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Jun 12, 2014

The leaked Auditor General Report – Ady Pacheco says Elvin Penner took immigration files

According to Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA, the Auditor-General’s report recommends that Elvin Penner, Director of Immigration Maria Marin and others be charged criminally for their roles in immigration corruption. That report was leaked to COLA earlier this week, and because of an upcoming court case, the organization is not disclosing it in its entirety. But the media was summoned to a press briefing this morning for a disclosure of sorts, a peek at what appears to be an explosive document with far-reaching repercussions. Mike Rudon was at the briefing and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Eight months after the Auditor-General’s investigative team went into the Immigration Department…there is still absolutely no official word on the findings. Today, though not from official sources, there is. A copy of the report was leaked to COLA, and this morning they allowed a sneak peek at the report which they say is damning.


Geovannie Brackett, President, COLA

Geovannie Brackett

“I know the media will ask today why we haven’t given out this full report, but when you’re dealing with something as serious as this, it’s not about media frenzy. We’re not giving you one, one files for you to run behind us because that’s not our style. What we are doing is we are consulting with our attorney and we don’t want to prejudice the case. But at the same time, because this report is very damning, it is important that we release to you what we can.”


And release they did, starting with what COLA president Geovannie Brackett calls the Peter Pan story – not to be confused with the fictional character. This Peter Pang is a proud Belizean – not by right or by following due process – but with some help from another character called Elvin Penner.


Geovannie Brackett

“Meet Peter Pang, formerly Yui Pang Chen, a native of Taiwan, born in 1958. He first set foot in Belize on April tenth, 2013, fresh off United Airlines flight one four zero seven from Houston, Texas. He then proceeded to get a nationality certificate, passport and change his name, all in a little over four months without paying anything. Pang applied for his nationality certificate using two Belizean recommenders who swore to knowing him for one and three years respectively, despite signing the forms one day before the passport application. There was just one problem though, he had never set foot in Belize prior to April tenth and never lived in Belize. But that didn’t stop Penner from signing his certificate.”


Peter Pang is one of five persons who were scrutinized by the Audit team, though attorney Kareem Musa says the list is by no means limited to those five.


Kareem Musa, Attorney for Private Prosecution

Kareem Musa

“For one, none of these five individuals had ever set foot on Belizean soil before they received Belizean nationality and a Belizean passport. Two…none of them had permanent resident status. Three, the signatures that were found on the passport application forms did not match the signatures found on other legal documents. You can draw your own conclusions as to who signed those passport application forms for those five individuals. Four…the nationality certificates for all five were backdated, and the Auditor-General report says backdated by Elvin Penner. Five…the names of the two persons who recommended persons applying for nationality…there are two individuals who say that they have known you for two years, three years, four years to satisfy the requirements. Let me tell you…the Auditor-General’s report calls two names…two names that happened in each of these five instances. What is the chance of that…that these very same individuals know all five of these individuals…none of whom had ever set foot in Belize.”


Remember Ady Pacheco? She’s a senior nationality section staffer whose name appeared on many of the nationality certificates signed by Penner. She also shed light on another matter – those missing nationality files which Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse says have confounded him.


Elvin Penner

Kareem Musa

“According to Ady Pacheco…Elvin Penner visited the Immigration Department in September of 2013…and as you will all recall this is around the time when this immigration scandal broke. Penner went into the Immigration Department in September of 2013. He waltzed in there…requested the Won Hong Kim immigration file, along with others, and he waltzed right out with the immigration files in hand. Now I don’t know what you all call that, but I consider that to be theft of government property.”


But even more interesting than that is another claim by Pacheco that Hulse knows exactly what happened to those files because she informed him via letter.


Kareem Musa

“Do you know that when Mr. Penner came and retrieved these files from the Immigration Department, Ady Pacheco prepared a letter…a letter with a list of all the files that Elvin Penner stole from the Immigration Department? And do you know who Ady Pacheco gave that letter to, with all the names of all the Immigration files that are now missing from the Immigration Department? Godwin Hulse has in his position the list of all of the files that Elvin Penner stole from the Immigration Department.”


In an interview with the Audit Team, Pacheco claims she did certain things because she felt intimidated by then Minister of State Elvin Penner. Mike Rudon for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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5 Responses for “The leaked Auditor General Report – Ady Pacheco says Elvin Penner took immigration files”

  1. TheTruthForThePeople says:

    so when penner has in his possession, immigration files, its is theft! why does’nt Kareem Musa say the same when Arthur Saldivar has 150 so called immigration files. From my knowledge he only surrendered a few. let musa request for the arrest of saldivar for the remaining files. LET US ALL BE TREATED EQUALLY!

  2. belizean@heart says:

    ay ay,elvin penner,elvin penner againnnnnnnnn,its known he must pay for his crime,and done..dean barrow u are a criminal also covering elvin penner,and also mr hulse is a criminal covering it up,while he knows what exactly went wrong with the files and he the fool,fool the media and the Belizean people in believing his LIESSSSSSS..godwin hulse need to go to jail also,dean barrow and penner and all others involved.

  3. Timber says:

    Exactly what I said on June 10th under the caption “Auditor General Report Leaked…”, some of these public servants are innocent but do illegal stuff for fear of victimization. Both political parties are guilty of it. I’m still yet to hear Penner an Godwin Hulse being arrested. Castro is also tied up in this. He has a lot more to lose though. I don’t think that he realizes what the repercussions are for writing false recommendations for people to get visas. I’ve also seen two bogus documents here in the US that he signed for a couple of folks who came on visas to the US in hopes of staying here. This isn’t over as yet because Arthur Saldivar still hasn’t played his hand as yet with the information he has about these files.

  4. Curious says:

    SHAME, SHAME,SHAME. The man weh seh e mi wah do weh wid korupshan, Barrow. Di champian a antikorupshan wen e paaty mi eena opozishan, Hulse. Dah how di lee kriol frase go? Dawg eet e vamit. How demya two bally ruff up d PUP dem. Da weh Musa deh? Ah no yer am at all. Dem ya hipokrits, Hulse n Barrow fall rite down eena poops. Di Barrow mi di talk like di PUP dem da guile, poison, no good fi Belize, and how deh lambase up Musa.
    Now dah weh u kall dis? Yu see Barrow, wen u spit eena di sky, e fall pan u face. U da di leeda bredda. U respansable pappy. Hulse mi di sujjest dat da Saldivar have di files dem. What a disgusting shame. Big time cova up. Cola, dig deepa eena di Castro situation too. A bet unu wah diskova wah pandora bax deh too. Go Cola, Go Cola. Nuff respek, and fi see unu neva have money fi hiya wah lawya. Ah hope di Hulse figa fi pull outta immigrationda, resign u raskal, resign. No mo respek fi u. Run di komishana a police too. All ah dem weh di kooperate wid Barrow n krukedness. refudn d guy e money whe get charged fi give to Castro. Unu kantinue dig up, dig up.

  5. Patriot says:

    Penner stole files from Immigration department Office.
    Saldivar stole the files (to be disposed) from the garbage dump.

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