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Jun 19, 2014

Minister says San Pedro land dispute due to glitches at Lands

Gaspar Vega

That story was done in San Pedro at around midday today. At almost exactly the same time in Orange Walk, Minister of Natural Resources, Gaspar Vega, broke the news that his Ministry had cancelled the lease issued to Tropic Air. The title issued to Construction Depot will stand because it is a title, even if it was only issued in April 2014. The minister seemed uncomfortable as he spoke about what can only be described as a comedy of errors. But comedies are usually funny, and we’re absolutely sure that looking to lose an investment of two million dollars, Tropic Air doesn’t find the situation the least bit humorous.


Gaspar Vega, Minister of Natural Resources

“The lease has been cancelled. It’s an error that the Ministry made. It’s an error coming long before 2008 and instead of rectifying it…we tried to rectify the problem and another problem gets done. I’m going to be honest and say it’s a problem created by the Ministry…how to say it…the errors were not calculated. It was just a human error and it has compounded problems. We have tried to mediate so that we solve the situation and it has gotten out of a little control and we are hoping that it will settle quickly but it’s not…you know it’s an error that the Ministry made, but it’s an error that started long before 2008.”



“But specify the error. Tropic Air should not have ended up with a lease for that entire tract of land? I know that numbers were mixed up between Miss Pou and Mr. Feinstein as well.”


Gaspar Vega

“What happened is that there was a lease issued. Another lease was issued for that same piece of land. A title was issued to Mr. Feinstein on a land that he did not survey just by wrong numbers. And when we rectified, by then a lease was issued to the other party and that was the complication. But I’m certain that we are going to be able to settle it. I wouldn’t want to say more than that Jules.”



“But Tropic Air is at the disadvantage now because their lease has been cancelled?”


Gaspar Vega

“Well yes because Feinstein had a title. So that’s where we are. We’re trying to see if we can have both parties compromise along with us to see how we can fit them. Neither one will be able to get what they want. But we are hoping that will be the conclusion.”


This evening, News Five spoke to C.E.O. Steven Schulte who told us that it is the first time he has heard anything about the cancellation of any lease. 

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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8 Responses for “Minister says San Pedro land dispute due to glitches at Lands”

  1. curious says:


  2. Rod says:

    I say the two of you sue the living #%<^ out this corrupt thieving gov who are so stupid I wouldn’t put them to mind a hog pen much less run a country.

  3. Timber says:

    Tell me, how did Feinstein get a title when you already had a lease issued from 2008 to Tropic Air? This bumbling happens all the time in your department. Belmopan can’t access files for land in the Belize district area an vice-versa. You have inept workers at the two major hubs who don’t know their jobs nor want to do their jobs. I’ve overheard and have had firsthand experience of some rude people of some employees in those departments, specifically one called Ms. Quilter who has a nasty attitude. She sits on her phone on personal call in front of the public, answers her co-workers when she feels like it and gets up and just leaves the office. Back to this San Pedro mess. I thought that GOB had set a precedent a few years ago that no title should be issued to anyone unless there’s at least a semblance of construction going on, if it’s even a post or a fence. How did Feinstein get title without submitting proper survey documents to Lands? Enquiry minds want to know which one of your hands were buttered.

  4. Wake up Belizeans says:

    Another $$$ transaction by the crooks running this small country!!!! I totally agree with TIMBER. First of all how can a TITLE be issued to an individual or company without firstly having a lease on their possession?? So now government is sending out a message that this could be done? So stupid!!Because they give others so much hell just to get a F*#&! lease. Another thing, the rule is that a title could not be granted if no development on the land, yet Feinstein could get his and got it so quickly!!! So much corruption happening and yet there is no one doing nothing about it. Its so humiliating. The people could move a country but we need solidarity and unionism!!! These leader we have are so corrupted and incompetent. They are not suit and will never be able to run a country how it should be. All they are doing is filling their damn pockets with the people’s money and getting the country deeper into shits and mess. COMMON PEOPLE LETS SHOW SOLIDARITY AND RULE ALL THESE GANG OF INCOMPETENT GROUP OUT!!!!!!

  5. ribery says:

    This happens when you put incompetent people to do the job only because they are family or voted red.

  6. Nesher says:

    If Tropic Air had a lease since 2008, why would vega cancel their lease and not Feinstein’s who only recently applied for the land????? As far as I’m concerned and on previous cases where GOB has “erroneously” done this, the ORIGINAL applicant is given first choice since they made the initial invest to apply for said property. He may be from Orange Walk but he sure is a master FISHY man

  7. Just another gringo in Belize says:

    Wipe out the land office. Completely automate it and get rid of these blood sucking dirt bags.
    I have been waiting 4 years for a title and keep getting the run around. I like to knock the living s##t tt out of the people at lands dept.
    Everytime something needs to be done they want a bribe.
    This is a country that has broken down of all social order. England needs to take it back.
    Independence? For who?
    Erwin, Vega, Barrow. . In any other country of the world they would be in jail,for fraud,extortion, theft and a litany of other criminal offenses and strung up by their balls.

  8. Wilfrid Alonzo says:

    If anyone wrote a book on how to create a third world country the Barrow administration would be the example. How in the world can these men represent our nation. This man can barely speak properly or even speak critically. What a shame is guy represents Belize.

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