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Jun 20, 2014

Alleged rape victim refutes claims made by Adil Abdullah


Adil Abdullah

A nineteen year old woman alleges that bail bondsman Adil Abdullah raped her on June thirteenth in an area off Mile eight on the George Price Highway. She has provided specific details to the police saying among other things that the sexual abuse happened when he was to take her to an apartment and that he held a gun at her and destroyed toilet paper he had used to clean up.  On Thursday morning after days of police investigations, Abdullah was charged with one count of rape. After his arraignment, he refuted the allegations in an interview at his house and with his family. He showed text messages on his cell phone purportedly sent by the young woman with whom he claims he had an affair six months prior to the alleged rape. The matter is now before the courts but his morning, Abdullah’s claims were countered by the young woman who is a mother of one child. She says she had only met Abdullah twice and that was last week. For context we also include Abdullah’s comments followed by those of the young woman.


Adil Abdullah, Charged with Rape

“Threaten me and she text me and she call me and she told me that if I don’t give her four hundred dollars that she will get me into problems with the police. And as you could she on my phone the text that you see that I show you that she was in contact with me by the Digicell to tell me to call her which I never call her there. She called me and she talk back to me and ask me where could she come and meet me and I did not answer her that day.  The conversation was about four hundred dollars she wanted me to give her to get an apartment to move out of her man house because she say her man treat her very bad and that she is not living with her man. That is what she said.”



“How does this make you feel to know that the police say that they will investigate and even though you have witnesses or alibis you are still charged with a sexual offence like this?”


Abdil Abdullah

“Well it make me feel very bad because the girl know that that is not true.”


Voice of: Rape Victim

“When I heard the news last night on TV I was so upset and he is just trying to cover himself because he knows exactly what I am saying, what is said to the police did happen on Friday. Why would I put myself in a position, put my name out there, my reputation? I mean come on, I am a nineteen year old mother of one. This man is wealthy and he has a reputation. Why would I threaten him for four hundred dollars? That doesn’t make any sense any at all. Why would I threaten somebody who deh out deh for years and wahn veteran just for four hundred dollars?  I mean it doesn’t make any sense any at all. And if you guys, the viewers who are listening tonight if you guys watched the news last night, Channel 5 and Channel 7, he gave two different versions of his story, it completely states that he is lying. He is just trying to give me a bad reputation. I had no affair with this man, no affair any at all. I only met this man twice and that was last week. On Wednesday and I met him on Friday that was the only time I met this man in person. I had no affiliation with this man no affair with this man. And of course his family is going to back him up because they don’t want their dad or their husband to go to jail but I will never put my life at risk and my life on the line or my young child for what? For fame, for popularity? It doesn’t make any sense any at all.  There would be records of the text message and as I mention to the police I met this man and he gave me his number. I texted him, he called me, we had a conversation and I only texted him to bargain about the house that he supposedly said he had at eight miles. He is only trying to use what I said against me to make me look bad. But if the police does a thorough investigation and they deal with the matter as I gave them detailed information where we were at specific points in time, proof is going to be there, that yes what I said had transpired on Friday. And what I can say I am not afraid, I am not backing down and I am taking this to court. I am not going to back down, I am not afraid. And if God is with me then no man should be against me.”


Abdullah also goes by the name of Errol Bishop; he has been charged before, back in 2000 for sexual assault, but was freed when the victim did not appear in court. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “Alleged rape victim refutes claims made by Adil Abdullah”

  1. OriginalWoman says:

    Well said girl….. Cudos to you!!!!! There is no part of what you said that does not sound like the TRUTH. I commend you for speaking out despite the fact that, this man has WEALTH which definitely coincides with POWER. You are a good example for women of all ages. Your life could definitely be in danger as well as your reputation, because there will always be those who believe you are low enough to be going through all this for a mere $400 when as you point out, you could have asked for much more considering how rich he is. I support your fight and bravery to come forward and expose this perverted, evil sicko. From what I hear he has done this many, many too many times before. You are the only one to come forward to seek justice. They let him (a rich man) go on bail, but another (poor) mam is locked up for raping a another female. Wow!!! My sweet Belize where are we becoming? Our sons are being murdered almost on a daily basis. Our women abused in high and low places. This young woman needs and as much support as possible and I am definitely one of her supporters. Go girl hold your head up high. You have integrity, pride and good character, we can all see that!! I saw the old fart’s interview and he talk like the typical pervert and liar that exists everywhere in our world. You already started winning this case from the time you revealed the monster for what he is!!!

  2. Louisville,Ky. says:

    I just hope that the criminal justice system maintain it’s integrity and justice gets served in this case.
    This man Abdullah has a reputation. Let it not be this time, he gets off again, now because of his money or his connections.
    I believe the young lady. Why would she make up such an embarrassing story at the expense of her dignity and entire future, for what did he say… $400.00?
    Abdullah needs to do some time in Hattieville, so that he may get the sense and correct his ways.
    If not, then it’s going to be more of the same from this rapist.

  3. Black American says:

    SMH.. He appears to be pathetic! The courts or Magistrates should see he had a previous encounter as such and the victim was afraid or embarrassed to appear in court. He struck AGAIN!! I hope and pray the rape victim is/will be okay and have the courage to go through with prosecuting this “unsatisfied at home, on the loose, piece of crap of a man!!! U had no rite to violate her. May the Most High deal with you and other offenders like yourself accordingly…

  4. Just saying says:

    This man is sick and should be put away.

  5. sickntired says:

    This man need fi serve time. How on earth the system keeps letting him get away with it? I hope this poor girl keeps courage to the end. I am sure this man family will be happy to get a break from him – more than likely he di abuse them too but inna these hard times they will not speak against him. I hope all these young girls finally get justice.

  6. Goodness says:

    I have this huge problem with Belizean girls, its too common in Belize among young girls, they like to threaten guys with this rape thing. This man must have activated some sort of sexual contact with this girl nd she accepted but she wants to use him first nd he’s not letting that happen nd she just staining this man’s rep. This is has happened to me many many times….. talked to a girl she give both oral nd body confirmation then the following day is a different story! She act like she has never seen you before just because her request for $50 top up was declined, she will tell her friends oh that guy tried to force me to have sex with him, all kinds of stories that NEVER happened…. Grow up Belizean girls!!!!!

  7. aij says:

    girl you have all our support, i hope the system does provide justice for you.

  8. The Truth says:


  9. alberto lagos says:

    Where are those organizations that fight for abused .I do not hear anything regarding this issue ,may be because she is not a politic figure,again Belize is the only country where the cork sink and the iron float,this man should be on jail ,he got money? so what ,what happens when a poor guy commit a crime he go strait to jail, where era those “honorable”judges they should be arrested too.

  10. Reality says:

    This piece of worthless being should be put away. After he has finished beating his wife at home, and does not allow her to go anywhere without his consent he wants to hurt other women. BE GONE ! He is no use to the Belizean population. I hope he goes straight to hell and burn forever.

  11. Uncle Benji says:

    Errol, Errol. This bwai has always had a problem with women. Growing up, he and his brothers would visit from the States with their latest junk car, but for us young kids that was impressive.

    Driving his car around town, Errol would try to pick women up. If they refused his advances, the bwai would get antsy, especially with young black women. He wanted it by force or violence, but he wanted it.

    Over the years, his name has changed, his religion has changed; but the bwai is still slime. By the way, (and I am just asking) did Errol do time in a U.S. jail? What was the crime?

    Look at the track record people. Look at the track record.

  12. disownmicountry says:

    These brothers have a reputation for rape & murder. Older Belizeans know about this. I believe every word of this young lady. I pray that this lady gets justice.

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