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Jun 23, 2014

Love triangle turns ugly in the west – 2 cops beat up a taxi operator

Allegations of excessive use of force by police officers are commonplace in the media and reports of brutality are no longer as sensational.  But for one San Ignacio resident who has found himself in the middle of an alleged love triangle, the wanton act of violence followed him from his home where he reportedly busted his wife being dropped off by a ranking policeman to the Santiago Juan Layout, not far away.   On Thursday night, Ernesto Chan was allegedly attacked and badly beaten by two officers, one of whom is said to be romantically involved with his wife.  The affair, according to Chan, is taking place right at the San Ignacio Police Station and his wife is the Clerk of Court on the second floor of the same building.  This afternoon, he stopped by our office to share the details of his ordeal.


Ernesto Chan, Victim of Alleged Police Brutality

“About seven o’clock in the evening, I took a, I went home and took a food for my daughters and I asked my daughters if their mom had reached home yet and they said no, so I took food for them.  So I came out and worked for a while again because I had calls and I went out to work and, you know, that was like minutes to eight and I was feeling tired so I went home.  While I was parked in front of my house, you know, where I usually park my vehicle, I saw this maroon Suzuki Sidekick came, you know, and parked in front of my vehicle and I saw my wife Violetta Chan coming out of this vehicle and this vehicle belongs to, the owner of this vehicle is Sergeant Victorin.  So, at the same time, you know, they reached and my wife came out of that vehicle and went into the house, into my house, I had a call from the same Santiago Juan Layout, a client from Santiago Juan Layout.  So I went, I was going to pick up this client, so while going to pick up this client I saw this vehicle, you know, coming right behind me, you know, with a you know, like chasing me.  So I continued and on a curve, like almost reaching to this client’s house, you know, this vehicle just overtook me and I saw it’s the same maroon vehicle that dropped my wife at home.  So I pulled over to the side and he came, this vehicle just pulled up right beside my vehicle, so both of us were like, you know, like side by side and then this Sergeant Victorin, you know, he just came out from the passenger side and he pulled me out, he took me out from my shirt, you know, and he dragged me out of my vehicle and he told me, “Mr. Chan long time I wahn f-ck you up, long time.”  So I said well, so he punched me in my mouth, when he punched me in my mouth you know I almost fell so the other one, the driver of that vehicle was Corporal Rodriguez.  So he came running too and he pushed me down.  When he pushed me down, you know, I dropped in the drain and the two of them they just, you know, like they just beat me up, they beat me up, you know.  This thing that happened to me is because I have a strong ground that, you know, my wife is having an affair with a senior police officer and we are still going to court, you know, we’re still having court cases.  So, for me, this was a set up for me because, you know, as this vehicle, you know, with the two officers, a maroon Suzuki Sidekick left my wife at home and they followed me, you know, this was a set up for me.”


Isani Cayetano

Ernesto Chan

“Now, I understand that your wife is the Clerk of Court in San Ignacio and you were accosted and assaulted by police officers attached to the San Ignacio formation.  Where did you make your initial complaint?”


Ernesto Chan

“Well I made an initial complaint at the San Ignacio Police Station on that same night, on that same evening when this beating up by police occurred.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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10 Responses for “Love triangle turns ugly in the west – 2 cops beat up a taxi operator”

  1. San Ignacio says:

    Sergeant Victorin is a disgrace n should be fired. Police officers who used the law as there means of causing harm to others should be removed. Mr. Chan dont hold back take there corrupt asses to court and have them charge and when that is done find them one by one. those police are too darm nasty and distasteful

  2. H@tari says:

    Lets see if the system works this time. Odds are that it won’t.

  3. Emma says:

    Sgt Victorin is well known to do those kind of activities to try break up families. Also he is well known to abuse innocent people and Cpl Rodriquez and nothing is done about it. Instead Cpl Rodriquez got promoted to Sgt for abusing and condoning illegal things. Fire both of them. Police will not investigate their own but cover for each other.

  4. As I see it says:

    Mr. Chan disloyalty in itself is a crime, go deh strong the Bible condemns it strongly……. this is surely a sad, sick and rather embarrassing situation as adults we need to learn to behave ourselves regardless if you are husband, wife, police, mother or father.

  5. ratty says:

    police officers are like vampires, love blood.You will never hear they beating gang members,only hard working taxpayers. If i assault a police officer, i should be arrested.They beat the boy for his wife. Tell you what they want and beat you when they want,condoned by the head of police. Cow know weh part weak fence de. All NCO’s

  6. Coco loco says:

    Day by day, time by time these police officers keep taking advantage of human beings like themselves. No one is better than anyone! We are all equal…. Time to freakin time these asses make their position get to their head!!! They even beat people up in the cells like if they are animals. Even when it comes to family affairs or domestic problems those disgusting gutless spineless police officers make it their business to spread people’s private business to anyone who ask!!!! We won’t even talk about the police officers in Bulllet tree!!! Those scandalous bastards…Doesn’t confidentiality means private or secretive? How can we even trust them!!!! We need people with great understanding and their head on their body to be police officers… Not scumbags and assholes!!!! This is the reason why our country can’t take a step forward.

  7. truth machine says:

    Mr. Chan’s story is the side of a true adventure of a very sick and disturbed taximan . We talking about a taxi man who masturbates in the bushes whilst his wife is asleep. We are talking about a taxi man who has been given a protection order due to his delusional and aggressive behaviour. Both police officers had just brought the clerk a court from a drug destruction in Benque Viejo del Carmen. They were being followed by Chan. The actions of the police officers were of victims in this ordeal. Mr. Chan now seeks to tarnish and demean the status of a very working and strong mother of four.

  8. truth machine says:

    Those two police officers are now at the mercy of those who share a greater sin. Those closet commentators who share there personal comments hidden behind the wall of their computer. They might not have the guts to speak to their family and employer the way they critic individuals through this medium. But mark the words of Satan Himself ” Codex Gigas Page 146 Line 8


  9. truth machine says:

    SO lets be less quick to judge the actions of your human fellow beings. For with mine own eyes should i look within the darkness of your dreary lives, the sin that would come to light would dampen your spirits and give re-birth to the glory of sin. Watch with interest, comment with care but most importantly act within reason. For when man fails in reason then i capitalize in stupidity

  10. Coco loco says:

    Well Truth Machine, brutalities to human beings is a No-No!!!!!! You shouldn’t be scandalizing the guy like that! It is his business! Let him be. Point blank!!!!

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