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Jun 12, 2014

PM Barrow on Belize’s Music Ambassador, Shyne

The Prime Minister’s son, Shyne, is Belize’s music ambassador, and has been since April 2010. It was officially announced in a ceremony where Shyne was placed as head of the music program at NICH. That never went anywhere, and Shyne left for Israel shortly after. He’s now going by the name Moshe Levi Ben-David, but whether Shyne or Moshe, he’s still Belize’s music ambassador. He’s come under scrutiny recently from a small group of Belizean artists who want better representation from their ambassador. But those artists will need to look elsewhere, since Prime Minister Barrow says that Shyne’s title doesn’t really mean much.


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

Dean Barrow

“The goodwill musical ambassador is just that you know. He doesn’t get paid. He doesn’t get a stipend. He doesn’t get an allowance. He doesn’t get any assistance to take trips to promote Belizean music. Because of how big he had been before his regrettable fall, I thought, hoping that he could regain former glory and rise to former heights, that there is absolutely nothing wrong in calling him a goodwill musical ambassador because as I said it costs the government nothing. It reminds me of a story. I noh wah get like wah man inna di House weh start to tell we bout wah governor wife and Don Emilio. I’m reminded of a story. There’s a Guatemalan who was visiting and he was at the park in San Ignacio and one of the shoeshine boys came up to him and said, Coronel…may I shine your shoes? And the man said, well yeah but, he was travelling incognito…how do you know I am a coronel? The shoeshine bwai seh man I call everybody a coronel.”

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8 Responses for “PM Barrow on Belize’s Music Ambassador, Shyne”

  1. Rod says:

    This is the answer of a bafoon damm

  2. Bzn says:

    It’s not about whether your SON is being paid, Prime Minister. He holds the title “Music Ambassador” and he didn’t give the title to himself! It was officially granted by Daddy…umm I mean the Government of Belize and officially announced. It is not unreasonable that he would then be expected to represent Belize (and not embarrass us) and to promote our music! If the boy isn’t performing and he’s confused about who he is, then time for someone else to take a crack at the job! Remove your empty cranium from your rectal cavity, PM! Contrary to what you seem to think, Belizeans are not stupid. Fool di talk but da nuh fool di listen, Dean Barrow. Goodwill Ambassador is a title of honor and from what your pickney has shown the world, there is nothing honorable about him nor YOU for that matter.

  3. Joe Blank says:

    How dare you question the King?

  4. By that Token, then have 10 Music ambassadors says:

    Dean Barrow adjusts his moral approach according to the scenario. He does not have solid moral orientation. I think he thinks he’s smart, but he’s just a hustler who gets you how he can. If he can’t pick your pocket, he’ll drug you, and if he can’t drug you, he’ll outright blindside you with blunt force.

  5. me says:

    Mr Barrow, if its only an honorary title, why leave that title with your son when you know we have better representation in the musical population of belize……

    First name that comes to mind is Supa G!!!!! Shyne doesnt even sing Belizean Music!!!
    Doesnt sound like he even knows how to speak Creole!!!!

    Come one Barrow, not only your family must feel success and honor in Belize.

  6. Ali BaBarrow protects his 40 says:

    Ali follow your son, go to prison.

    Besides having similar leadership skills, by the same analysis, this PM of Belize is not worth much.

    Both are useless to Belize.

  7. Al Rich says:

    This man is so stupid. He gave his son a title to bring him back to his former glory. The people of Belize needs this man for what he is a total idiot. He cares nothing about the people just himself and family. He talks about the glory his son once had and wanted to get it back for him, what about the other young people who would like a chance to build a better life.

    I believe what Barrow thought was that by giving him a title, this boy would be able to go back to the USA. It seems like all his friends from his glory days have moved on without him. JLO certainly has, not even sure she remembers the name of Shyne.

  8. Reynaldo Soberanis says:

    I agree with the ppl but at the same time I sit bak & think. At this point Shyne I don’t think he should hold this so called position. he has a lot to prove to Belizeans world wide. Shyne is talented as with so many Belizeans artist. We as a nation are not being recognize in the music industry. Especially over seas. I think the position should be giving to Supa G. If it’s music Shyne wants to do mk he go concentrate pon dat.I myself along with pears have form a music group, that is also in the states under the name BCMG. Were really trying to put Belize pon the map. At this moment as a citizen wear being scrutinize because of the crimes. Lets show the world a different Belize. I been in New York since I was 7 I got deporte at 33 & now I will be 38 this December. Time is holding on my side for now, so I’m pushing for a change. Shyne as a human is allowed to go threw things in his life. he’s been true a lot. We all have & sometimes can’t get our life together. It might look so on the out side but only u knw what you carry. I wha see we get it as a nation & not fall as a City.

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