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A Look Back At This Weekend in Sports

A Look Back At This Weekend in Sports

Goodnight and welcome to another edition of Sports Monday, I am Paul Lopez. We begin tonight’s coverage with some Saturday night softball action in Sand Hill Village. This is the Belize Rural Softball Fast Pitch Tournament. Double Head Cabbage’s male team took on Biscayne’s male team.


Double Head started off the game batting at the top of the first inning.  The batter hit the ball towards the short stop which gave the runner on third base a chance to score the first run. There is a strike, the throw to third base and an opportunity for Double Head to secure a second run in the first inning. Number nine for Double Head with the popup ball towards center field. It landed just before the fielder could get there. A third run for Double Head.





Now at the bottom of the second inning, bases are loaded with Biscayne’s number seventeen Lindsford Gideon up to bat. That one is going, going, gone. Run one and two for Biscayne. Biscayne’s number ten up to bat with runners on second and third. He sent a low-ball flying across left field. That converted into two additional runs for Biscayne.





A steal to the home plate for number ten puts Biscayne at five runs. Biscayne made its sixth run off this hit into the right field. And just when there was some hope for Double Head to subdue Biscayne, the left field fumbled a ball, giving way to a seventh run in the first inning. And they were just getting started as they went on to make four additional runs at the bottom of the first inning to bring it to eleven runs in total.





Down twelve runs to three, Double Head finally got something going at the top of the third inning. A big home run hit from Gareth Banner across center field added three more runs to the score board for Double Head. But their third inning performance would not be enough to overcome Biscayne’s fourth inning run. In the end, Biscayne defeated Double Head eighteen to eight runs.






From softball we move into some basketball action. We are talking about the Belize Basketball Association’s Master Over-Thirty-Five League. On Saturday afternoon, team Nash from Belize City took on the Orange Walk Brotherhood.


An early steal by Fenton James for Nash to put his team on the scoreboard with two points. On the other end, a steal by Brandon Mckoy and a bucket under the rim to give his team their first two points. Kenrick Deshield flexing under the rim as he puts up the layup. Jervis Lockwood working his way around three defenders to get the bucket. Lupito Acosta with the jumper over Deshield.






The first quarter ended with Nash on top, sixteen to thirteen points. Second quarter, lucky bounce for Mckoy off the jump shot to count the two-point basket. Mckoy again, gets the offensive rebound and makes the basket count. Mckoy to Ryan Gentle for the easy layup. That basket cut a seven-point Nash lead down to one point. Brotherhood outscored Nash by six points in the second quarter to take a three-point lead at the end of the first half.





The third quarter ended with Brotherhood still in the lead, with forty-one points. But it was only a one-point lead as Nash had forty points. Now in the fourth quarter, Acosta from coast to coast got under the rim easily and made the layup. Acosta again twisting and turning around defenders, like he is in his early twenties, to make the layup.


That puts Brotherhood up by five points, with the game now at forty to forty-five points. Acosta again showing his strength and size under the rim, a bit of celebration after that play. Orange Walk Brotherhood would go on to win the game with fifty-eight points to Nash’s forty-eight points.



And for some Belize Elite Basketball League news update. On Friday, Commissioner of the league, Glenn Gill told News Five, that the league’s appeal committee came to a decision on the protested game three of the 2024 finals. The committee essentially decided that the game must be played over in its entirety.  July twenty-sixth was identified as the date to replay game three. But, since then, the Defenders have reportedly asked for the date to be reconsidered because it clashes with the Belize International Music and Food Festival in San Pedro. A meeting was to be held over the weekend between the owners, but that did not occur due to the weekend weather. That meeting is to be held as early as possible this week and a new date is expected to be set. It is possible that game three will be replayed on a weekday.



Glenn Gill

                                 Glenn Gill

Glenn Gill, Commissioner, B.E.B.L.

“The unfortunate thing is that one will like it and one won’t. I guess it is the nature of these situations. For me I believe it is the fair thing to do, play over the game not just the last minute of the game or anything like that. I know they looked at it. I was forcing them to make a decision earlier and they did not have enough time. I know they went through everything and I am sure they uncovered all they needed to do.”





And finally, for tonight, the stage is set for the Belize Volleyball Association to host the Under-twenty-one Women’s Central American Volleyball Championship. Five nations will compete inside the Belize City Civic Center from the sixteenth to the twentieth of July for the coveted tittle. We will be bringing you more from the team as the week goes by.






Well folks that is all we have for you in tonight’s coverage of Sports Monday. I am Paul Lopez.

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