a macho God.


Patrick Menzies

“If I am far out there, I have not whipped the members of the honourable House yet…neither have I overturned your tables. I’ve never done that. If I am extreme, then Jesus Christ must be Taliban. Because he overturned tables and he whipped them. So any person out there that claims Christianity…if you believe in God, you must believe in some limp-wristed sissy that you want to call Jesus…my Jesus had a backbone. If yours doesn’t then I am sorry for you, but mine does.”


Duly recognized US Ambassador Carlos Moreno left Belize House at a few minutes to eleven. The protesters had already departed, their message sent in no uncertain terms. Mike Rudon for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “U.S. Ambassador is greeted with a protest”

  1. weh rasss says:

    Patrick Menzies is a media wh$#3. The people hold the signs have no idea whats going on. Why is he always at any protests? If there was a protest protesting protests I wonder which side he would be on?
    Anyone there protesting the US guy should also show up and ask to have their US visa revoked.

  2. oscar965 says:

    There is a word for people who behave like this: Hypocrites. Stop living in your fantasy world! Belize like any other country has gay people, we all have brothers, sisters, cousins we know who are gay or lesbians. Let them live their lives. Gay people form part of all communities in the world. It would seem that these people just want their 5 seconds on national news…

  3. LaadHaMercy! says:

    While reading this, I was simply dying with laughter at Mr. Menzies’ claims and use of constant contradictions. His critique of the new ambassador is quite amusing. I cannot understand why he thinks the ambassador wants everyone to be gay! This fight for homosexuality is not the fight for EVERYONE TO BE HOMOSEXUAL, it is a fight for HOMOSEXUAL INDIVIDUALS TO GAIN RIGHTS. He is simply misleading the public to believe all this disgustingly misplaced information. Also, the statement made, “bible teaches that the land will be cursed because of homosexuality” contradicts his earlier statement of “America has great things. Bring us and show us the great things”. You cannot serve two masters at the same time.
    Mr. Sanchez’ overall statement clearly displays that he seems to be lost about the topic on the whole. “So when we talk against homosexuality we are not talking about homosexuals. We are talking in favour of them because we want to help them. But they need to agree that we help them over” is said by Mr. Sanchez’ and it was simply so hard to contain myself at the outrage I felt. Firstly, speak as though you know exactly what you want to say and simply state your point! Secondly, who in their right mind would want help form individuals whom are (apparently, I suppose, since he makes absolutely no sense!) against your choice of sexual orientation?
    I would like to believe myself to be a neutral party, but listening to these despicable statements and accusations simply irks me!
    Get the facts right and get some communication training, Laad Ha Mercy!

  4. CEO says:

    Blah blah blah blah!

    There will always be those we do not agree with in this world. It does not matter if the difference is religion or different lifestyle or different thought patterns. Democracy allows differences! We need to learn to get along!

    Seems as human being we always have a good reason to murder and berate another human. In some countries you only have to look different and you may end up dead.

  5. Power Balls says:

    Mr. Menzies. You are a nasty ugly guy!!! Should I protest about that? You are so scared about gay people. You know why? BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE!!!! Yes you are just in the closet. We can see it in your face and the way you act. Just come out of the closet man you will feel a lot better.
    You should never insult God that way ( I guess you are still mad at him the way you came out). I think if you want respect you should respect others. Mr.Moreno I apologice for this @&&. We Belizeans are better than this wannabe what ever.
    Mr. Moreno welcome to Belize. Please make sure your goverment do something about this poor man called menzies. He is very disrespectful to you to your president and all the americans. Looking forward to your new agenda.

  6. Liberty and Freedom says:

    No matter which side of the coin you are on, we are talking about the Belize Constitution. If the great colonial power, America, continues to buy Belize we will lose our sovereignty. Yes, they are buying us. Police trucks with American flags; Harley Davidson motorcycles from the police in California, military equipment. How much money is being funneled to the GOB to buy our politicians. A poor country is ripe for take over by colonial powers. Wake up Belize, you are being sold out by the GOB.
    If weh rasss loves America so much, please move there and leave us in peace. Our country is known for it’s people and natural beauty. We are free; let’s keep it that way. We do not want Yankee masters.

  7. Concern says:

    If there are those among you who have problem with the stand Menzies took to record our displeasure with the LGBT agenda, don’t for a moment think, that talking about numbers that weren’t there that he was on his own. We did not have to be there, but trust that 90% plus of us is with him all the way. We don’t have to flex our muscles at every occasion, because we already made our statement last year and we have not and will not waver! Jules was trying to insinuate that the people have drop the cause, soooory Jules, WE WILL NOT CHANGE OUR MINDS WHEN IT COMES TO OUR KIDS.

  8. Love says:

    If you have problem with Menzies, you have problems with more than 90% of us! Our family and kids come first under our protection and we will not waver that!

  9. Guerra says:

    What matters most is that the Ambassador know where we stand, and for some of you who think you can do with our kids as you please, think again! Don’t let us repeat ourselves, because you should know better.

  10. Billey says:

    Yes…many of us have gay brothers and lesbian sisters, and we support them, and will support them when then come dyeing from the many illnesses that plague the LGBT world, so don’t for a moment think we are ignorant of the fact that they exist, but don’t think that is reason enough for you to try to convert our innocent kids into that lifestyle. They are too precocious to us and we will not allow for that to happen. Keep your shit to yourselves and we are OK with that!

  11. Love says:

    Power balls if you think your balls are powerful, don’t for a moment think the word Christian mean , we will lie down and allow anyone who want to walk over us or on top of us, that we will just take it. Not when it comes to our kids!

  12. Citizen says:

    Laad Ha Mercy, just in case you don’t know, or you do know but prefer to play dumb, the churches have helped suffering lesbians and gays more than any organization in the world. You see, when you are healthy, you are a loudmouth, but when hit left right and center by many different things going wrong in your body, you become meeker than a lamb, because that is where this agenda you want to spread will take you.

  13. LaadHaMercy! says:

    @ Citizen, I did not clarify my statement. When I was speaking about not wanting help from “them”, I had not meant Churches or religious orders. I clearly understand and have read of accounts as to some orders and religious individuals accepting homosexual persons into their community and that is a wonderful and kind act to which I gladly applaud those whom do. It is rather the idea that something is very wrong with them and they need “help” that upsets me. It is as if you are telling a child to stop crying while beating them. It is simply illogical to believe that individuals would come to you (religious order, or other) for help if you are oppressing their freedom of expression and choice of sexual orientation.
    PS: I never did like lamb. Beef is more my taste ;)

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