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Agreement signed for southside study

It was announced last month and this week Prime Minister Said Musa formally green-lighted a feasibility study as part of the government’s upliftment programme for southside Belize City. During brief [...]

New addition for Salvation Army School

It’s one thing to sign a contract… and another to actually complete a project. Today some very proud educators and officials marked the culmination of yet another new school addition. [...]

Manatee researcher wins U.K. award

Belizean scientist Nicole Auil has been honoured for her tireless work with manatees. That’s the word from Great Britain where in official ceremonies at the Royal Geographical Society in London, [...]

Day 1 of strike finds most workers at work

In terms of numbers, they form the two largest components of Belize’s increasingly restive union movement. So when after days of suspense the Belize National Teachers Union and Public Service [...]

Attendance weak, but schools stay open

One reason for the light attendance at Battlefield Park may have been that a majority of the city’s teachers and public officers declined to participate in the walkout. News 5′s [...]

Protests are small outside city

Although Belize City has been the focal point of the most recent civil unrest, in other parts of the country various union and citizens’ groups have also mounted protests. This [...]

B.T.L. workers press for ownership

If viewers are sometimes confused over exactly what the current national crisis is all about, don’t feel bad; we’re not always sure either. While the main thrust of protesters now [...]

D.P.P. drops charge against Trujeque

In related news, the Director of Public Prosecutions today dropped charges against B.T.L.’s Human Resources Manager, Dale Trujeque. According to D.P.P. Kirk Anderson, he was never notified or consulted by [...]

Belizean scholar in Trinidad takes his own life

Many Belizeans are in shock tonight following the death of one of our brightest scholars in Trinidad and Tobago. Seventeen-year-old Rishi Cummins was a Belizean student at the University of [...]

Four-year-old fights for life at K.H.M.H.

In much of our reporting over the last several weeks, we have used the word crisis to describe the situation now facing the country. But the following story, reported by [...]

Just in: Public officers will strike

In news just in, the Public Service Union of Belize has officially announced its plans to take industrial action against the Government of Belize. In a letter dated today and [...]

Education Minister asks teachers to consider actions

To strike or not to strike. That is the decision facing members of the Belize National Teacher’s Union tonight. Viewers may recall that on Friday we thought that the choice [...]

Breaking news: Teachers announce strike action

Events are breaking very quickly on the labour front. News 5?s Patrick Jones has been standing by at B.N.T.U. headquarters and comes to us with this latest update. Patrick…? Patrick [...]

B.T.L. employees resist management

While all eyes were focussed on the nation’s teachers, the controversy–or controversies?involving Belize’s telecommunications system continued on a tortuous path toward possible resolution. On the technical front, most B.T.L. services [...]

Proceeds from share sale will pay off debts

In another facet of the B.T.L. controversy, a release from the Ministry of Finance has explained the disposition of funds from G.O.B.’s sale of fifteen percent ownership in the company [...]

More sabotage of B.E.L. lines over weekend

“It’s been a cat and mouse game; we just have to try and get out there as quickly as we can to repair the damage.” That’s how Belize Electricity Limited [...]

Cayo tops Kremandala Lake in B.P.F.L. action

Good evening, I?m James Adderley with this week?s edition of Sports Monday. In week thirteen of the Regent Insurance Cup Tournament, the B.P.F.L. finds itself with mounting problems as teams [...]

City calm as both sides prepare next moves

The ongoing crisis over who is going to govern this country continued today, although overt acts of protest were minimal. Both the government and its opponents in the unions and [...]

Student leader arrested, granted bail

In days gone by, the adjective best used to describe the political inclinations of Belizean university students was…apathetic. Today that word no longer applies as students from U.B. and S.J.C. [...]

Body found floating off Newtown Barracks

In news just in, a woman’s body was retrieved from the waters off the Newtown Barracks this evening in front of the Mexican Cultural Institute. News Five was on the [...]

Teachers Union Executive votes to strike

They were instrumental in the massive anti-government protests of earlier this year, but since their demands for salary increases, political reform, and tax rollbacks were largely granted by Belmopan, Belize’s [...]

Education Ministry condemns teacher walkout

While leaders of the teacher’s union sought to rally their rank and file, many of the children they are paid to teach found themselves walking into empty classrooms. That situation [...]

Accused looters brought before court

The police holding cells were packed this week as scores of looters were processed through the Queen Street station. We’re not sure whether it was because of or in spite [...]

Children safe after fire destroys Marla?s House of Hope

It had the potential to be a disaster of horrible proportions. But quick action by a courageous woman saved over a dozen precious lives as a fire Thursday evening destroyed [...]

P.U.C. agrees to higher electricity rates

It may be hard for some of us to think about a hike in electricity rates at a time when we are worried about just having a steady supply of [...]