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“Bogus” 2017 Budget Shredded by Opposition Leader

The House of Representatives met in Belmopan today with passions running high for the second reading of the General Revenue and Appropriation Bill, otherwise known as the Budget, which is [...]

Cordel Says Government Wants to Maintain Pretense

If the Leader of the Opposition’s statements were broad and presented the macro picture of the so dubbed Barrow’s bogus budget, then his deputy, Lake Independence’s Cordel Hyde, was more [...]

Amid Warning on S.S.B., Cordel Zings John Saldivar

After castigating the Government for not providing less vague assurances about how it will address the repayment of the Superbond and Belize’s other debts, Hyde turned his attention to the [...]

Were “Pro-Poor” Programs Actually Cut?

Hyde also went after what he called cuts to significant portions of the “pro-poor” programs initiated by the Barrow administration, including the food pantry, school feeding program and Apprenticeship Training. [...]

Said Defends Superbond Spending; Says Massive Development Took Place

Former Prime Minister Said Musa stood to make his contribution to the debate this afternoon. As he said at the outset, he wanted to defend his Government’s decision to make [...]

Former and Current Foreign Ministers Clash over Borders Comment

“It is just like you are on a piece of land all your life, but you are a squatter. You can’t do anything with that land until you get it [...]

Will Titan Collect on Judgment for Damages over Raid?

Bahamians Ron Knowles and Kelvin Leach were back in court today where a second round of litigation concluded this afternoon in an appeal filed by the Government of Belize.  The [...]

G.O.B. Was Acting for U.S. But Who is Responsible?

Knowles and Leach were initially claiming damages in excess of twenty million dollars.  That figure was considerably reduced and after taking into account a number of reasons, the final sum [...]

Blackman Eddy Remains are of a Woman Who Died Horribly

The recent murder of Keonia Ara was particularly gruesome, but body parts found in the river behind Blackman Eddy this week, tell the tale of a most gory murder.  On [...]

Court Releases Convicted Robber Who Appealed Due to Missing File

Is Leonel Daly a free man because of a missing file? Daly’s case, an appeal to a robbery conviction, could not be heard today when he went before the Judges [...]

Court Rules that Killer Osmar Sabido was Provoked by His Victim

A conviction of murder in the case of Osmar Sabido, who was sentenced to life in prison in 2016 for brutally stabbing his girlfriend, has been reduced to manslaughter.  This [...]

Who Deliberately Set Houses on Fire in Santa Elena?

Members of the Vasquez family occupying two houses in Santa Elena, Cayo are picking up the pieces today after their property and belongings were gutted by arson on Wednesday.  The [...]

How Much are Consultants Being Paid for Superbond?

As expected, the matter of the Superbond came up during the first day of the Budget Debate. While repeating his claim that the revised package remains unsustainable without a clear [...]

New Crime Bills Introduced

In advance of a case at the Caribbean Court of Justice next week involving two accused murderers appealing their convictions and sentences, the Government today introduced four new bills amending [...]

Toledo U.D.P.’s Call Out Area Reps Outside House

Parliamentarians at the National Assembly must occasionally share the grand stage with their constituents – particularly those protesting against them. While 2005 certainly comes to mind, the handful of protestors [...]

Finally, Legalized Marijuana?

Could marijuana soon be legalized, or at least decriminalized? There is support in principle and the matter has been before Cabinet since a special committee released its findings in February [...]

Economist Says Numbers of Budget Do Not Tell Whole Story

The 2017 budget is being debated in the House of Representatives where parliamentarians are both criticizing and defending the fiscal plan.  But what are the economists thinking?  While there have [...]

Have You Seen Daniel Bennett, Missing 12 Days?

A mother in San Ignacio fears the worst since her son, who is now eighteen, has gone missing. According to Salustiana Jimenez, she last saw her son sleeping in his [...]

Get a New Body with High Intensity Interval Training

Routine can get a bit dull even with workouts. The latest trend in exercise is to use HIIT. Not H-I-T, but H-I-I-T which means High Intensity Interval Training. Tonight on [...]