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A Tribute to a Belizean Icon, Jennifer Lovell

A Tribute to a Belizean Icon, Jennifer Lovell

A Tribute to a Belizean Icon, Jennifer Lovell

The Death of a Belizean Icon

Belize is in mourning following the passing of one of its most cherished and iconic figures, Jennifer Lovell, affectionately known as Jenny. Jennifer Lovell passed away in her home in Belmopan, leaving behind a legacy of dedication, compassion, and service that has touched countless lives across the country.

Lovell, who was in her early seventies, was well known for her bubbly and positive personality. She was a staple on Channel 5’s KTV The Remix as a permanent judge, a role she had embraced since the inception of the popular show. Her lovable character made the audience fall in love with her and appreciate her insights and iconic facial reactions. Throughout the seasons, Lovell coached and grew Belizean artists. Her popular catchphrase, “I love it,” became an instant crowd favorite. She then gained an additional affectionate name: “Jenny ‘I love it’ Lovell”.

A Tribute to a Belizean Icon, Jennifer Lovell

Jennifer Lovell as Judge for the KTV The Remix Season 6 Auditions

Her presence on the show was marked by her genuine enthusiasm and candid commentary, which endeared her to viewers nationwide. KTV host William Neal said, “Jenny was a really amazing human being. She had the incredible talent, not just in singing but to make you listen and make you feel seen. When she said ‘love it, love it, love it’, that is what she was all about.”

Lovell was also a recurring guest on Channel 5’s Open Your Eyes, where she provided guidance and advice on several social issues, such as mental health and domestic violence. In her recurring segment, ‘Bruk It Down, Miss Jenny’, she spoke on several topics, including self-care, how to communicate with women, generalised anxiety disorder, and divorce. Undoubtedly, the wealth of knowledge she shared has helped thousands of Belizeans. Channel 5’s Chief Executive Officer, Marleni Cuellar, knew Lovell for almost her entire adult life. “The Jenny they saw on TV is the Jenny in real life,” Cuellar said. “She really did make you feel like you were special. She really would tell you like it is. She was just a lovely person to be around.”

A Tribute to a Belizean Icon, Jennifer Lovell

CEO of Great Belize Productions, Marleni Cuellar

But Lovell was more than just a bubbly, lovable on-air talent. She was a Belizean who dedicated her life to the development of the country.

A Legacy of Service in Mental Health

Jennifer Lovell was a revered mental health professional who dedicated her life to the betterment of her community. With an extensive career that spanned work with both the Government of Belize (GoB) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), Lovell’s contributions to psychological services and organisational development were profound and far-reaching. Her expertise in mental health and her tireless advocacy made her a pillar of support for many in need. She did volunteer work with the Belize Defence Force. She was scheduled to be at the BDF base in Ladyville this morning for the completion of a two-week course that Lovell and four students from the University of West Indies (UWI) led.

A Tribute to a Belizean Icon, Jennifer Lovell

Major Megan Aspinalll

Major Megan Aspinalll runs the wellness centre as the wellness officer. She told News Five, “Miss Jenny has been with the force for over ten years. She started off volunteering in terms of going to different camps, talking to soldiers about mental health and their wellbeing. About five years, it went more in-depth in terms that we needed to give them more counselling than just the pop in talks/session.”

Many people might not know this, but Lovell was a retired Navy officer. Before her illustrious career in Belize, Lovell served in the United States military, where she honed her skills and developed a strong sense of duty and service. Her retirement from the military marked the beginning of a new chapter, one in which she would become a cornerstone of mental health advocacy and support in Belize. “She loves working with soldiers, and she wanted to volunteer. Miss Jenny was here as a volunteer to help the soldiers of the Belize Defence Force,” said Major Aspinall.

A Tribute to a Belizean Icon, Jennifer Lovell

Jenny Lovell’s desk at the BDF camp.

“Most of us are still in shock because the last time we saw Miss Jenny was on Tuesday when she said to us that she wasn’t feeling well but the lady from UWI could continue the training, and then to hear today, she passed. We are still in disbelief.”

Lovell was the first director of the Community Rehabilitation Department in 1991. Minister of Human Development Dolores Balderamos Garcia said, “She served with distinction in that role, and she is also currently our senior trainer for our community and parent empowerment programmes under the Department of Human Services.”

Lovell’s work extended into critical areas such as domestic violence and marriage counseling. Her commitment to helping individuals and families navigate difficult circumstances showcased her dedication to fostering healthier, more resilient communities.

Jenny Had Talent

The beloved icon was able to be an excellent judge on KTV and its variations because she was a singer, a great singer. Lovell was the lead singer for the Mission Singers, a group of twelve individuals created for the Mass in Blues album, a collection of songs composed and written by Francis Reneau. He first heard Lovell sing many decades ago at Saint John’s College, where she was studying. “That is when I thought, this voice is exactly what I need.” He said, “What I was attracted to was the quality of her voice. There was a purity of song and her understanding of music even though she may not have studied music the way I had studied music was actually something quite natural. It was quite astounding that she could actually turn a phrase in music that was communicative and expressive.”

A Tribute to a Belizean Icon, Jennifer Lovell

Francis Reneau, Composer and Writer

The pair also collaborated on a second album, Celebration. “The last thing which I did with her which was ‘We are Belize’. All through those times she has been a source of strength for me as well because she was a very bubbly personality. She was also a very force right person. She will tell you exactly what she thought about something. I will miss her a lot.”

A Final Farewell

During the opening of today’s Sitting of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Johnny Briceño said, “This morning the nation woke up to the sad news that we lost Jenny Lovell, the incomparable Jenny.” “That voice, remember Mass in Blues—I guess one of the most, probably the best album Belize has every produced with Frankie Reneau. All of them were just little kids when they took out Mass in Blues. She was a national treasure.” Also sending condolences was the Minister of Home Affairs, Kareem Musa.

Online, Belizeans from all walks of life are expressing their condolences, saying that even though they never met her, she changed their lives.

CEO Cuellar said “you can’t replace a Jenny Lovell.”

Jennifer Lovell is survived by her son. Funeral arrangements are being made.

The management and staff of Channel 5 send our condolences to all of Lovell’s family and friends. She was a part of the Channel 5 family, and we will deeply miss her. <3

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