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National polls (selected sample representative of entire country as target population)

-    Creation of instrument, testing of instrument
-    Selection of sample, pilot testing of sample with instrument
-    Testing of instrument for reliability and validity
-    Collection of data
-    Transcribing and coding of data
-    Analysis of data
-    Interpretation of data
-    Reporting of results
-    Writing of report
-    Visual aids, graphs, tables

Sector/industry polls (selected sample representative of specific sector or industry as target population)

-    Polls for a sample of national population, for instance per district, specific geographical location, specific sector or industry
-    Creation of instrument
-    Testing of instrument
-    Pilot test
-    Collection of data
-    Coding of data
-    Analysis of data
-    Interpretation of data
-    Reporting of data
-    Visual aids, graphs, tables

The Great Belize Research Center is conducting an independent scientific countrywide poll on: Public opinion on debt, spending and taxes.

The poll is conducted via telephone and the random sample of participants will be contacted via mobile/cell phones.

Here is a copy of the Poll instrument, as soon as results are completed, the information will be disseminated. Click Here {PDF}


Market surveys

-    Identify market segment or sector
-    Market analysis
-    Market segmentation
-    Market strengths
-    Market weaknesses
-    Target audience
-    Competition

Market strategies

-    Research and development
-    Revenue model
-    Needs summary
-    Sales strategies
-    Strategic  alliances
-    Key players

Country economic profile

Sector or Industry economic profiles

-    Population
-    Population density
-    City population/urban population
-    Urbanization/rural
-    Country industry
-    Country sector
-    Country rankings
-    Economic rankings
-    Country comparison
-    Ranking data
-    Country data
-    Country statistics
-    Country indicators
-    Data by sector or industry
-    Country analyses
-    Country forecast
-    National income
-    Country income
-    Country GDP
-    Country GNP
-    Country GDP data
-    Country GDP reports
-    Country growth
-    Country GDP growth
-    Country GDP Growth Rates
-    Country per capita income
-    Country consumption
-    National consumption
-    Private consumption
-    Household data
-    Country rates
-    National rates
-    National debt
-    Country debt
-    National wealth
-    Country wealth
-    Wealth data
-    Emerging markets

Statistical Analyses

Analysis of variance
•    Balanced and unbalanced designs.
•    Multivariate analysis of variance and repeated measurements.
•    Linear and nonlinear mixed models.

Mixed models
•    Linear mixed models.
•    Nonlinear mixed models.
•    Generalized linear mixed models.

•    Least squares regression with nine model selection techniques, including stepwise regression.
•    Diagnostic measures.
•    Robust regression; Loess regression.
•    Nonlinear regression and quadratic response surface models.
•    Partial least squares.
•    Quantile regression.

Categorical data analysis
•    Contingency tables and measures of association.
•    Logistic regression and log linear models; generalized linear models.
•    Bioassay analysis.
•    Generalized estimating equations.
•    Weighted least squares regression.
•    Exact methods.
•    Zero-inflated Poisson regression.
•    Zero-inflated negative binomial regression.

Bayesian analysis
•    Bayesian modeling and inference for generalized linear models, accelerated life failure models, Cox regression models and piecewise exponential models.
•    General procedure fits Bayesian models with arbitrary priors and likelihood functions.

Multivariate analysis
•    Factor analysis.
•    Principal components.
•    Canonical correlation and discriminate analysis.
•    Path analysis.
•    Structural equations.

Survival analysis
•    Comparison of survival distributions.
•    Accelerated failure time models.
•    Proportional hazards models.

Psychometric analysis
•    Multidimensional scaling.
•    Conjoint analysis with variable transformations.
•    Correspondence analysis.

Cluster analysis
•    Hierarchical clustering of multivariate data or distance data.
•    Disjoint clustering of large data sets.
•    Nonparametric clustering with hypothesis tests for the number of clusters.

Nonparametric analysis
•    Nonparametric analysis of variance. Exact probabilities computed for many nonparametric statistics.
•    Kruskal-Wallis, Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney and Friedman tests.
•    Other rank tests for balanced or unbalanced one-way or two-way designs.

Survey data analysis
•    Sample selection.
•    Descriptive statistics and t-tests.
•    Linear and logistic regression.
•    Frequency table analysis.
•    Cox proportional hazards model.

Multiple imputation for missing values
•    Regression and propensity scoring for monotone missing patterns.
•    MCMC method for arbitrary missing patterns.
•    Combine results for statistically valid inferences.


•    Power and Sample Size application provides interface for computation of sample sizes and characterization of power for t-tests, confidence intervals, linear models, tests of proportions and rank tests for survival analysis.

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