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100 Acres of Housing Lots for San Pedranos

Andre Perez

100 Acres of Housing Lots for San Pedranos

But there’s a plan to deal with those persons who live in San Pedro who don’t have a piece of land but need housing. Area Representative Andre Perez told News Five that there’s a housing project that he is overseeing that will materialize within the next few months. Perez says that the new subdivision is more than a hundred acres of land.


Andre Perez, Area Representative, Belize Rural South

“In the past administration, lands were given out in a place that is just jungle. And people still cannot move there yet because there are no roads over there. So again, to do this, we want to give land to people whenever we find it and we’re getting it and we’ll get, however, we have to do it properly and we can’t come and say, well, you know, you have to pay me some money fi mek I survey it – we can’t do it. I’m working on a plan right now as the area rep. It’s going to be up north and I can tell you that I’m aggressively pushing for it. Very soon I’ll be getting a parcel to subdivide, but when I’m doing it, I am subdividing it, I am surveying it and it’s gonna come to the cost because you know, getting land here, of course, you have to pay the government for a piece of property. But what I’m doing is to, right now, finding resources to survey and subdivide. And when that comes, I will work also on putting in the roads. So that when a person comes, I can quantify and say, listen, this is what the cost was for survey, for the roads, this is what I end up paying. So there’s a fee to divide among all those lands there for the person who is interested in that piece of land to pay that fee as well plus what they have to pay to government for the property. So it’s also not only just giving a piece of land. We have to make sure whenever they get the land they can move in and start building their homes that they would want to build.”

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